Thursday, December 18, 2014

Muhammad Explains Human Reproduction (Islam and Science, Part Two)

If you weren't convinced by Muhammad's detailed description of the structure of the universe, check out his explanation of how babies are made.


David said...

Oh come on David! you cant fool me! According to Osama, every hadith and saying you use is not genuine and never came from the prophet. (yes, that was sarcasm)

Unknown said...

@Osama Abdallah,
1) If Quran is a book of truth why did your Allah make laws like drug dealer prohibiting Muslims from leaving Islam??? Muslims do not leave Islam for fear of being killed. All Islamic countries are land of terrors, home for lawlessness like Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Middle East etc. But on the contrary Jesus teaches his followers to know the truth to free oneself from darkness. Jesus is the Light of the world.

Because God is Truth and Spirit, nobody sees Him, but experience Him. And by knowing truth we can find God. Europe was developed because of Christian value, but Islamic value made all Islamic countries backward. That is the science of Quran to bring a nation backward, Somalia is burning example.

Thanks David revealing truth about science of Islam on human reproductive system thru this video. We know the truth “Garbage in, garbage out” (GIGO) and today’s terrorism is result of garbage Quran induced into Muslims for 1,400 years since its introduction into Muslims society. Do we need more evidence????

Unknown said...

Well said Nojmul

AliciaGoodluck said...

@ Osama -

Jeremiah 29:13
You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

AliciaGoodluck said...

I would like to see a debate or video on "History as told in the Quran". Specifically, I would like to see/hear historical inaccuracies as depicted in the Quran.

AliciaGoodluck said...

Mohammad (and of course Muslims) believe that the sword is the solution to all of the world's problems.

I am now wondering what scientific marvel can be linked to swords?

Anonymous said...

It looks like Muhammad has simply invented all of these false ideas on the biology of humans and of diseases in response to some pressure on him to prove that he was a prophet of God. He was never a prophet of God and he had no clue, so he just made it up as he went along. Just another conman.

Brad said...


The yellowish substance could be referring to the central portion of the ovum. I looked it up and in the Hadith I looked at, it said the yellowish substance was referring to the central portion of the ovum. I then looked that up and I think it is yellow. If that is true, then the Hadith is correct that women have a yellowish substance. However, it does then go on to say that one overpowers the other, which of course is not correct. I just wand to make sure we stay totally objective in everything. Thanks.

George Monnat, Jr. said...


1) I couldn't find links to Sahih Muslim 3328 or 3329. I found Sahih Bukhari 55:545 and Sahih Bukhari 55:546, respectively. They seemed like the same quotes. Is it a labeling issue? Do you have a web site to find Sahih Muslim quotes? I found those on /

2) I seriously doubt if a Muslim child went to biology class and stated Muhammad's claims that they would laugh at and fail the kid. S/he would probably get an A+ and congratulations in our crazy PC world.

3) Brad, don't forget Muhammad said the discharges came from between the spine and ribs, and the woman's thin, yellow discharge was, you know, a discharge - not an egg.

Unknown said...

the version of the Quran i purchased has it translated 5Man should reflect on what he was created from. 6 He is created from spurting fluid, 7 then he (a) emerges from between the backbone and breastbone(b)

With the following annotations

a: The pronoun here is taken to refer to the person rather than the fluid.

b: of the mother, where she carries the baby. he emerges from the womb as he will emerge from the grave

ISBN 978-0-19-53595-8

I am new to Islamic apologetic studies as the Holy Spirit recently engaged me to understand their faith, and I was a little confused by the discrepancy in the translation and wondering if there is a more accurate translation.