Thursday, July 16, 2015

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez Identified as Chattanooga Jihadist

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez was born in Kuwait, but he grew up in Tennessee. He was on a high school television program in a suburb of Chattanooga, and his yearbook quote was "My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do?"

Abdulazeez graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in engineering, and he owned a house. In 2010, his sister Yasmeen declared: "There’s this misconception that Islam is a violent religion. Muslims are actually peaceful."

Today, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez shot and killed four U.S. Marines at two military facilities in Chattanooga, and injured several more.

Authorities say they're searching for a motive. I can think of one, but if I say it, I'll be called a racist.

Can we talk about Islam yet?
Reuters—Five people were killed on Thursday including a suspected gunman who opened fire at two military-related facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee in an attack local officials described as brazen, brutal and an act of domestic terrorism.

CBS News quoted two law enforcement officials as saying the suspect was Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez. No motive has yet been given. The suspected shooter, who has not been officially identified, is believed to have lived in the area and acted alone, local police said.

The other four killed were Marines at a Naval Reserve Center, a military official said in Washington, DC.

"We are treating this as an act of domestic terrorism," said Bill Killian, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, adding that no official determination of the nature of the crime had yet been made.

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez
The suspect, seen driving in an open-top Mustang, is believed to have first gone to a joint military recruiting center in a strip mall, and peppered the facility with gunfire. No one was injured in the attack.

"Everybody was at a standstill and as soon as he pulled away everyone scrabbled trying to make sure everyone was OK," said Erica Wright, who works two doors down from the center.

The gunman then drove off to a Naval Reserve Center about 6 miles (10 km) away, fatally shooting the four Marines before being fatally shot himself in a firefight with police.

Three others were wounded in the attacks, including a police officer and a Marine. The shootings began at about 10:45 a.m. local time and ended about 30 minutes later.

"There were numerous Chattanooga and Hamilton County officers who responded. They arrived on the scene extremely quickly. They actively and enthusiastically engaged this brazen criminal, and one of those officers was injured by gunfire from this criminal," Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher told a news conference.

A White House spokesman said President Barack Obama had been told about the shooting. (Continue Reading.)
To understand why people like Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez turn to jihad, watch this:


Gene said...


I have viewed a few of your teaching moments on video. Thank you for taking the time and presenting Islam in a concise, logical and understandable way. You were blessed with a good, intelligent, logical mind coupled with excellent communication skills. Please continue in your good works of exposing what this evil cancer really is. May the God of good continue to Bless you and your family.


Unknown said...

Muslim response: This has nothing to do with Islam. This is all kuffar fault... you're governments are killing innocent Muslims, stop making war on Muslims and this will not happen.

My Response: So why do you think this has nothing to do with Islam?

Muslim Response: You can not kill innocent civilians in Islam, you can only attack to defend yoursel.

My response: Are US Marines innocent?

Muslim response: No US Marines are killing innocent Muslims

My Response: So in Islam can you kill those that are killing "innocent Muslims"

Muslim Response: Yes you can only kill those that are killing innocent Muslims.

My Response: So this had everything to do with ISLAM.

Gary Fouse said...

Bill Killian, US Atty E District of Tn. Two years ago, this guy was at a townhall in Manchester, Tn implicitly warning the citizens they might be prosecuted for speaking out against Islam. I wonder how he feels now.

Unknown said...

Stupid Muslims' wisdom surprises me. If this stupidity keep continue and more Americans are being killed, time is coming when Muslims will be evicted from the land of free America and home of the brave. They are stupid because they think few Middle Eastern immigrant Muslims could drive out American from their motherland by Muhammad's technique of terror. They forgot plight of minority Muslims in Russia, China, Burma, India, Sri Lanka etc. to force them to obey state laws where they belong. Obama Administration knows that Mosques are power house for these lone wolves. And to break “Obedience” of JIHAD TRIANGLE, force is the only way to bring criminal under control.

Thanks David, concept of Jihad Triangle is very appropriate to bring unruly Muslims under rule of laws.

Matahari69 said...

We live in very sinister times. I think we all need to look at the news twice and read George Orwell's 1984 once. Look at the pattern: 1. Muslim lives among non-Muslim neighbors in peace. 2. Muslim man is not particularly religious. 3. Suddenly, defying all crimnology studies that have documented that psychopaths leave a trail of mentally disturbed behavior among neighbors and associates, wakes up one day and commits an act suggesting that he had a seething hatred for the West/non-Muslims based on a religion he didn't show any passion for. 4. Is shot dead before any investigation; before other terrorist cells can be identified; before his guilt is established. 5. No intelligence agency had any clue that the suspect was dangerous or was a potential threat.
How is it that in a day in time when everything that everyone of reads, writes, buys, and photographs is recorded without our knowledge or permission....people from a particular religious background (Muslims) continue to evade all intelligence surveillance (all over the planet) while having left no observable clues that they may be dangerous (which results in draconian laws that neither protect the innocent or identify other terrorists factions)?? Why are they all shot dead before an investigation? Why aren't other terrorist like Dylan Roof shot dead when they've been suspected of equally heinous acts?? How is it that this pattern of events continues to coincidentally replicate itself in nearly every terrorist act?? I'm not suggesting a conspiracy but I am suggesting that we stopping blindly buying into the hype and ask some basic questions.

