Friday, May 8, 2015

CNN Defends Honor Killings, Beheadings, and the Dehumanization of Muslims

CNN was quick to condemn Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Geert Wilders following a jihadist attack on a Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas. When we take a closer look at CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota's vitriol, however, we find that the network is defending honor killings, beheadings, the oppression of religious minorities, etc. Camerota also dehumanizes Muslims by pushing them outside the realm of rational and moral discourse. The liberal media, it seems, has become exceedingly racist in their views.


nacanacazo said...

Good point. We shoud ask these journalists:

Are you really that bigoted? Do you think muslims are all savages. That muslims cannot decide to be civilized?

Anonymous said...

At:9.00 Good point, Why would Pam expect Muslim's to be normal people? We are better than Islam because our ideas are better than Islam. Jihad in Texas? You must be a special kind of stupid \o/

nacanacazo said...

In the Sean Hannity program where Juan Williams attacked Pamela, Juan Williams even says: "the victim is dead". So according to Juan's logic, the dead jihadi was an innocent person minding his business when Pamela set the contest and being a muslim, it was impossible for this jihadi to control himself and he had to go 1000 miles to attack the event, unfortunately losing his life in the process due to the bad security people protecting the event.

This is moral inversion of the highest degree. Good is bad and bad is good. Welcome to Orwellian America.

Red Bee said...

Thank you Mr. Wood for your, as always, excellent video.

It reminded me of a book i read a long time ago. I was by Harry Stack Sullivan, a brilliant psychiatrist, one of my personal favorites. He said ( i lend the book to a friend so i have to paraphrase): When upbringing a child a critical moment wich every daddy will have to face is when his beloved one discovers the moon. The child is mesmerised by it and tries to to grab it; when it discovers it can't reach it it looks to daddy. The child has to be comforted when it discovers there are things even daddy can't do; it has to learn this fact.

Allah however claims to be some kind of superdaddy who will protect and love and give everything to those who believe in him. Islam conditions the muslims to stay immature and be expectant and fearful of superdaddy Allah. Hence the rage and disappointment when they do not get their way.

The liberals got it right; muslims are childlike. Of course this does not mean we should reward this behaviour by pampering them; they must learn sometime.

Nevertheless the emotion, in my opinion, is real. We should be aware of this fact to be able to deal with the problem of islam. The recent attack on the cartoon contest was not motivated by tactical, well calculated motives only. The jihadis did not attack in a well calculated manner fortunately. They did it in a rather stupid way, attacking when they could be certain the defence was at high alert and expecting them. This reinforces my idea there must be more to it than planned warfare. Nazis would never do that; they try to surprise the enemy.

Greetings from the netherlands,

Foolster41 said...

It's the bigotry of lowered expectations that the media/left has, ironically as they call those who point out those who point to Islamic violence as bigots.

Anonymous said...

David, i dont think Muslims understand irony. They want to show outrage everytime islam or muhammad is insulted. Can you please do a video on tge "free (inciting and provocative) speech of allah and muhammad" and name it as such? Reading through comments on cair, omar suleiman, yasir qadhi, deen show, and others with their attacks on pam gelar makes me sick to my stomach. How are the oblivious to the hate speech in their quran?

Leon M said...

Great video as always. Sometimes I wonder though with these type of web sites. Is it only "Preaching to the choir? Is the media or Muslims likely to see it. It sure is convincing to me. I suppose Robert and Pamela see it and incorporate useful gems into their presentations and vice-versa.
Thanks for all your effort.

Unknown said...

Hey u Christian do not know that CNN, PBS, BBC etc including many universities and their profesors given $$$$$ by the Saudis to promote Islam.