Thursday, March 12, 2015

Australian Convert Jake Bilardi Dies in ISIS Suicide Attack

Politicians and the media think they're helping Muslims by constantly praising and defending Islam. But by concealing the truth about Islam, they're paving the way for young people to convert to Islam. And when young people convert, some of them actually study Muhammad's teachings and realize they're commanded to wage jihad.

Our leaders are helping ISIS create future jihadists.
Jake Bilardi Just Before His Attack
CNN—Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says the government is seeking to confirm reports that an Australian teenager has carried out a suicide attack on behalf of ISIS in Iraq.

"I can confirm that the Australian government is currently seeking to independently verify reports that 18-year-old Melbourne teenager Jake Bilardi has been killed in a suicide bombing attack in the Middle East," she told reporters.

"If these reports are confirmed, this is another tragic example of a young Australian being lured to a senseless and violent death by a brutal terrorist organization that is intent on imposing suffering and misery not only in Iraq and Syria but beyond."

On Wednesday, ISIS claimed that "Abu Abdullah al-Australi," along with four other foreign fighters, had been killed while carrying out suicide attacks during an offensive launched on the city of Ramadi in Iraq.

The claim, issued on a Twitter account associated with the Anbar provincial division of ISIS, was accompanied by a series of 20 images, including a photo of a young man who looked like Bilardi.

The image appeared to show Bilardi at the wheel of a car with the caption, "Abu Abdullah al-Australi (may Allah accept him), the attacker on the 8th Brigade."

The other attackers hailed from Belgium, Syria, Uzbekistan and the Caucasus, the Twitter account claimed. (Continue Reading.)
To see why Muslim converts like Jake Bilardi decide to wage jihad, watch this:


Anonymous said...

This is tragic, but it is only a reminder that Islamic terrorism is not someone else's problem. Each of us have a responsibility to the youth of today, and I suspect that this young man found the family and the acceptance with ISIS that he lacked elsewhere.

I can only hope that in the moments before his death, he came to know Jesus as His Lord and Saviour. Sounds impossible, but anything is possible with God!

Nothing was achieved by his bombing so it makes me have hope that God was able to reach him just before he died.

Anonymous said...

I know that this young man was reportedly previously an atheist, but the fact that many Muslims oppose the Australian government in their attempts to save these young people should make us ask questions.

Not unlike Obama, the Australian Muslim community have demanded that Australia spend more money on providing opportunities for Muslim youth, who are radicalizing, Muslims claim, because they feel marginalized.

Last year the Australian government added security measures that would allow any person suspected of terrorism to be detained, their homes searched and their passport taken, all in an attempt to save young men like this (unfortunately this young man had already fled).

These changes set the Australian Muslim community into outrage. Articles were written, protests were had, media gave them air time, and even the most moderate Muslim spokespeople accused the government of discrimination and bigotry, arguing that they were being unfairly targeted.

Even the most highly respected moderate Imam and a consultant to the government on many policy issues accused the government on national TV of discriminating against Muslims. The minister at the time looked at him bewildered and said something like 'But Mohomad, we (the government) met with you last week about these changes and you agreed with us'.

What became apparent is that Muslim believers who care more about their children than their privacy want these security sanctions. But, at the same time, they dare not admit it in public for fear of reprisals from the radical elements that surround them.

I know some wonderful Muslim families who are loving parents and would unquestionably do anything to protect their children. Yet tragically and unknowingly they are laying the first seeds for radicalization in the lives of their own children.

If you teach a child that the Qur'an is perfect and absolutely right. If you teach your child that Mohammad is perfect and absolutely right, how far is it from there to see that same child standing rejoicing over the death of the unbelievers?

An idea is a dangerous thing, and the Qur'an provides more than ideas for teenagers, it provides blue prints.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising, he may have been a bright kid but had no real skills useful to ISIS, hence disposable.

MustSee said...

He just converted last year and in one year he died for the Satanic death cult of Islam.

Unknown said...

It is sad that American, European, Australian forgot what make them developed countries today. In-depth review of a developed nation, a dummy can find that today’s development of Europe, America rooted in teaching of Scriptures under Judeo-Christian God not from Muhammad’s allah. Muhammad’s allah never says love your neighbor as yourself and never believe in equal justice to all people, rather their allah says to kill Jews and Christians if possible and not to make friend with them Qur’an 48:29.

Mixing with Judeo-Christian God with Muslim allah won’t give same result of prosperous America or Europe. This simple truth, present day leaders of developed countries, failed to understand. They praise Muslims as good Muslims even though Quran teaches their allah likes Jihadists. Jihad means fight to win, not to win by loving neighbor.

We must learn lesion from fall of Israel worshiping idol god along foreigners even in Solomon Temple in Jerusalem before advent of Christ. Muslims are foreigners in America, they worship moon god named allah. Pakistan was born with Islamic principles and now they are dying with Islam.

Instead of bowing down to demand of Muslims, rather force them to obey countries law where they belong. Hating teaching against human rights by Quran is not equal to Islamophobia Muslims take advantage of to kill innocent people as happened to American citizen blogger Rajib in Bangladesh. As Christ taught us, we love Muslims as neighbor but we hate qur’anic teaching to kill us.

Our moral value irrespective of faith must come from Love not from hatred as Quran teaches, resulting honor killings exist among devote Muslim families. Muslim must be tried for hating Christians and Jews according to Quran, no matter whether they are active in killing us or not. It is their moral duty to hate Jews and Christian and kill if possible according to Qur’an 9:29.

David said...

The useful idiot is now with his beloved false god mohammed, both awaiting eternal judgement before the throne of Jesus.

christ follower said...

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I am shocked that why can’t the International community see their sufferings? Why they are silent? Don’t these people have any right to live a better life

Unknown said...

I dare to say that the West is complicit in this whole ISIS killing spree. They fail to support moderate governments and at the same time arm these Jihadis with sophisticated weapons. Lets ask ourselves how can Boko Haram that abhors education and are only rag tag soldiers in slippers be allowed to devastate the Christian communities for so long without any real condemnation or reprisals from the West? However once artefacts are being destroyed then the UN calls ISIS etc action crime against humanity. What about all the people being slaughtered daily. The liberals and their mouthpiece and I dare to say the presidency are not concerned about the lives of people as they go about defending islam. What a world we are living in.

Anonymous said...

@David this "useful idiot" was only a teenager, hardly even old enough to grow facial hair!

Though nothing justifies what he did, none of us knows the depth of this young man's pain, nor whether suicide and not serving Islam was the ultimate reason for joining ISIS.

I suspect that militant Muslim recruiters prey on people who have expressed suicidal tendencies knowing they will be more readily open to turning themselves into human bombs.

It is an evil too wicked for words, yet Jesus looked down from the cross upon which you and I should have hung at those who crucified him and instead of words of condemnation, He asked His Father to "forgive them for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34).

God is not bound by time which means our prayers today are still effective in changing what has happened in the past.

My prayer is that this young man was saved, if even in the moment before he died, and is now before the throne of grace.