Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Debate: Is ISIS Islamic? (David Wood vs. Osama Abdallah)

Politicians and the media assure us that the actions of ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) have nothing to do with the teachings of Muhammad or the Quran. Jihadists fighting for ISIS, however, can quote Allah and Muhammad to justify their campaign of violence and terrorism. So is ISIS Islamic? In the Western tradition of open debate, Osama Abdallah and I step on stage and present our evidence.


TAREK said...

Thank you Dr. David Wood.
Osama GOD has controled over you right now and I can tell you that THE HOLY SPIRIT will brING you to follow CHRIST YESHUA. And quran 3 verse 55 will support you from now on.
Dr. David Bravo

Unknown said...

I hope Osama is now happy. Now to see some real domination from David!

apostlepaul said...

Excellent job David.

Andy said...

I'm sorry, Osama is a horrible debater. I in no way mean that as a knock against him personally but I say it based on what I just heard. The thesis of the debate is "Is ISIS Islamic"? Osama's conclusion; no, they are a Jewish/Zionist/CIA controlled entity that does evil things which Islam doesn't teach in order give Islam a bad name!!!!!???? I thought I'd hear a respectable debate but this was one sided. I've listened to my share of Christian vs Islamic debates and when Muslims don't have anything meaningful to say, they often go away from the topic of the debate and attack the bible. Stick to the topic. Good job David. May God continue to use you and bless your work.

Infidel said...

Kaffirophobic Osama, alias Fat Elvis is no match for a scholar like David Wood. The pacific verses of Qur'an came in the first 13 years of Mecca when Muhammed had less than 150 followers. The violent verses came in the next 23 years when he moved to Medina and his followers came to be over 100,000.
Osama reminded me of an old mexican artist, 'Cantinflas', Mario Moreno. He was known for saying many words very fast that at the end did not mean anything. That was called 'cantinfladas'....a joke !

David said...

...and Osama wanted you to post this?

David Wood said...

I'm just as confused as you are, David.

Traeh said...

Yikes, does Osama really believe that bin Laden was an undercover Jew and Zionist who is probably still alive somewhere in South America, secreted there by the CIA as part of a plot to make Muslims look bad? Does he really believe that the new caliph is a Jew, again nefariously setting up ISIS to make Muslims look bad? Is Osama Abdallah mentally ill? And instead of debating, half the time he puts video on a screen. To me that smacks of someone who feels very uncomfortable debating and will do anything to shorten his time on the podium. Then he puts up an image of a model of the Pentagon with some people in the back and a plane model smashed inside the Pentagon model, and acts as though that constitutes evidence of something. He gave no documentation of the source of the image. He shows no sign of having looked at the Popular Mechanics book that looks at all the 9/11 conspiracy theories in minute detail and refutes them easily with lots of evidence. Osama was just absolutely ridiculous and pathetic. Is he the best the Muslims can put up for a debate? Very depressing. I would love to see an excellent Muslim debater convince me that Islam really supports a liberal, moderate interpretation of Islam. I've been watching debates and following these issues for years, and I have never seen a Muslim adequately explain how the core Islamic texts can be made to square with a liberal moderate free society. The first ten minutes of watching Osama Abdallah, I thought, hmm, maybe this guy can show me a different side than the Islam-critics point to. But then he goes off into his Jew-hating lunacy and idiocy. God forgive him.

Unknown said...

Hands down, David won the debate ! I bet the fat Osama is trolling your blog 24/7. I almost 100% sure that Osama is secretly David's number 1 fan.

Devotee of Christ said...

After seeing this debate (and all the previous ones featuring Osama) I felt there was no way this man could be muslim and do such a bad job. So I did my research and have found out that Osama is actually a zionist/CIA agent planted to make Islam look bad. He's in fact a professional actor and has acted in The Passion of the Christ as Herod.

Here's proof:

(This is a joke, and unlike Osama, I'm not going to do a video presentation to prove it. But he really is bad at this debating thing)

Unknown said...

On a side topic in response to what Infidel said.

Does anyone think that the Muhammad at Medina may have actually been a different physical person to the one at Mecca?
This is assuming that the events actually took place of course-but it would explain quite a bit if they were completely different people.
I've seen studies strongly questioning the historically accepted story of Muhammad but I haven't seen this theory explored.

Joseph said...


I wonder if one day Muslims will realize that when they bring up topics that have nothing to do with the debate - they are at that moment, granting the affirmative of the topic!

