Monday, January 19, 2015

Abdu Murray: A Muslim Comes to Faith in Christ

Here are some short videos on why Abdu Murray left Islam and became a Christian:


Unknown said...

HAi friends my name geo george c from India,kerala.

trinity concept from my point of view

In Malayalam (sanskrit) human have 3 states of forms("deham',"dhehi",athmave"
God create us human like God in Genesis it's saying...

if that is true why we complicating this for God?

3. Sprite
are 3 forms of God but only one in exact....
sorry for bad English..

CD2000 said...

Praise God! Praise Jesus!

Unknown said...

geo .......nice one

Osama Abdallah said...

"In Malayalam (sanskrit) human have 3 states of forms("deham',"dhehi",athmave"
God create us human like God in Genesis it's saying..."

Another proof why paganism is false. Islam defines this more accurately and logically:

1- There is your physical body, which actually doesn't count as YOU. This is why in the Day of Judgment your body will testify for you and against you before GOD Almighty.

2- There is your SELF. This is what enters the flesh and blood or whatever other form it will enter. It will enter the Heavenly Body that it will live in in Heaven, or the Hell body in Hell that it too will live in.

Your self is responsible for all of your good and bad deeds. This is where you can drive your body to a sinful place or to a lawful place. This is where you can have your body do sinful deeds or good deeds.

3- There is the Spirit, which comes from GOD Almighty. This is what makes YOU ALIVE. In our mother's wombs GOD Almighty blows His Spirit into them to insert Life into the being that exists there; the fetus.

This is also where the Lord Jesus Christ was created from GOD Almighty's Word and Spirit. He had so much of them in him that his words were Divine Revelations. This is why we don't believe in the gospels that are ACCORDING TO some of his disciples, which weren't even written by them anyway. Visit:

There is no "SOUL". Soul is just another way of SPIRIT AND SELF combination. And by the way, the more Pious and a Believer a person is, the more of GOD Almighty's Spirit will be in him/her. This is where the SAKINA of Allah Almighty comes down upon the person, and this is where the Holy Spirit gets sent down by Allah Almighty upon the Believers to guide them. Visit:,1462.msg5590.html#msg5590,650.msg1523.html#msg1523,868.msg3373.html#msg3373,1349.msg5138.html#msg5138

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

Osama Abdallah said...

Continuing with my points above on SOUL...

Again, there is no Soul. Beings are created in different ways. The non-flesh-and-blood Beings that interact directly with Allah Almighty are created from the

1- Smokeless Fire.
2- Light.
3- Word.
4- Spirit

But all of them carry the Holy Spirit in them, which makes them alive.

Also, the animals and plants on this earth carry little to zero Spirit in them, which is why they are instinct-driven creatures and nothing more. They're trapped into what GOD Almighty has programmed them into. They have little to zero "Spirit-Life" in them.

Also, according to Islam, everything in existence is divided into three:

1- GOD Almighty.
2- The World of Command.
3- The World of Creation.

The World of Command is the Beings that I mentioned.

The World of Creation is the flesh and blood, dust and water that exist in the Universes (plural).

Again, please visit the links in my previous post.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

TPaul said...

Wait till conspiracy theory king, Osama gets a whiff of this one. I have a hunch of what you can expect he'll say.
" ... This guy is a fake.... He was never a Muslim to begin with. He I'd actually a Jew CIA plant to make Islam look bad... Don't fall for his lies folks.
What would Islam be without jokers like Osama.... There would be no fun in Islam.


Osama Abdallah said...

And last and not least, this is why the Glorious Quran Says that the people of Hell are neither living nor dead. This is because they don't have Allah Almighty's Spirit in them, in Hell. They're just reduced to living biotic things and nothing more, which their selves will suffer the torment of Hell for its sins.

In Heaven, you get to enjoy the Glory of GOD Almighty and His Bliss.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

Unknown said...

