Sunday, November 9, 2014

James White vs. Shadid Lewis: "Is Jesus God Almighty Most High?"

Here is James White's recent debate with Shadid Lewis on the topic "Is Jesus God Almighty Most High?" Christians should watch these debates carefully, because objections to the deity of Christ will come up in nearly every serious discussion with Muslims.




Ken said...

Where is the cross examination period of James asking Shadeed questions?

simple_truth said...

Goody! Goody! I have been waiting for this one.

I had visited Dr. White's site several times since the debate to see if he had posted it.

Thanks, David, for making this one available.

Ken said...

In part 2 around the 11:30ff mark, Shadeed says that God can lie and fornicate and become a dog if He chooses to !

You can hear the audience gasp at this.

I have also heard this many times from many Muslims over the past 31 years - that Allah can sin if He wants to, but He chooses not to sin.

I wonder if that is official doctrine, or even if they can determine what is official or not.

rivan said...

Thank you David for this. When r you gonna post the debate you did in France. Its been a while now. Got to c a short clip only.

Joseph said...

watched the first few minutes... looks like Shadid learned to get his emotions under control when debating. The Muslim Debate Initiative must have sat him down and made him look at himself. James white as usual does an outstanding job of presenting facts. It amazes me that the muslim response is to always ignore evidence to make an argument work.

Nakdimon said...

Hilarious to hear Shadid about Zechariah 12:10. Here is a video where he challenges my translation of "And they will look to Me, Whom they have pierced", only to read a Jewish source that confirms my translation:

Anonymous said...

Yes, like Ken I too was wondering about the cross-ex period of Dr. White asking questions.

David Wood said...

Maybe the missing part is where Shadid SCHOOLED James, ultimately silencing him and embarrassing the entire church. Afterwards, for the rest of the debate, Shadid didn't feel the need to try very hard, thus explaining the later portions of the debate. Meanwhile, the church deleted Shadid's powerful obliteration of Christianity, in order to retain their authority over gullible Christians.

This conspiracy theory brought to you by Osama Abdallah.

jdoza said...

I WAS PRESENT AT THE DEBATE!!! I took a picture with James White and my brother took a picture with Shadid to be polite,Shadid was actually kind of a nice guy off stage. I also took a quick video of me sitting in the seats with a glimps of James before the debate. I can email it to anyone to prove I'm not lying. JAMES OBLITERATED SHADID in his questioning him! James pressed him on what does the term "son of God" mean because Shadid holds to Ahmed Deedats thought that God has "sons by the tons". James dominated in his crossfire as well as the entire debate. Plus there was a livestream of the debate going on live while it was happening,so there must be tons of people who can attest to James Dominance and well job during his crossfire. His intelligence and fast wits were on some next level that evening.

Apostolicfdn said...

I have just started watching this debate...Shadid Lewis's part. First thing I noticed right of the start was how Shadid said that muslims dont' convert you by force that it's not submitting against your will, that you choose to submit...I grew up in Pakistan and yeah they do force you to convert...I honestly have no clue how he can stand up there and literally lie...either Shadid has never actually been to a Muslim country or he's regurgitating what the last guy said. Shadid also says...according to the Quran 16:125 that they are to have debates and talk openly about all of this stuff. Yea Shadid tell that to the Christian man and the pregnant woman that 700 cowardly muslims stabbed and burned alive to death. And the countless others that have been murderd because they believe in Jesus Christ in Pakistan. Shadid only your watered down version of Islam teaches this so called "peace" I would like you to go to Pakistan and tell muslims there how you Shadid believe that they and Christians should be having debated to figure all of this stuff out. I bet my entire life savings that they would call you an apostate. I am going to watch the rest of the debate and use my experiences living in a Muslim country to analyze to see how much more watered down Islam Shadid is going to teach and talk about.

simple_truth said...