This is my summation of the debate, which most christian/islamic debates fall into 95% of the time -

Moderator: The topic of the debate is "Is ISIS Islamic?"

Christian: "ISIS is violent because... 'verse, verse,verse,verse',real world examples, etc."


Now with Osama we get the added "THE JEWS DID IT! THE JEWS DID IT ALL!!

This is utterly laughable on the scale of a Nadir Achmed debate, chock full of personal attacks and unprofessional mannerisms.

Why is there is there such lack from the muslim side on these debates? I think the only one I've seen who tries to shy away from unprofessionalism, and topic dodging (except during his debate with Sam) is Shabir Ally. I think you should have had this particular debate with him - It would have been much more interesting.

TPaul said...

Wow! Just Wow! I am stunned.
Is this the best that Islam can put up it it's defense?

'My God' is right Osama, have you ever listened to yourself? No Honestly! have you EVER listened to, or watched playbacks of your debates? What are you even thinking, when you challenge anyone to debate, let alone icons like David Wood, Dr. White et al?

Although, I give you full points for courage, Wow man, after the gong show you put out, one would have to be either carelessly brave to show their face in public again, or too dense to know what the damage they were doing to their cause.

No offence, but you sir are a joke, The only way for me to go through your agonizing presentation, was, for entire time that you were talking, to picture you with a big red nose on your face. (No offence to professional clowns...)

Osama debating is NOT your forte.... give it up dude, I am sure if Islam were true, your allah could find someone who would do less damage to his religion than you do... Seriously, after listening to you, one would want to flee Islam.

David, my hat's off to you. You truly have the patience and the resilience. God bless you bro.
I hope some day you are able to bring brother Osama out of Islam and to the light of Christ, and save him from the constant humiliation he puts himself through.

Merry Christmas.

Unknown said...

Just watched the debate and all I can say is Wow. I would like to grade this.
David on Presentation - A
Osama on Presentation - F
David on outlined points -A
Osama on outlined points F
David on Sources to his outlined points - A
Osama on Sources to his outlined points -D
David on proving the ISIS is Islamic according to islamic sources -A
Osama on proving the ISIS is not Islamic -F
Osama was going off on anything he could grab and of course that being the nearest Jew...was that your best Osama ? Is that all you could bring to the table? David showed the stages of Jihad, all you could do is say how peaceful Islam is. My question is why couldn't you grasp the fact that David showed you that is exactly right when you are the minority. David didn't deny that. Just tell me why you have no concept of this? I would seriously consider giving up on debating Osama, I don't think you are cut out for it, sorry but I have to be honest.

David said...

Osama is living proof that there is a Zionist conspiracy afoot to discredit Islam. (Osama has to be a MOSSAD agent)

Abu Nasir said...

I watched this debate when Osama posted in on his youtube channel (worst quality and camera angle ever!!) but I was very curious on what Osama had to say. And it was nothing surprising by blaming the jews since thats all muslims can do to make them look better.

As for David, great debate as always. However I really thought you were going to talk about the war against apostates by Abu Bakr. Perhaps there wasnt enough time to talk about everything. There is so much of Islamic history that relates 100% to what ISIS is doing .

Again your material presented was great and judging by the audiences questions I think you got right through to them, while leaving Osama answering most questions because everything he says was irrelevant.

The Cat said...

So the leader of ISIS, who has a PhD in Islamic studies, and whose goal is to establish a world-wide caliphate, is a Jew? Incredible, no I mean literally not credible.

Unknown said...


God bless you for all your efforts and hard work. Here is a link that the Izhar has not condemned ISIS. You can use this as reference that one the Highest Bodies of Authority in Soni-Islam.

smalltallest88 said...

Happy new year Dr. David and the rest of the team and also to my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I watch the "Muslim dilemma" and I was really happy but Dr. David, I really would love you to have that presentation in a written form cos I notice that as I was sharing that presentation with one of my muslim friend from Taraba State, Nigeria. She confessed to me that am hurting her with that message.

Dr. David this is my email address in case you have the written form of that presentation.
God bless and strengthen you and the rest of your team members. Amen

Anonymous said...

Who initiate world wars? Why did that particular religion loves to do bloodshed around the world? Why does that particular religion after killing locals around the globe under the banner of imperialism/colonialsm spread their religion after doing bloodshed?
And even its so clear today, those nation having the root of their religion as the backbone of their economy (spreading sword worldwide). They are doing what their heretical Greek book says best, they should not bring peace onto this earth but to spread sword throughout sword. To ensure non peace and chaos to everywhere they go.