God, the Father sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ in this world to bring us back from force of evil’s world such as lust, violence, anger, selfishness, etc. Once we were in Paradise but that was lost by sins of 1st family, Adam and Eve, and their eldest son Cain, 1st killer since beginning of human race. That chain reaction of sins was reversed by suffering and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That is Christianity in general, that is Gospel (good news). That is why we believe Jesus and try to follow him.

But on the contrary Muhammad, as Muslims believe, was sent to correct Christians and Jews. And ironically Muhammad legalize 1) killing to defend Muhammad and his Allah, 2) to rape, kill, and loot property of non-Muslims and their women by the name “Allah-Hu-Agbar”, 3) to marry a child, daughter-in-laws (as Muhammad’s wife 9 year old Ayşe, his another wife who was wife of his adopted son).

Instead of correcting Christians and Jews as they say the Bible is corrupted, Islam brought reign of terror since its birth from 6th century as of to date. Today’s unsettled world is from the seed Muhammad sown in 6th century. How can we believe Muhammad???

Unknown said...

@Osama Abdallah
Can you explain, in nutshell with practical theology, Q#1) what changes Muhammad brought other than sex and violence for enjoyment of mankind, 500 years after Gospel (Good News) our Lord Jesus Christ brought for mankind from the God?

Muhammad was from this world like you and me born out of our parents’ love. Muhammad was created, but Christ was reincarnated with flesh like human beings by Holy Spirit (Ruhu-Allah) from God, from above. You know, Osama, spirit of God (Ruhu) is immortal, that is why Jesus is alpha and omega, beginning and end, but Muhammad died by unnatural death like any human. Q#2): How did Muhammad know better than Jesus about God and His Deity, Holy Trinity? Q#3: Do you have original Bible to blame Christians to corrupt words of God? If you do not have original Bible to prove Q#4): will you pay respect to Christian’s believe as you expect from Christians??

To avoid direct answer in nutshell if you know, please do not refer your website, thanks.

Osama Abdallah said...

@Nojmul Huda,

Again, you are obviously a complete waste of time.
Why don't you read up on the following topics to clear the darkness of ignorance and blasphemies that your drowned in:

1- The bloody history of Christianity, and how Christianity spread.

2- The benefits Islam brought to mankind.

But then again, you're a bigot and hateful, and wouldn't accept anyting that is pro Islam. So why even bother.

Osama Abdallah

Anonymous said...

Dear Osama,

I am somewhat shocked by your reply to Nojmul.

"you're a bigot and hateful, and wouldn't accept anything that is pro Islam. So why even bother."

Are you having a bad day? Or is this the manner in which you always respond to a sincere request for information? You were asked to provide evidence to support your claim (not links) but, instead, you threw personal attack at Nojmul, as if you were some scared teenager who has been caught out in a lie.

Everyone dropping into this page and reading your comment will now dismiss all that you said because they can see how easily you attack a person's character. This is, of course, what we do as a last resort in arguments that we are losing.

To summarize, you were asked a question, you ignored the question and threw insults at the questioner instead. Hardly commendable behaviour.

Further to that, you referred to one of God's own creations as a "complete waste of time". You did not say "answering you is a complete waste of time", you called a person a "complete waste of time". That's hardly representing Islam with the tolerance you claim to hold so dear.

As for your comments regarding the "the bloody history of Christianity" you are looking for ammunition in the wrong place, sir. Why? Because, despite historical incidents, we do not emulate the actions of men, as you do with Mohammad.

We are able to accept the fact that people calling themselves Christian have done terrible things, because the Author of our Faith, told us that the Kingdom of Heaven could not be brought into being through violence, and demonstrated this fact for us. (please see Matthew 26:52).

Your reference to how "Christianity spread" was obviously loaded but revealed that you do not, in fact, understand what Christianity is. In summary, Christianity is living in relationship with the Lord God, through faith in Jesus Christ. A faith that is relationship-based cannot obviously spread except that individuals enter into relationship with God themselves. Anything short of this is not Christianity.

Because Islam does not offer a personal relationship with Allah, I understand that this concept may be quite foreign, but it is nonetheless, at the heart of what we believe.

