Monday, November 17, 2014

Debate on God's Existence Tomorrow in Huntington Beach, CA

Tomorrow, I'll be participating in a debate set up by Christian Century Toastmasters Club and Backyard Skeptics. Here's the info:

WHO: David Wood (Christian, Former Atheist) vs. Heina Dadabhoy (Atheist, Former Muslim)
WHAT: Debate on the topic "Does God Exist?"
WHERE: Huntington Beach Community Church (8101 Slater Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647)
WHEN: Tuesday, November 18th, 7:00 P.M.
WHY: Why not?


Unknown said...

Atheism is also a religion whose faith is not to recognize supreme power and believe in spontaneous evaluation. Atheist can’t prove life came out of nothing and goes to nothing after death. Whatever their assumption about life, it is their faith, and it is not exact science. It is atheist’s dream to create life in a laboratory and it is next to impossible until then atheist should keep quite.

Unknown said...

Is it recorded? If so, is it possible to have the audio?

christ follower said...

God bless you David you will blessed by God like he always bless you

Unknown said...

no need for a debate mate.. fact. there is no god. how many miracles or great so called acts of god have we seen ???? zilch. its all a fairytale written by ancient authers and added to over the centurys. i my self as an athiest. should charge all you religious folk with witchcraft. hows about that

David Wood said...

Terrance said: "i my self as an athiest"

Wow. Another atheist who can't even spell the word "atheist" (or "authors," "centuries," etc.). But without even learning to spell, he believes he's intellectually superior to all of history's Christian scientists and philosophers.

Welcome to the new atheism.

Ex N1hilo said...

How can anyone seriously believe in the existence of a God, when over 80% of the Earth's surface is uninhabitable? ;)

Assyria_Lost said...

terrance smith,

Christianity's and the world's greasiest scientific intellect Isaac Newton himself realised the power which the Bible presented, he wrote more about Christianity than about science and mathematics. He even calculated the date of Christ's Crucifixion and the earliest date of the Apocalypse 2060 A.D.from studying the book of Numbers. Whether his prediction are correct or not, he knew science could not deter him from the word of God.

Unknown said...

[terrance smith]"fact. there is no god."

How do you know-- are you all-knowing?

"how many miracles or great so called acts of god have we seen ???? zilch."

In your view, how did the first biological lifeform originate?
Do you agree with me that the universe began to exist in a creation-out-of-nothing in the big bang?

Unknown said...

Nanotech and Jesus Christ - James Tour at Georgia Tech

Apparently that talk has these remarks:
I don’t understand evolution, and I will confess that to you. Is that OK, for me to say, “I don’t understand this”? Is that all right? I know that there’s a lot of people out there that don’t understand anything about organic synthesis, but they understand evolution. I understand a lot about making molecules; I don’t understand evolution. And you would just say that, wow, I must be really unusual.
Let me tell you what goes on in the back rooms of science – with National Academy members, with Nobel Prize winners. I have sat with them, and when I get them alone, not in public – because it’s a scary thing, if you say what I just said – I say, “Do you understand all of this, where all of this came from, and how this happens?” Every time that I have sat with people who are synthetic chemists, who understand this, they go “Uh-uh. Nope.” These people are just so far off, on how to believe this stuff came together. I’ve sat with National Academy members, with Nobel Prize winners. Sometimes I will say, “Do you understand this?”And if they’re afraid to say “Yes,” they say nothing. They just stare at me, because they can’t sincerely do it.

Unknown said...

Should I charge you with stupid?

Unknown said...

@david wood
Brother I'm confused. I read about heina. And what I get from her is that she's an atheist who still believe in Islam. She specifically mentioned that even though she's an atheist she can't turn back from how Islam influenced her life........
So what is she? An atheist or taqqiya Muslim?

TPaul said...

Exn1hilo says " ....How can anyone seriously believe in the existence of a God, when over 80% of the Earth's surface is uninhabitable? ;)"

Ex N, I really don't know what the point that you are trying tho make is? Compare your " uninhabitable" space on earth with the uninhabitable space in the entire universe, earth is a mere speck in the grand scheme of things, and humanity even what? That does nothing for your argument.

Davd Richards said...

