Thursday, May 21, 2015

Four Bible Verses Every Muslim Needs to Know

The Qur'an affirms the inspiration, preservation, and authority of the Christian scriptures (click here to see how). Hence, Muslims who take the Qur'an seriously should also take the Bible seriously.

Here's a short video about four Bible verses every Muslim needs to know.


Keith said...

Good one David. We're blessed to have you around.

Anonymous said...

Very intelligent

Unknown said...

Now what is important is to convince our Judaic cousins, many who were Diaspora and never heard the Gospel until a bald, drunk monk came to give bunny rabbits instead of lambs blood for Passover. We as Judeo-Christians (and there are no other 'Christians') need to obey Jesus's exhortation of 'I came not to destroy the Old, but to fulfill it'. The Jewish admonition of eating shellfish, and many other wisdoms, especially in a desert environment (or harsh conditions), prepares us for the worst, and so is able to give enough to the most. The new program A.D. shows the Roman schizophrenia about who is G-d or King; they had so many they were could not consider just one... Christianity gives the Trinity, a 3 in 1, like the oil of the same name. Like the atomic structure of Proton, Neutron and Electron.... and on to Hegel and Freud, id ego superego... and 3 legs to a 'stool', a physical representation of stability.

Great work...David...


David Custis Kimball