As to "the benefits Islam has brought to mankind", I'm wondering if you are trying to reduce an argument about faith down to works? Let's assume that Islam has benefited mankind, are you arguing that we are to find validity for your faith in a few contributions made largely to non-humanitarian areas?

Not that I am adverse to having such a discussion with you. Certainly, if we can establish a faith by looking at its contributions, I for one am feeling relaxed and confident.

Finally, if you will not answer the initial question, I hope that you will at least apologize for your personal attack on him.

Baron Eddie said...

I just like to mention that I never studied philosophy and logic and I am learning from Mr. Wood.

I recognized what Osama is doing he is using "Argumentum ad nauseam" fallacy and really what that mean is (argument to the point of disgust; i.e., by repitition)
حجة لدرجة الاشمئزاز او القرف
Let us all pray for Osama ...

Thanks Mr. Wood for your help

Unknown said...

@Osama Abdallah,
You are madrasah educated, irrational person who have no general knowledge, other than fanatic evil thinking as most madrasa students have in Islamic countries.

I illustrated above comparative justification to believe the Holy Bible as words of God over your glorious Quran. I advised you not to blame Christians for corruption of words of God unless you have original copy of the Bible as evidence. Didn’t you learn in your madrasa not to blame somebody unless you have evidence?

I presented Jesus’ purpose of incarnation in this world and how His suffering at the cross and resurrection benefited all mankind to live with Holy God in Heaven by believing and trusting Jesus as Son of God, rather than Muhammad who denied the whole truth about Jesus by saying Christians corrupted the Bible without any justification, to establish his authority over the Holy Bible. Why didn’t you believe Mehdi Hassan as your last prophet? You are not a reasonable man but still I try to give you the Gospel. It is up to you to believe Jesus, but no one would kill you if you don't.

But on the contrary Muhammad commanded you to kill non-Muslims or force them to pay taxes, didn’t he? From Quran we also learnt Muhammad allowed multiple marriages, including children, rape non-Muslim women, and loot their properties. All these are evil’s works everybody knows it, but Muhammad approved it to keep him as prophet. Evil peoples of the world take advantage of Muhammad's command and rape, kill, loot property of non-Muslims. It is happening now by the name of Allah-Hu-Agbar you can’t deny it. But Jesus ordered us to love our enemy even though you are anti-Christ, but still Christians love Muslims. You cannot deny that. Am I wrong Osama?

Devotee of Christ said...

Osama, why do you parade your ignorance? You haven't specified any proof why the gentleman's assertions are false. You just listed nonsense from your false book. How is that proof that something else is false?
More proof that you're an Israeli spy planted to make a false religion look even worse.

Rosina said...

Thank you David, for this site.

I have stopped reading Osama's rebuttals as he brings nothing concrete. His arguments are empty as is his unorganised website. He displays no respect to the readers on this site all the while pushing his site. He is not seeking the truth nor seeking to offer truth, but rather wanting to force his empty theories.

I pray his spiritual eyes will open to truth of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Unknown said...

“But then again, you're a bigot and hateful, and wouldn't accept anyting that is pro Islam. So why even bother.”- Osama Abdallah,

@Osama Abdallah,
If your pro Islam is as your prophet Muhammad’s commands thru your “glorious Quran” 1) to kill non-Muslims to defend Muhammad and his Allah, 2) to glorify blind man by your prophet for killing his pregnant wife shutting her mouth from criticizing Muhammad, then liberal media for political correctness can accept pro-Islamic bigot and hateful command against non-Muslims but conscientious people cannot support it.

If blasphemy is fighting against killing, social injustice then definition of God needs to be changed. There would be no good or bad, all is justified by individual eyes, as Prophet Muhammad find blind man was right to kill his wife for criticizing Muhammad. Please see Woman strangled for criticizing Muhammad Abu Dawud 4362.

Unknown said...

