Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mainstream Islam

Here is a Muslim speaker and an audience full of Muslims setting the record straight on what they really believe concerning Shariah Law and the inferiority of women. Before you call a Muslim an extremist, be sure you know what the generality of Muslims believe.

Now that we have that cleared up, does anyone still want to say that Muslims who believe in imposing capital punishment on rape victims who do not have four witnesses to testify on their behalf are extremists? Or that someone who believes that women taken as captives in war can be used as sex slaves is an extremist?

HT: Patrick Chan, Triablogue


Radical Moderate said...

I have always said just let the Muslims speak and they will tell you what they believe.

Osama Abdallah said...

What is wrong from us applying our Precious and Beloved and Cherished and Upheld Faith, Islam, to our lives?

Name me one country in the world that dares to apply its version of GOD Almighty's Commands to mankind. Even Israel, the one and only Jewish state on earth can even dare to apply the Jewish Law to its citizens.

Long live Islam and long live the Shariah Law (GOD's Divine Law). I know that people are poisoned with the Israeli ISIS false Islam, but the True Islam is different.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

Unknown said...

Peace of LORD JESUS on you.
I guess you didn't get the point of the video. Muslims condemn IS for being anti-Islamic but what are they doing that is so anti-Islam?
These "moderate" Muslims just said that they all believe in the punishment prescribed by Allah and your prophet. And that all fine but please tell me what is IS doing that is not from Quran, hadith or sunah?
And you're right there's nothing wrong with practicing your religion (right or wrong it's none of my business) but when your religion tells you about how to treat me than I think we have to look into it.
Thank you and LORD JESUS bless you and keep you.

David said...

@Osama. Israeli ISIS? you really have to let go of your phobia of the Jews bro.

Unknown said...

Osama the court jester Abdallah said What is wrong from us applying our Precious and Beloved and Cherished and Upheld Faith, Islam, to our lives?

Everything !!!!

Everything about islam in and of itself from the time it began with the strangling of your BS prophet in the cave is wrong. Islam is a plague to mankind. More worse then the 10 plagues of the Bible. Every where islam goes death, destruction and chaos it brings.

Name me one country that is living in peace with islam? Just one will do.

Osama..I know it is wrong to insult people but you are a brand new special kind of species..I wonder what have been smoking?..You never seem to get it do you?

rivan said...

Somebody needs to let Richard Dawkins know that we've found the spaghetti monster. I'd rather talk to a dog than Osama. The dog eventually gets it.

julie said...

Osama " poisoned with the Israeli ISIS"

Riiight...all the members going around beheading people and all the ones wanting join around the world are Jewish.

Surely this is not going to be your debate tactics for the upcoming with David Wood?

julie said...

Osama: "What is wrong from us applying our Precious and Beloved and Cherished and Upheld Faith, Islam, to our lives?"

Look at the counties where Shariah is implemented and you should have a clear answer.

If Islam is so great, why does it bring terror and sexual filth to each country it spreads?

Unknown said...

David-- In your answers to Muslims who claim theirs is a religion of peace the following has been lightly touched on, but I think it should be hammered home every single time.
The true interpretation of the Qur'an & Islam in general has to be the interpretation that was actually practiced by Muhammad & his companions, b/c they're the ones who actually knew what it meant.
Muhammad for the last 10 years of his life was a military leader, forcing others at swordpoint to accept his teachings. His successors for the next 1100 YEARS (out of the total ~1400 years of its existence) followed his example, spreading Islam by the sword & conquering much of Christendom in the process. It was only when Christendom grew too strong for this to work any more that the tide of Islamic conquest finally receded.
Therefore aggressive warfare against the unbeliever HAS TO be the religion of Islam, not b/c it's taught in the Qur'an or in the Hadiths, but b/c it's what was PRACTICED by Muhammad & his successors.

Unknown said...

Osama is such a funny guy. Does he think at all? He comes on here to talk about how beautiful sharia is, what is he still doing in America? he should go and join his brethren who are implementing it in Iraq and so on. These are so called literates whose thinking is so pediatric and can never see anything wrong with mohammed's life. shame on Osama for this nonsensical recklessness. Anyway what do you expect from a muslim............Taqqiyah!