Sunday, January 11, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Comes to Speaker's Corner

Here's Jay Smith discussing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons at Speaker's Corner in London.


akairey said...

it's AMAZING at the ignorance of the quran and hadiths muslims have of their own prophet. They are "brainless" just as this video states:

Tom said...


What a great 16 mins.from brother Jay.

Unknown said...

I hear a lot of moderate muslims and liberals talk about revising the interpretation of the quran rather than abandoning the so called revelations altogether. However since the quran claims it is eloquent and clear, would this not completelty destroy the foundation of the religion of "peace"
Whether evil is revised or not, it will still be evil.

Unknown said...

Simply Amazing! Thanks David for posting this video.

Radical Moderate said...

LOL you can hear the Muslims doing the blame game, "Put it in perspective... why aren't you mentioning all the 100's of thousands of Muslims killed in Iraq..."

And then of course the mis direction "The guy in Sweden was a Christian and quoted bible verses".

What was missing is Paul Williams screaming "Why did you god kill babies and innocent animals and trees"

TAREK said...

CAIR does it again.
Game changer with the Swedish issue. Andre B. said it himself he is not a Christian. CAIR wants to make him a Christian. Well CAIR since that is your wish please you know the procedure I hope so.
Just find your way to Sweden and ask him what denomination does he want to join and then baptise him.
Then we can talk by his actions when he is a Christian (CHRIST like).
Is that fair CAIR?

Anonymous said...

David, its now time to show the "free speech of allah." Make a video titled that. Muslims want to be offended? Show the world how allah offends nonmuslims with the VILEST language.

Dacritic said...

"How did Jesus respond?? That is my GOD!"

Jay Smith, YOU DA MAN!!!

God, I'm almost crying here.

Praise be to Jesus Christ, my Lord, God and Saviour!

andy bell said...

Is Shabir Ally a quran only moozlim, insane, doing taqiyya?

What on earth is he talking about here when he says Muhammad didn't fight anyone to force them into Islam?

Japie said...

Jay mentioned Surah 33:57
"Indeed, those who abuse Allah and His Messenger - Allah has cursed them in this world and the Hereafter and prepared for them a humiliating punishment."

This does not command muslims to kill them.

Then he mentions 60 and 61
If the hypocrites and those in whose hearts is disease and those who spread rumors in al-Madinah do not cease, We will surely incite you against them; then they will not remain your neighbors therein except for a little. Accursed wherever they are found, [being] seized and massacred completely.

But hypocrites are Muslims who do not fully obey Mohammad (at least according to Ibn Kathir's commentary)
So I am not convinced that vs 57 is linked to 60 and 61.

Nevertheless, even so, this only means that the attackers killed the wrong people at best.

smalltallest88 said...


He mentioned more than two Surah. Why didn't you post the other Surah he mentioned? Like 9:29. Are you also acting as Muhammad and Allah concealing everything that he mentioned?

gabriella oak said...

All credit to Jay Smith for putting his money where his mouth is. The Muslims in the audience were far more subdued in their responses than I would have expected.

Dacritic said...

Gabriella, maybe the Muslims are trying to be a bit more civilised. Or they have nothing to say. The bald guy in glasses was giving the typical Muslim response when their religion is attacked: "You don't know anything about the Quran/Islam/Muhammad/Allah/ whatever."

Japie said...


'He mentioned more than two Surah. Why didn't you post the other Surah he mentioned?'

Calm down! Why taking this out on me? I am just asking a question. Yes of course I know he mentions Surah 9:29, but that was not what I was talking about. I would like to know what connects surah 33:57 with aya 60-61. My colleague is a muslim and we have frequent debates which is exactly where he always propagates Muhammad as peaceful and a light to mankind etc... So if I am going to show him how false this is and how these terrorist are only obeying their prophet, I need to use good arguments and I need to be sure that it is actually the quran which commands this in these verses. If this is too vague or unclear, I am not going to use it as it could be a false accusation. And this is very important to me. When I debate I use Christian values and not just tactics.

I have huge respect for Jay Smith and he is probably right, but I can't just accept it as he says it there on the street. I want to be certain about this. See where I am coming from?