“3- There is the Spirit, which comes from GOD Almighty.”- Osama Abdallah,
@Osama Abdallah,
Last not least, what about evil spirit, is this also come from your Allah that inspired Osama bin Laden to destroy Twin Tower in New York that killed 3 thousands innocent people, Pakistani Taliban that killed recently 162 school children in Pakistan, shooting of Nobel Laurent teenage girl Malala, killing 12 journalists in Paris, kidnapping 300 school girls in Nigeria, on and on?

Bad spirit always comes from EVIL, because God is Holy and Righteous. In Old Testament thru Moses God commanded to kill unholy people by holy people. But in course of time Israelites became unholy with evil spirit and started political killing to achieve their personal gain as it is happening now in Pakistan by blasphemy laws.

Jesus in New Testament corrected misunderstanding of God’s law thru saving life of an adulterous woman from stone throwing by fanatic Jews. And finally to save all mankind from bondage of evil spirt, God allowed His begotten Son Jesus to sacrifice His life by freeing us from Evil Spirit. That is the justification of Jesus’ death at the cross, oppose to Muslims believe replacing Jesus by look-a-like. You believe it or not that is truth about Jesus.

God by His mighty power raised Jesus from death by three days and left us proof that one day we would also be raised from death if we believe Jesus and act accordingly. He is the 1st person resurrected with non-perishable body and ascended into Heaven with His spiritual body. This is the truth about Jesus and Muhammad purposely hidden the truth from Muslims to glorify his own evil works of killing, raping etc. Why should conscious people believe evil acts, as acts of good?

When you write you raise many questions about Islam that goes against Islam. You are an Islamophobia. Am I wrong, Osama? Good luck!!

smalltallest88 said...

I like you a lot because you always have a way to skip questions and come up with "we have done a lot of rebuttals on that, just visit"

The very first time I visited your website, I knew the person that run and control that website must be a very insane person intellectually. And yet you're yet to fail me. I pray nothing will make me visit your website cos there is nothing worthwhile to check there.

I pray the Lord Jesus Christ arrest you as He did with Apostle Paul. And let my Christians brothers and sisters in here pray for @Osama salvation.

Dacritic said...

There are many "mentors" and "coaches" on many subjects in the world today. Finance, sports, business etc. I just woke up today and realised that the highest mentor has to be the coach who can tell you how to practise the most important subject of Or specifically, to love a fellow human being.

Therefore, in this regard, we all know who that Highest Mentor is.

Joseph said...

Nojmul - good job calling out Osama on his hypocrasy.

I've called him out on the personal attacks he makes on his opponents - very much like Nadir Ahmed - on his "Blame the Jews" debate against David and like he did here - he disappeared.

Unknown said...
"3- Jesus had to at least match Melchizedek in Miracles and Power, according to the New Testament. See this text-debate (*) between me and a Christian."

Did you get a chance to reply to this?:

[Osama Abdallah]"And Jesus Christ had to be a match to another Being, Melchizedek:,868.msg3122.html#msg3122 "
From that link:
"Jesus had to match Melchizedek:
And furthermore, did you know that Jesus Christ had to be this way (miraculous, has authority, and is powerful), because he needed to match up with Melchizedek? Melchizedek had no father and no mother (Jesus at least had a mother), and he was the Highest Jewish Priest. And he was Eternal. Jesus had to at least be equal to Melchizedek. See: Genesis 14:18, Psalm 110:4, Hebrews 5:6-10, Hebrews 6:20, Hebrews 7:1-20:"

You're working with a mistranslation. Certain manuscripts erroneously have Melchizedek being eternally-existent and immortal:

Hebrews 7:2-3 NIV;MOUNCE
.…First, the name Melchizedek means "king of righteousness";
then also, "king of Salem" means "king of peace."
Without father or mother,
without genealogy,
without beginning of days or end of life,
resembling the Son of God,
he remains a priest forever.

Translating directly yields a much more sensible reading:

Also at
Of whom neither his father nor his mother are written in the genealogies;
nor the commencement of his days,
nor the end of his life;
but, after the likeness of the Son of God,
his priesthood remaineth for ever.