One Scientific Proof for God’s Existence:

One of many proofs for the existence of God is exhibited in the Nucleotide sequence information based language of DNA from which all life is designed. The four-character nucleotide alphabet for DNA prescribes information for the 3.1 billion long nucleotide helix of life for the Human Genome. This code cannot have arisen from the probabilistic mechanism of macroevolution given insufficient time required by this theory. Neither can the 400K-nucleotide genome of the simplest viruses arise from macroevolution. Macroevolution is defined as evolution between species. One example is Mankind arising from hominids (Apes).
Regardless of Big Science’s Religion of macroevolution, no verified mechanism has ever been demonstrated for the actual origin of life, only a series of “just so” stories or postulates and theories. Darwin’s Theory has been demonstrated unproven as no valid fossil chains of transitional intermediates have ever been found between species. The earth’s early environment was so harsh as to prevent biological molecules (primordial soup) to remain stable long enough to form nucleotides, RNA, DNA, etc. and the basis of life.
The DNA information is similar to textural information used by human intelligence to communicate ideas using the 26 character English alphabet (or any other language). While mankind uses text and drawings for design, God uses DNA sequences to design life. Mankind was created in God’s image. Some believe that this image refers to the intellectual image. Although mankind’s intellect is infinitely inferior to God’s, it is sufficient to rule the earth, plant and animal world (poorly), have a relationship with God (some) and appreciate and acknowledge God’s creative powers.
The chemistry, physics, and mathematics behind DNA demonstrate a Creator who has fine-tuned the physical constants to such a degree that the smallest variation in value would negate the formation of life. Information cannot arise from evolution, only from intelligence. Computer code is another example of information generated by intelligence (mankind).
So, who is this Creator? Is it Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, or Christ or some other person of religious stature? The reader must explore this for himself by reading the literature from each of the holy books of these religions. If one reads this literature and has the necessary background, he can discern that only the Judeo Christian Religion with its Genesis, Job, etc. creation scenarios is compatible with Modern Science. If the interpretation of these Holy books is valid and understanding of Science is sufficient, one can determine the validity for himself.
Don’t expect to understand these things without the study of the Molecular Biology of the Cell and assessments of probabilities for macroevolution. For further reading, see:
1. “Darwin’s Doubt” Stephen C. Meyer 2013
2. “Signature in the Cell” Stephan C. Meyer 2009
3. “The Cell’s Design” Fazale Rana 2008
4. “Darwin’s Black Box Michael J Behe 1996
5. “The Edge of Evolution” Michael J Behe 2007
6. “Molecular Biology of the Cell” Bruce Alberts, Et Al
This list is only a small group of a vast body of literature dealing with this subject. This message is directed at the Origin of Life and does not cover the formation of the universe and Cosmology, which is another topic of discussion.
These assertions are to say the least, controversial. There are two sides for every story. If you want to have an informed opinion, put in the study and reading.

Dave Richards

steve said...

Bottom line is without the emotional and imaginative portion of our brain developing, we could not have created god. And funny that when this evolutionary progress occurred we started first seeing spiritual expression that eventually evolved into a more sophisticated practice called religion. I wonder at what point between ape and man that God began to consider us human enough to obtain the eternal life he promised?

smalltallest88 said...

Should I charge you for All knowing that knows nothing?

How are you so sure there are no miracles?

Can you tell me what will happen to you by this time tomorrow and next? How are sure they will happen exactly as you have said it?

Allow me chagre you for stupidity.

smalltallest88 said...


If there is NO GOD. I challenge you to create a SOUL. The ways of the Lord is to high for fools to understand.

Anonymous said...

Terrance said: “there is no god.”

As has been said often enough elsewhere: At one time the universe did not exist. And obviously, something that does not exist cannot bring itself into existence, which also means that the idea that the universe could have brought itself into existence by a miraculous ‘big bang’, and for no reason, is totally inadequate and false.

The universe then, which could not have brought itself into existence, would not exist at all without the input of an all-powerful Creator. The obvious fact that ‘something that does not exist cannot bring itself into existence’ would also apply to God, which means that He has always existed in eternity (Isaiah 57:15), before the physical time/space universe began to exist.

The evidence for the existence of God is in the reality of the existence of the universe and all of nature (Romans 1:20) and ourselves (Genesis 1:27).

Anonymous said...

steve said: “Bottom line is without the emotional and imaginative portion of our brain developing, we could not have created god. And funny that when this evolutionary progress occurred we started first seeing spiritual expression that eventually evolved into a more sophisticated practice called religion. I wonder at what point between ape and man that God began to consider us human enough to obtain the eternal life he promised?”

