Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Muslim Says Nabeel and I Should Have Our Throats Slit for Making Video about the Qur'an

Four years ago, Nabeel Qureshi and I made a video discussing the textual history of the Qur'an. We showed that, according to Muslim sources, the third "rightly-guided" caliph, Uthman, gathered all available Qur'an manuscripts and burned them because of textual differences. The original "Burn the Qur'an Day," then, was carried out by Muslims. Here's the video:

Four years later, we're still getting death threats over the video. Here's the latest:


David said...

Another shining example of someone caught in spiritual darkness. May God liberate him from the cult of Mohammed

D Goska said...

Funk Republik, you want to kill David Wood and Nabeel.

Guess what? 2000 years ago the most powerful empire in the world murdered Jesus Christ.

And you know what happened next. Christianity, though outlawed, though its followers were murdered, became the biggest religion in the world.

David is mortal and someday he will die, one way or the other.

The truths David speaks will never die.

We celebrate those truths now. God humbled himself and took on human form to save us from our sin.

God took on human form to save *you*.

All the killing in the world will never silence that message.

I pray for you. We all do. May Jesus grant you peace.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know where can I get a book that tells me all about this wonderful Islamic religion and its glorious history?

You know, the book where Muhammad is a campaigner for social justice who treated everyone with equality and respect and never hurt anyone, rather than being a supremacist caravan raider who brutally attacked anyone who disagreed with him and gloried in the death of anyone he perceived insulted him.

The book where the Koran predicted and was in full accordance with the Aristotelian world view ('predicted' despite being 'revealed' nearly 1000 years later). Well, at least until Newton proved Aristotle wrong, then it miraculously predicted, and was in full accordance with Newtonian principles. Er, until Einstein proved him wrong of course, then it predicted and was in full accordance with what he said.
The Koran that was in full complete agreement with creationist principles, until the evidence for evolution and the big bang became seemingly overwhelming-then it agreed with (and predicted of course) them instead.

You know that religion that gives freedom of religion and allows all people to live happily and peacefully together whatever they choose. Rather than the one that persecutes other religious groups out of existence and prescribes death for anyone who leaves.

The religion that spread on a euphoric wave of peace and love rather than through unprovoked aggression and slaughter.
The religion that spread because it wanted to spread all the wonderful wealth it created by its incredibly successful social system. Not the one that completely fails as a social system and whose only wealth was achieved by destroying other, more successful, societies.

The Islam where FGM is unislamic rather than being regarded as recommended or compulsory by all major (Sunni) schools of law.

The Islam where scientific research and discovery is so advanced and many (if not all) major scientific achievements can be traced to Muslim academics. Rather than the religion that had a golden age (that was not particularly Islamic, nor particularly golden) that ended over 600 years ago because scientific endeavor was found to be against Islamic principles.

I need to know about how Muhammad ended slavery rather then practising and recommending it. The Islam that practised something nothing like what we now know as slavery but only 'enslaved' people to look after and care for them. The one where the evil Europeans created the African slave trade. Not the religion that created the African slave trade 1000 years before that. Not the one that had a slave rebellion involving half a million African slaves (this number just the ones that revolted, and just the ones near Basra) 650 years before any European trade. Not the religion that enslaved Europeans for many years, giving us the word slave (from slav), leading up to the European trade. Not the religion that set up and dominated a fully functioning slave trade in Africa that European traders simply took advantage of.

I need to find out about the Islam that inspires all the wonderful things in the world. Not the completely unrelated religion that inspires savagery, undeserved self-righteousness and suicide bombers.

The one where Islam is vehemently opposed to all bad things in the world, which are of course all the result of a Christian/Jewish/Zionist conspiracy.

The version of history where the crusades were the most evil catastrophe the world has ever known, not a limited response to (and direct copy of) Muslim aggression of the previous 300 years.

I really need to get some recommended reading material so that I can have my eyes opened to this wonderful religion. My current blinkered knowledge rooted in worthless things like actual history and actual Islamic teaching is making me quite depressed to be honest.

Oh, and Merry Christmas.

Unknown said...

But isn't it interesting though..what was the original quran ? What did it say from the mind of the man that had 11 wives, a killer, rapist, thief, liar, coward and my personal favourite - pedophilia..

And yet muslims say he is divine.

Sure..Why not

Dacritic said...

Haha... can't help but laugh (very approvingly I might add) at your comment Derek. Spot on.

But somehow, despite us not finding that book that tells us how wonderful Islam is, imams and Muslim religious leaders everywhere and even in history textbooks of certain countries, we still find the indoctrination that Islam is peaceful, Allah is a merciful god and Mo was a merciful man. And yes, our media and politicians are singing the same old tune.

All that without quoting anything from the Quran and Hadith of course.

Dacritic said...

The thing that really makes my stomach turn is not only the obvious and bloody violence of Islam. It is also the scheming and the lies it took to achieve the aforementioned violence. We can study the case of Ka'b Ashraf and the events that led to his death. under the chapter Mein Kampf.

It is worse than the most horrific "horror" movie you've ever seen.

To all brave Christians like David and Nabeel, we pray for you.

"The world is a dangerous place to live in. Not because men do evil things, but because other people sit by and do nothing."

m s said...

Derek Lambada says: "where can i get a book..."

I think Karen Armstrong wrote such a book (look under fiction maybe?)

Unknown said...

Thanks for your kind words Dacritic,

My stomach is turning too. I think this is the key problem in the world today.

Christians (and others) face up to bad things that happen(ed) in their name and fight to make sure they stop and never happen again.

Muslims seem to prefer to use numerous strategies to avoid doing this. (didn't happen, happened but misrepresented, happened but someone else's fault, nothing to do with Islam).
Things can only get worse with this approach.

As you say 'for evil to triumph all it takes is for good people to do nothing'

Joseph said...


LOLOLOL!!! That was GREAT. Well written.

There is a version of Islam which counts for a vast majority, that will support your right to freedom of speech - but I think the non-existant minority of extremist Islamists snubbed them all out! lol

Unknown said...

So let's see , Muslims want to rape married women who are war captives , have sex with underage preteens who havent't started menstrating yet , kill Jews and Christians least they pay the Jiziah willingly , muslim men want to beat their wives into submission and force their whole family to practice a religion with stronger PAGAN roots than paganism itself and finally you want to kill 2 men who are all that's standing between yourselves and eternal damnation.

You know , only Jesus Christ could have the patience to deal with you people. Leave the Jews alone , leave the Christians alone and leave people trying to spread the. Gospel ALONE !!!

Jesus is Lord said...

Poor Muslim who cannot control his emotion when he is faced with facts!
Islam is a disease!

Unknown said...

David, he doesn't want to kill you because of the book burning and all the Quran stuff. It's because of that handshake at the end. Which was awesome.