Norton, William. 1889. _A Translation, in English Daily Used, of the Peshito-Syriac Text, and of the Received Greek Text, of Hebrews, James, 1 Peter, and 1 John, With an Introduction on the Peshito-Syriac Text, and the Revised Greek Text of 1881_ (London: W. K. Bloom), ~140pp., from the Introduction, page L. There is a Google books copy, and a copy at

Anonymous said...

Dear Osama,

Just one more thing, the apostle Paul was busy head hunting, jailing and even authorizing the murder of Christians when God stopped him in his tracks to reveal to him that he is loved.

The people who took Paul (then known as Saul) in and helped him in his early steps were people he would have once jailed or killed.

Despite intense disagreement, it is significant that at least four or five people have said they will be praying for you. I believe that God, very likely, put it on their hearts to say that. God doesn't send out His Word for it to return to him empty, so whenever you're ready to know the truth Osama, there are people here who will help you.

Ex N1hilo said...


Is that why Muslims pray for Muhammad? He's in hell suffering without a spirit, neither living nor dead? If he were in paradise there would be no need to pray for him, isn't that right?

They damn their own religion and, sadly, their own souls, whenever they pray. Islam is sad.

Anthony Rogers said...

Osama said: "2- There is your SELF. This is what enters the flesh and blood or whatever other form it will enter. It will enter the Heavenly Body that it will live in in Heaven, or the Hell body in Hell that it too will live in."

Question for Osama: You have said that Islam's view is logical, and you have referred to the nafs, i.e. self, as that which enters flesh and blood and other forms. Does EVERY nafs/self enter into a body or other forms in either heaven or hell?

I look forward to seeing just how logical Islam's view is on this matter. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Osama Abdallah said...
Continuing with my points above on

Again, there is NO SOUL. Beings are
created in different ways. The non-
flesh-and-blood Beings that interact
directly with Allah Almighty are
created from the

1- Smokeless Fire.
2- Light.
3- Word.
4- Spirit
But all of them carry the Holy Spirit
in them, which makes them alive.

Wow for someone who claims to believe there is no soul you sure contradict the "glorious" quran that you supposedly believe in..

If there is supposedly NO SOUL than the quran contradicts itself or you speak in two tongues. Which is it Osama?

Let's look at some of the surahs that contains NO SOULS.. (Sarcasm)

[003:145] No SOUL can die except by
Allah's leave, and at a preordained
time. We will bestow (the benefits)
here (in this world) upon anyone
who wants (the results and) rewards
(of his effort) in this world. We will
bestow (the benefits and the
rewards) there (in the hereafter)
upon anyone who desires the
reward in the life after death. Soon,
We will reward the grateful ones!

[003:185] Every SOUL shall have to
taste death! The day of Resurrection
is when you (can and) shall receive
your dues to the fullest extent _(the
consequence of your deeds). (That
day), whoever is pulled away from
hell, and is ushered into the
paradise, will really have triumphed.
The life of this world is (nothing but)
an illusive enjoyment a (mere)

[006:061] He holds complete sway
over His servants. He sends (angels
to be the) guardians over you.
Finally, when death comes to one of
you, Our angels take full possession
of his SOUL. They never neglect their

[006:132] Each SOUL is ranked
according to its deeds. Your Lord is
not unaware of anything they do.

[010:099] Had your Lord so wished,
every SOUL upon this earth every
single one of them would believe.
Can you then, force people to

[010:100] No SOUL can believe except
with Allah's permission! And He
hurls filth upon those who refuse to
think and pay attention!

For something that supposedly doesn't exist in islam the quran is very full of SOUL.

In Christ, for Christ, by Christ

Osama Abdallah said...


It's funny that you quoted me and then asked a question that is directly answered by the very quote that you quoted me on.

Osama Abdallah

Osama Abdallah said...


Is that why Muslims pray for Muhammad?"

We don't pray to any creation. You're ignorant and should educate yourself about Islam.

