Thursday, October 22, 2015

Does the Quran Limit Muslims to Four Wives? David Wood vs. Shabir Ally

According to standard interpretations of the Qur'an, Muslim men are allowed to have up to four wives (see Qur'an 4:3). However, Muslim sources such as Sahih al-Bukhari, the History of al-Tabari, etc., report that Muhammad had at least nine wives at one time. The most common Islamic response to this inconsistency is to note that Qur'an 33:50 gave Muhammad special permission to have as many wives as he wanted. If this is true, however, the Qur'an gave Muhammad special moral privileges, and how can we not be suspicious when a man receiving revelations gets more sexual partners than anyone else?

In this video, David Wood and Shabir Ally discuss whether the Qur'an limits Muslims to four wives. Wood assumes the typical Muslim view, while Ally claims that the Qur'an doesn't actually limit Muslims to four wives.


Unknown said...

Muslims tend to live in denial. Shabir Ally is no exception. When non-Muslim point to any verse of the Qur'an that shows up inconsistency, faults and less than 'noble' behaviour of Muhammad they will go into denial mode. They resort to Al Taqiyya and Kitman.

1) Shabir Ally denies that there's a limit to the number of wives a Muslim can have. In so doing he hopes to saves Muhammad's bacon.
2) Many a Muslim will tell you that the reason for Muhammad having more than 9 wives was (i) Political - i.e. to develop good political alliances with the wives' clan; (ii) To save the widows from destitution. (They forget to mention that Muhammad made some of these women widows by killing their husbands).
3) They ignore Al Nisa'a 4:129 in which Allah states: "Try as you (Muslim husbands) may you cannot treat your wives impartially!" The imams never tell their congregation of this verse because these imams themselves want to perpetuate the practice polygamy.

With regards to Shabir Ally's statement that Muhammad was exempted from paying dowry because of his vouch to poverty. Well, that's just another example of Al Taqiyya.

1) Muhammad was to receive a lion share of the proceeds from his attacks and pillage of the 'enemies' of Islam, namely 20% of the goods, women and children his right hand possessed.
2) Surah Al Dhuha 93:8 clearly states: "Did He (Allah) not find you (Muhammad) poor and ENRICH you?"

Dacritic said...

A man gets caught cheating on his wife.
He swears later that he will not do it anymore.
Later still, he claims God tells him to continue cheating on his wife.

"Prophet, liar, or lunatic" anyone?

Unknown said...

By watching Dr. Ally’s debate defending Islam it is clear that Muslim’s Allah whatever it is true or false god, Allah is not righteous, justice, kind, impartial, as Supreme Power we know from the Bible as God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and we believe Father of Jesus Christ. In this debate it is obvious that Allah favored Muhammad and his human weakness for women. In other debate and from Quran we learnt that Allah is cruel for non-Muslims, allowing killing of kafir (non-Muslims) to establish Sharia Law. Dr. Ally could believe whatever he likes, we have respect for his faith as fellow human being, but his faith is not believable by reasons as true faith oppose to believable truth found in the Bible by matter of reasons and consistent. God is found throughout the Bible beginning to end as love, righteous, kind, justice without exception.

Samuel Green said...

If Muhammad had taken a vow of poverty then how could he support so many wives? He should have no wives in this case which is the situation for those who do take a vow of poverty.

Baron Eddie said...

Shabir Ally (Mr.Taqya) is definitely wrong

The Permission to Marry Four Women

Mr. Google

Unknown said...

Dr. Ally assumed that Allah allowed Prophet Muhammad unlimited income to maintain his unlimited wives but still fall under poverty to avoid dowry for new marriage as Dr. Ally defend surah 66:1-2. Prophet Muhammad was the best friend of Allah (Rasol Allah) for him (Muhammad) everything was permissible. What an unrealistic faith Muslims have on Muhammad and his book Quran!