Monday, September 1, 2014

Jimmy Carter Promotes Sharia for the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States, recently spoke at the national convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), where he encouraged his listeners to donate to ISNA and to use the "principles of Allah" to bring justice to oppressed people.


Lettherebelight, Sweden said...

Hi! Bitterly funny ending av this one, David. Greetings from the Land of Absurdistan, the country of Permanently Open Doors to the endless numbers of refugees (mostly muslims)from wartorn muslim lands, and European migrants. This will have a sad ending, coming soon to the Kingdom of Sweden. Some peanuts here seem to have removed the handle to cut off the flow....

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Are our leaders idiots or liars?

Liars;given the nature of politicians.

Obama is not an idiot. He has to know what it is Mahomet and his adepts have always believed but the Mahometans are just one (albeit the deadliest to be sure) of the peoples our leaders are electing (Brecht) to replace we white Christians.

One has to become an autodidact if one wants to know the deadly truth about this vile and mephitic cult; one will not hear the truth about Mahomet and his followers from the Pope or Prelates for they are floundering (when not drowning) in the sea of effete ecumenism this past one-half century.

O, to be sure, Catholic Tradition, has the facts about this false faith but, since Vatican Two, many of us have become severed from those valuable sources.

Just for the hell of it, one could google Pope Innocent III and his call for a Crusade and compare what he had to say about this beheading cult versus what the modern Popes have said about the same men.

It was a happy day when M.J. discovered you recently. Your vids are devastating to the ecumenical indifferentism.

TAREK said...

Hello Dr David!
Not surprise at all for the actions and stands of Jimmiy Carter! One could easily say without hesitation that he is a secret muslim. Let us wait and see how will he end with his stand. CHRIST HAS the last word for him. He doesn't like Israel but I'd kindly ask him to read quran chapter 5 Verse 20 to 21.
Thank you Dr David and your team
GOD BLESS you all.

Unknown said...

Shame, shame, and shame on Jimmy Carter. He sold Egypt to the islamic brotherhood. All Christians blood were shed will be witness against him in the Day of Judgment.
Lord have mercy on America. A muslim president open the country to islam, and a Christian president encourage islam.

We, all Christians, have to be unified, leaving a comments here and there is nothing.

Devotee of Christ said...

Dead David,

Just one point on the video.

India seems to be the lone exception in the list. So at face value, it would look like it is a Hindu culture and beliefs problem. However, that won't be entirely accurate.
India has THE WORLD'S SECOND LARGEST MUSLIMS POPULATION (after Indonesia)!!. Guess which religious minority is backward in almost all human development indices including the treatment of women! They even have their personal law board, where girls can be married off as young as 16, polygamy also being legal. The majority of muslims deny their daughters good education.

In short, my point is that India being in the list does not absolve Islam, but is a big reason why it features there. You may want to consider this in future videos :-)

Unknown said...

@ Tarek

Good point! (Sura 5:20-21)

I'd further ask Muslims and their supporters WHY did allah (as he is the ONLY gawd) allow the PAGAN ROMANS to drive out Jews from their lands? 500 year prior to “Qathem” being the last profeet of allah?

17:103-104 Tells the Children of Israel (MUSLIM-JEWS?) to dwell securely in the land. How come the promise was not fulfilled? (From a “Christian” view one does know why......) said...

The results of INDIA's recent elections, reveal that many of the 20% of the population, Muslims, have rejected the candidates who favoured the introduction of Sharia Law.
The Imams preach of the laws of Allah having been disregarded by Muslim voters!

Unknown said...

David - Great information. Keep it coming.