Osama Abdallah

Osama Abdallah said...

@Jericho Fallen,

These are mistranslations. Not accurate. They use terms loosely.

Osama Abdallah

Unknown said...

'The benefits Islam brought to mankind.'

Now let us see that. How Islam affects on human brain:

1. Dr Farrukh Saleem - almost 60% of muslims are illiterate (Christians about 22%).

That means that majority of muslims are unable to read and study Quran and Hadith alone, but they are very eager when they need to kill people for apostasy and blasphemy.

2. One more evidence that Islam is problem:

Arab christians are the best in education in Israel, Arab muslims the worst,7340,L-4323529,00.html

One people, two relgions -> two minds

3. Islam as second largest religion in the world gave only 11 Nobel Prize winners... 7 for peace

Taha Hussein, egyptian intellectual, saw how Islam bad influence on Egypt and its people and that they will progres only if they return to pre-islamic roots.

If you muslims really believe that Islam is awesome and Christianity that bad, then why you left you countries and came to live in ours? Why don't you live and enjoy in countries where Islam is official religion, but instead you live in our countries and disrespect us and our beliefs?

Unknown said...

"Again, there is NO SOUL. Beings are created in different ways."- Osama

@ Osama Abdallah,
You committed blasphemy by saying there is "No Soul", contradicting with your "glorious" Quran repeated “Souls” in many surahs as stated above by Jericho Fallen. One Surah is given so that you cannot deny your crime against Quran that’s maximum punishment is death.

006:132] Each SOUL is ranked according to its deeds. Your Lord is not unaware of anything they do."

Tom said...

@ Osama,

very sad, your comprehension is very poor and the more you try to expound islam, the clearer it gets... That islam is all garbage & incoherent!

the question asked is:

"Is that why Muslims pray FOR Muhammad?"

Your response,due to you constantly having tunnel vision, you think the person is asking,

"Is that why muslims pray TO muhmmad"?

Do you see the difference,
"FOR" & "TO"

That is how both you and muhammad misrepresent the Bible and it's Doctrines!

Ex N1hilo said...


Please read more carefully. I didn't say Muslims pray to Muhammad. I said they pray for him.

Never heard "Peace be upon him."?

Unknown said...


You should read before insulting people my friend. Fools are quick to anger.
They asked why Muslims pray TO Muhammad, they asked why Muslims pray FOR Muhammad.
If English isn't your first language then allow me. The FOR in this sentence and context would mean to pray TO allah (or deity), FOR Muhammad (or an individual.

I hope that clears it up.

Now apologise (say you are sorry), it is only polite in Western culture to apologise for one's offenses against another.

Unknown said...

Osama Abdallah said...
@Jericho Fallen,
These are mistranslations.
Not accurate. They use
terms loosely.
Osama Abdallah

Osama it's quite ironic that you say these are mistranslations yet fully endorsed by yourself. I've taken these surahs from your OWN website under quran search.

These "mistranslations" that I've quoted were taken from Dr. Munir Munshey (one of's

I'm just curious as to who are THEY that uses terms loosely?

On your website Yusuf Ali, Arberry, Al-Hilali and Khan, Palmer, Shakir, Sale, Sher Ali, Pickthal, Rashid Khalifa and Rodwell all clearly state that there is indeed a SOUL. These are all the translators found and endorsed on your website under quran search. Are they ALL mistranslations?

Seems to me this is a typical case of feeding the crocodile and hoping it would eat you last.

In Christ, for Christ, by Christ

Unknown said...

Wish I could edit my post. Sorry Osama my predictive text is at it again.

It was to say. "They DIDN'T ask why muslims pray TO muhammad"

Sorry about that confusion.

Anthony Rogers said...


Take a gander at this amazing post where a Muslim proves that Islam is paganism.

Osama Abdallah said...

@Ex N1hilo. I am very sorry for misreading your statement.

Osama Abdallah

Ex N1hilo said...


Thank you very much for your apology.

Sam Mazzotta