That is assuming that evolution is true. But since no atheist can tell us, for example, how life began (everything finite, including evolution, needs a beginning), then, by the same token, their own brains have created the god/idol of ‘Scientism’ in which they have put their hope that one day it will be able to perform the miracle to get life from non-life.

In other words, and against the atheist claim of being dead against the practice of any kind of religious faith, the atheist is himself practicing a religious faith when he puts his hope in his god/idol called ‘Scientism’ that it will be able to deliver on the promise of showing how life came from non-life.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Unknown said...

"The Search for a Loophole to the Beginning of the Universe
and to the Seeming-Design of Physics" 6 October 1999.
Keywords: big bang singularity, Hartle-Hawking NBP, intelligent
design of physics, God of deism
1. Introduction
2. Overview of hot big bang model
3. Allegation that GTR's singularities indicate that GTR is
4. Alleged indications that quantum effects might change matters
5. NBP applies QM to the universe and half-performs a mathematical
6. With its use of imaginary time, the NBP posits that time became
7. To say that time became space is unintelligible
8. Allegation that QM provides justification for having time become
9. All the no-singularity quantum cosmologies have time become space
10. The big bang was precipitated by a not-material causal chain(s)
11. Paring a not-material causal chain(s) down to a designer(s), i.e.
down to a main, intelligent factor(s)
12. Answer as to why, unlike the universe, the designer(s) does not
need a cause(s) of its existence
13. Hume on inferring from seeming-design the attribute of
14. Three pragmatists' attempted rebuttals to the inference that
physics was designed
15. Cartwright's anti-realism regarding the laws of physics
16. Conclusion
17. Appendix on oscillatory model
18. Acknowledgements
19. Works cited
20. Notes

Unknown said...

"Problems with the Theory of Natural Selection" 8 August 1999.
Keywords: natural selection, evolutionary novelties, imperfection in
fossil record, Gould and Eldredge, artificial vs. natural selection

Unknown said...

On the Origin of Life

Ex N1hilo said...

TPaul, the use of the winking emoticon, ;) indicates I was using sarcasm.

ImmersionHomeschool said...

How did the debate go? We were praying for you. If you can share, any good conversations afterwards?

Unknown said...

@Nojmul Huda
"Atheist can’t prove life came out of nothing"

"not prove yet" is not equal to "will never prove"

think about it, if life can be selfcreated, will you reject your faith? No
is "believe in god" a lost time? No
because be christian is a good way of life.

Unknown said...

believe in god? why not
believe in god who cares about manking?
what will it be its purpose?
1) laughing about mankind suffering?
2) auto congratulation with its workshippers? (i.e it's narcissic)
3) a lonely creation? so cf point 1)

I don't believe in god as u can see, but, as voltaire wrote in "CANDIDE"

Does a Ship Captain care about rats in ship holds?

No offence, just my mpoint of view

TPaul said...

Ex n1.... I realized that after I hit send, but left the comment in for giggles.... My apologies. ...

TPaul said...

bob moran , A ship's captain would care about the rats if he knew that they were the only ones on board, conscious of his existence, and that he was manning the vessel, or what would be the point of such an aimless journey anyway?

hugh watt said...

bob morane

Here's a few observations I notice when atheists confidently boast about their unbelief.

It mainly focuses on what they have not experienced. The argument runs something like this; "..fact. there is no god. how many miracles or great so called acts of god have we seen ???? zilch. its all a fairytale.."

These are the same people who swear the universe and all life came about from nothing!

Watch this YouTube clip, Nothing Created Everything. See what well-respected atheists say along those lines.

Unknown said...

i don't think we're the only "super-intelligence-form" of life in the universe.

@ hugh watt
i won't educate myself via youtube.
If I fight against muslim apologists video it's not to get trapped by yours.

Don't misunderstand, i wont get trapped anyway. Life summonning is the very last argument of all religion.

you got your faith, have fun with it.
Try to convince me, i'll show you my fangs

Unknown said...

I watched the video.
To have something come out of nothing by nothing is ludicrous.
To have something come out of nothing by Something is very sensible.

Also, spacetime is not nothing-- it is something. Particle-antiparticle pairs appearing in spacetime aren't appearing out of nothing.
Matter-energy, the spatial dimensions of length, width, and height, and the dimension of time began to exist in a creation out of nothing in the big bang.
For details, see
The Search for a Loophole to the Beginning of the Universe
and to the Seeming-Design of Physics