Joseph said...

I wish Osama would put on his Zion-Buster Cape and fly to these individuals who are clearly Jewish Agents for Mossad and stop them in their tracks - It would really make Islam look better if Muslims did something to stop "extremists" from "hijacking" Islam.

Tom said...

@ Ibrahim Abu Abboud

You asked,basically,"Why do muslim terrorist get killed"?

Its based on their ideology,They come prepared to die, to attain their adulterated version of eternal life to go to their "paradise"!

Now, contrast that With our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ,He came prepared to die as the Perfect Sacrifice for OUR eternal Salvation in Paradise!

And that to me, is the basic answer!

Black Mamba said...

Ibrahim Abu Abboud, it really does sound an awful lot like you are in fact "suggesting a conspiracy".

Unknown said...

"My name causes national security alerts."

Looks like he decided to live up to the hype he so keenly pointed out in his yearbook quote.

Clark Wilson said...


News items are reporting that MYA texted a hadith reference to a friend before the attack. Nawawi 38 (of 40), it seems. Can we anticipate you'll comment on the hadith?


Unknown said...

After 9/11, despite 3000 dead more people are coverted to islam expecially whites and despite the killing of 4 marine more people will convert to Islam, yes Islam in on the move because of this stupididity of the 'whites".

Unknown said...

"I remember him being very creative. He was a very light minded kind of individual. All his videos were always very unique and entertaining,” said Greg Raymond, 28, who worked with Abdulazeez on a high school television program.

“He was a really calm, smart and cool person who joked around. Like me he wasn’t very popular so we always kind of got along. He seemed like a really normal guy,” Raymond said.

==> I just don't understand America media, emphasize more on the murderer than the victims, praising his formal life as a good man, well behave etc and wanted the readers to show sympathy to him telling us that this is not his doing but something outside, hohoho, yes Islam is on the move!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ibrahim,

You've constructed an argument that is based on incorrect information and pure assumption, though I know this conspiracy theory is popular among some of my Muslim friends.

1.That Muslims live peacefully among non-Muslims neither validates nor invalidates your argument. There are many reasons that Muslims live peacefully among non-Muslims, the most relevant being that they have no option but to live peacefully with people of other faiths. Simply put, it is law that they do so. Obeying the law is not evidence of righteousness.

2. When you claim that the man was not "particularly religious" on what are you basing this knowledge? Did you, or someone close to you, know him personally?

3. No-one is claiming that the man was a "psychopath", that is a person suffering from a chronic mental disorder with abnormal social behaviour. The evidence thus far shows that he was a Muslim, that's all.

4.If you look into video footage, transcripts or witness testimonies of these many attacks by Muslims, you will learn that Muslim terrorists position themselves to be killed, as Tom clearly pointed out. It is a "pattern" that criminologist have documented in their studies and I'm happy to send you a link to it if you'd like.

5. You are also incorrect in asserting that people are evading all intelligence surveillance. There are thousands of such people under surveillance, and an equal number of attacks being stopped before the public knows of them. That incidents like this occur regardless of the huge resources appointed to this task, only serves to demonstrate that immensity and consistency of these threat.

You are, as Black Mamba pointed out, indeed suggesting a conspiracy as there is no other way to read your comment. As you are suggesting a conspiracy I wonder if you could explain how this supposed conspiracy is working around the world and who is masterminding it?

The "hype" that you refer to concerns the death, mutilation and suffering of thousands of men, women and children around the world. Clearly, this has not touched anyone you know or love, but it has touched millions of lives, both non-Muslims and Muslims, and their collective grief is almost palpable. I would pause before suggesting it was some grand illusion that we simply haven't taken the time to ask questions about.

Finally, your reference to "1984" may be appropriate, but not for reasons you think. Totalitarianism, based on a personality cult built around one man who controlled how people think describes Islam succinctly.

Mohammad Abdullah wrote an interesting article on Islam and 1984 which you may be interested to read here:

I do appreciate that you took the time to post here nonetheless, and it would be great to continue this discussion. Clearly, you are someone who finds associating this violence with Islam to be untenable suggesting that you are someone who believes that truth and justice must be the foundations of all our beliefs.

God bless you,


Unknown said...

Hezkiel, are you a satirical commentator here? You seem to agree that Islam is wicked and that emphasizing the murderer rather than the murdered is wrong, but you rejoice that Islam is "on the move". I can't quite put into words how disrespectful & utterly shameful such a stance would be if it were genuine.

If it's on the move, that's precisely because of the wickedness of Islam and those who do its bidding in its name. Perhaps you believe the end justifies the means?

Unknown said...

@ King,

Don't get me wrong. You know satire? Islam is on the move because of the Western doing! Read between the line, God bless you.