Friday, April 3, 2015

Philadelphia Muslimah Keonna Thomas Arrested for Attempting to Join ISIS

Keonna Thomas is a devout Muslim woman living in Philadelphia. Somehow, she became convinced that Allah wants Muslims to become martyrs. Our leaders, of course, continue to assure us that the desire for martyrdom can't possibly have anything to do with Muhammad's teachings:
Sahih al-Bukhari 2785—Narrated Abu Hurairah: A man came to Allah’s Messenger and said, “Guide me to such a deed as equals Jihad (in reward).” He replied, “I do not find such a deed.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 2787—“Allah guarantees that He will admit the Mujahid in His Case into Paradise if he is killed, otherwise He will return him to his home safely with rewards and war booty.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 2795—Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet said, “Nobody who dies and finds good from Allah (in the Hereafter) would wish to come back to this world, even if he were given the whole world and whatever is in it, except the martyr who, on seeing the superiority of martyrdom, would like to come back to the world and get killed again (in Allah’s cause).”

Sahih al-Bukhari 2796—Narrated Anas: The Prophet said, “A single endeavor (of fighting) in Allah’s cause in the afternoon or in the forenoon is better than all the world and whatever is in it.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 2797—Narrated Abu Hurairah: The Prophet said, . . . “By Him in Whose Hands my soul is! I would love to be martyred in Allah’s Cause and then come back to life and then get martyred, and then come back to life again and then get martyred and then come back to life again and then get martyred.”
Instead, Keonna's decision to become a martyr must be the result of her job situation.
PHILADELPHIA (AP)—A Philadelphia woman was arrested Friday on charges she tried to join and martyr herself for the Islamic State group, a day after two women in New York were charged with plotting to wage jihad by building a bomb and using it for a Boston Marathon-type attack.

Keonna Thomas, 30, was preparing to fly to Spain with hopes of reaching Syria to fight with the terror group, authorities said. Instead, she was arrested at her family's town house in a public housing development, which has three small U.S. flags adorning the porch.

Authorities said she communicated with an Islamic State group fighter in Syria who asked if she wanted to be part of a martyrdom operation. She told the fighter that the opportunity "would be amazing, ... a girl can only wish," according to the documents.

A federal magistrate ordered Thomas held pending a detention hearing Wednesday. Prosecutors will oppose bail.

Last month, Thomas bought a ticket to fly to Barcelona on March 29. She likely planned to take a bus to Istanbul and then reach Syria, according to an FBI affidavit filed in the case. Authorities put a stop to the trip when they raided her house March 27.

In court, Thomas wore a burqa as she acknowledged she understood the charge against her - attempting to provide material support and resources to a foreign terrorist organization. She was appointed a public defender, who did not comment on the charge.

Thomas appeared to show little emotion as she was led out of the house Friday morning in handcuffs, neighbor Ronni Patterson said. Patterson said she had seen investigators searching the home, where Thomas appeared to live with her mother and grandmother, a week ago.

"She came and went. She didn't bother no one," the neighbor said. (Continue Reading.)
Here's a pop quiz for potential world leaders on why Muslim women like Keonna Thomas decide to seek martyrdom:


Anonymous said...

Brother David, these muslims are getting very persistent trying to debunk trinity in their dawah. Please look into what they posted and pass it on to the apologists sobthe can destroy these muhammadans once and for all. These satanists need to shut up.

Unknown said...


Our Lord Jesus Christ when CONCURED death beyond doubt with RESURRECTION by 3 days, and revolutionized Christians’ value of short live life to defeat death like Jesus following foot step of Jesus and live with Him for life eternal. Whereas, Muhammad concurred Land by his lifelong war to expand Muslim territory, but fool Muslims followed him hopping to be in heaven. What a stupid Muslims.

MustSee said...

This site wanted to prove, using early 1st and 2nd century secular and non-Christian historians that Jesus existed, but in doing so proved that the Quran and Islam is false.

These 1st and 2nd century non-Christian historians documented what the earliest followers of Jesus believed. The earliest followers of Jesus believed he died on the cross, arose and was DIVINE. Historically going against what Islam teaches today and what Muslims today claim.

There were NO early followers of Jesus who early historians claim existed that believed what Muslims do about Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Mustsee, thanks for the link. What are your thoughts of trinity? Do the muslims have an argument in the link i posted? Is it a council of nicaea invention as they claim?

Anonymous said...

Muslims like omar suleiman and yasir qadhi bragging that islam is the fastest growing religion on facebook. I attribute this by muslims fighting "misconceptions" of their beliefs and working with liberals to coin the word "islamophobia."

Where are the large voices addressing the infidel attacks on the christian faith, the bible, and particularily the old testament when it comes to "provision" of rape, slavery, abortion, death by stoning, and genocide as they like to put it? Christians have become such cowards and passivism is leading people to atheism and islam. Kist "praying for it" is not enough. Muhammadans have a desire for imperialism. This is why apologetics is so important. Christians need to know the bible and the Jesus of the gospels and learn to defend it especially from the attacks on it by muslims. Can you imagine living in a world of majority Muslims? It would be a disaster for freedom and progress and we would have to live our lives in fear. And as history has shown, its hard to crack the muslim out of islam. They are stubborn, close minded, aggressive, and will literally kill you.

If anyone wants to see the progress of their dawah, go to "mission dawah" on facebook. It should give you motivation to learn your own faith and combat these muhammadans. There is no way in hell im gonna let muhammad replace jesus.