Too bad, Shadid doesn't even understand or refuses to understand that God didn't cease being God because He took on human form, and that He does not loose His deity just because He enters creation; otherwise, this would be a problem with the Qu'ranic account of Allah speaking to Moses through a fiery bush.

Apostolicfdn said...

Brother James did an excellent job with this debate...I still haven't seen it in its entirety because at some parts I can't stop laughing (matrix LOL) Ok so Shadid keeps wanting Jesus to be like Muhamed and destroy his enemies as muhammed did. Shadid has another thing coming Jesus was not like that. Shadid keeps saying that Jesus never claimed to be God that Jesus never said those words...yea Shadid you are right...Jesus never said those words because in the Bible it states that a man cannot be God. However, Jesus did accept worship, allowed things to happen and He allowed things to be said (kids in the temple saying Hosanah in the highest) Jesus indirectly claimed that he was God and that was the main reason he was crucified. Jesus was a man until his crucifixion, after 3 days Jesus rose as God, no longer was He a man, He had an everlasting body and Be and God could no longer be separated. Jesus in Revelations said that he is the alpha and the omega and that was after his crucifixion. The other thing Shadid says is that Jesus does not know the hour and that only the Father knows...think about it this way Shadid Jesus was referring to his earthly body saying that the Son does not know, but the Father does.

Osama Abdallah said...


Read the story of David and Bathsheba in the Bible, and how David MADE GOD Almighty to turn David's wives into prostitutes as a punishment for him from among other punishments.

1- Why would GOD Almighty turn normal women into prostitutes?

2- David broke at least three Laws which each of them would land him the death penalty. Why didn't GOD Almighty punish David for his crimes, and instead punished his wives and his son (stricken with sickness and died after he was born)?

GOD Almighty can be whatever He Chooses. But all Thanks and Glory and Praise and Worship are due to Allah Almighty Alone, we don't have a GOD that is evil. We could've came to existence in a red and evil world of satan. But instead, we are bound by Moral Laws that that GOOD GOD has put to keep us Good.


Osama Abdallah

Osama Abdallah said...

@David. LOL, I don't know what you're talking about :).

Apostolicfdn said...

@Osama Are you talking about the evil world where 700 of your fellow Muslims stabbed a man and his pregnant wife and then burned them to death?

Abu Nasir said...

@Osama Abdullah Muslims are bound by morals of Allah? The same allah that allowed temporary marriages for sex? A God that lets his followers rape his war captives? The God that lets your prophet do as he please such be marrying more woman than his own revelations allowed? And has sex with a prepubescent child? A God that tells you to wage jihad on anyone that doesn't believe and take the unbelievers property?

I can see why Muslims love being Muslim because it's all about sex, looting and killing anyone you don't like.

Please tell me how I can join this cult! Oh wait I know All I gotta say a is a few sentences that were plagiarized from another religion and Muhammads name was tagged on at the end

Tom said...

I must give Shadid some credit for being reasonably civilised using zaik nair as the yardstick who is the height of distortion & lies with vile under the belt "wit".

Althought, he did resort to that old tired muslim fall back,when cornered, with zero backing from the koran that the Bible is all corrupt!

Shadid did try to keep to the text But alas the text when taken in its correct context destroys his motion!

Dr White has clearly stated than God came into His creation as Man(not as trees or dog etc..) and the Emphasis is on, The PERFECT MAN not as a "flithy rag", for the mission to redeem man from eternal doom!

He did come into His creation to exhibit His "matrix" capabilities!
This is what muslim dont Get, His nature when he was in His Creation was Man, as PERFECT MAN.

muslim are unable to find a clear answer from their koran, Why allah cannot or will not come into his creation? They have to make assumptions. koran leaves them in limbo!

Great job, Dr White.

Tom said...

Correction to my post:

"He did come into His creation to exhibit His "matrix" capabilities!"

Should read (correction):
He did NOT come into His creation to exhibit His "matrix" capabilities!