Monday, July 13, 2015

The Greatest Threat to ISIS

The Islamic State's greatest assets are (1) Western ignorance and (2) Western political correctness. Ignorance of Muhammad's teachings keeps non-Muslims from criticizing Islam, and it prevents Muslims from leaving Islam. Political correctness silences even people who know what Muhammad taught. Hence, the greatest threat to the Islamic State is not a tank or a drone, but an informed population of free people. An informed population will be immune to taqiyya, and truly free people will never submit to the bondage of political correctness. The most important work you as a citizen can do to defeat ISIS, then, is to spend time learning why Islam is false and to share what you learn.


DarkMath said...

Regarding Political Correctness and Islam, I've seen a lot of effort recently on the part of Muslims to re-interpret Surah 4:34 and whether the words "beat them" actually appear in the Qu'ran.

I found an interesting post by an Arab Christian debunking this:

Anyway, it might be worth doing a video on this as Muslims realize Surah 4:34 as it stands is a non-starter among women in the West. You can't condone a religion that advocates beating your wife. ;-)

Unknown said...

I think my brother is one of those who doesn't want to "rock the boat". We had an argument over one of the articles of yours that I shared on Facebook. I know his intentions were sincere as he thought if an employer saw what I was posting then I would be less likely to get a job. But anyway he feels that I am "brainwashed" by your articles because he has a Muslim colleague at work who, from the sounds of it, is your average westernised Muslim.

We are both engineers but he is an atheist and I'm a Christian so our world views are vastly different. I feel like I'm banging my head off a brick wall sometimes when we debate certain topics and I'm mentally drained from trying to show him the truth of Islam. He takes Dawkins' POV that anyone who believes in God is stupid. I hope you can see what I have to deal with

Any advice you can give on the subject, David would be very appreciated. If you would like my email address I can email you as I already have yours.

Keith said...

Agree. Like Jay Smith in his videos said, the only way effective way to fight Islam, is through "radical" Christianity". They have a man and a book, we have a man and a book. When I share with friends what Islam truly teaches and where IS gets its ideology from, I find that it inevitably has to lead back to Christ, because the question would always come down to, "So what is the solution to the IS problem?" If there is a silver lining to what IS is doing, I find that it opens up an easy path to lead others to Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I might suggest that another asset that ISIS has is 'Western fear and suspicion of the unknown other'. As we are 'afraid' we are pushed onto our back foot from where we cannot take an offensive stand. Fear clouds our perspective and has us looking over our shoulder instead at the opportunities that are always before us. You see the fear in people's eyes even as they smile and talk about everything in moderation.

Also, remembering we are not up against an enemy we don't know, but the same evil that has turned people's hearts away from God since the Adam and Eve bought into Satan's lies. We need to realize that millions of people before us have seen similar darkness and overcome it by the blood of the lamb and their commitment to be witnesses regardless of the cost. This is not a new evil, just an old evil in one of his many faces made more communicable because of the age we live in.

I know that God has won this war and Christians are winning the many remaining battles all over the world, though not without great cost. Let's be informed by the fact, inspired by the truth and insistent on making people's salvation our highest priority.

Anonymous said...

Thank you DarkMath! I just read this link and it was excellent. I loved the example he used of how applying the 'many interpretations' law to the English word "hit" shows the word 'darb' has specific meaning determined by the object that it is referring to.

I have often found wisdom like this from my Arab brothers and sisters who speak arabic as their native language and are so much more in tune to cultural arguments.

Dear Gazza,

Anyone who has tried to talk to Muslim believers will know the feeling of discouragement you've described. I would encourage you not to measure your success by outward demonstrations and reactions. We are all just sowers told to spread seed far and wide, the type of soil is lands on is not our concern for only the Holy Spirit truly understands the heart of men (their soil). A seed you planted may lay dormant for years and then at a crucial time may take root.

I would encourage you to maintain relationship no matter how greatly you disagree as we always want there to be a bridge for people to cross over when they're ready, or at least shout questions to us from the other side every now and then.

Remember also that you're living in his world, not he in yours. This world is currently under enemy control so his world view is the dominant one that receives the most support and approval from outside sources. Don't feel overwhelmed by this, but remember Jesus' words when He described the way to God as a "narrow" way. It might make sense to you, but that does not mean it will make sense to others.

Be gracious and humble, build your relationship on selfless acts of kindness. Never treat your brother as someone to be won over or convinced, but if there is a burden on your heart for him then it is because God put it there. Let that burden become a seed of faith in your heart and begin to trust the Lord for his salvation before you have seen any hint of it.

Only God can change his heart the way you want it to change, so make room for God to move in your life so that your brother can see that. Your witness and not your words is your most powerful tool. In fact, too many words in many cases only reveal our anxiety.

There are other websites also like "Public Christianity" and "Fixed Point" etc. where you can get help with talking to people with divergent world views. John Lennox's book are also excellent resources for understanding and responding to the 'new atheist' mentality.

Be encouraged!

Unknown said...

David, the greatest threat to ISIS is your bombardment on Islam breaking its shell to expose its devilish character. Obama Administration fails to understand center of gravity to break ISIS. I am sure ISIS fears your critical analysis of Muhammad and his book Quran that supplies fuel to ISIS morale more than Obama’s bombardment to destroy ISIS’ infrastructures. ISIS’ morale comes from Quran and you proved by teaching from Quran and Hadith that Muhammad was tempted by evil not inspired by angel Gabriel as Osama Abdallah and his brainwashed Muslims believe. May Almighty God strengthen you with abundant wisdom to fight against evil!

Michael C said...

These eight lines may be handy to copy and print out on wallet or purse cards:


Allah is the ENEMY of the unbelievers. 2:98
Allah does NOT LOVE the unbelievers. 30:45
KILL the unbelievers wherever you find them. 9:5
Between us and you animosity and hatred forever 60:4

The Koran is part of Islamic law.
Its teachings are “universal and trans-time”.
One who denies any verse has to be killed.
The killing can be done penalty-free by anyone.

akairey said...

even THOMAS JEFFERSON knew the koran was bad back 200+ years ago!

Unknown said...

How to love Muslims into considering following Jesus

Convención Catedral Joven - Todd White
In English with Spanish subtitles

Unknown said...

The Jefferson response is quite revealing and instructive.

Samuel Green said...

Thanks David. This post is a great summary.

Peter Dambiec said...

We can ask our Preachers, Pastors and ministers to start learning the differences between Islam and Christianity and then explain some differences every Sunday in church to compliment their regular teaching. This will strengthen the faith of the Christians when they begin to know what the enemy is teaching and how they are reaching out to those that we need to touch.