Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yazidi Woman Collapses While Begging for Help against ISIS Genocide

The Yazidis are a Kurdish community in northern Iraq. They have been making a valiant attempt to stop ISIS from seizing more territory, but ISIS is gaining ground. Any idea what ISIS does with captured Yazidis?


RMuhammad said...

She is a true humanitarian, mentioning all the victims of Islamic jihad.

She is right to ask in the name of humanity and NOT in the name of Islam because the persecution of her people and of others is BECAUSE of Islam.

rivan said...

Seeing her desperation for cries of help I teared up. I pray that the Lord Jesus intervenes and has mercy on these people. It just tore me up.

Sisgp said...


eric said...

a number of peaceful religious groups have been wiped out by Islam in centuries of jihad. I gather the only reaction to this brave woman's pleas was her implying Islam is violent. Ironically, saying that can get you killed.

william t said...

The media does not expose the true evil atrocities of islam, instead they want to shout from the rooftops when israel try to defend themselves from this evil

goethechosemercy said...

She is innocent, virtuous, a speaker of the truth.
The Lord hears her.
His path is perfect, and we are human beings, the imperfect who travel upon it.
How right it is that we are human, imperfect.
How right it is that in the shadow of diabolic hatred, one human being can speak, inspired by the path of perfection and love, a trail blazed in us by Jesus Christ, God's Anointed.

smalltallest88 said...

Hidding under the banner that "Islam is peace". What a true definition of peace by war loving religion. Taking over people's country by force is define as peace.

Bonney said...

All this problems is a direct cause of the western powers
Charges of WMD by the former Iraqi govt under Sadam.
America and its allies mashed up a country because of a lie. They won the battle but lost the war, as it will continue
For a long long long time.

goethechosemercy said...

All this problems is a direct cause of the western powers

Western powers have not beheaded anyone.
Western powers did not drive Christians from their homes.
Western powers did not behead Christian children.
Western powers did not force the Yazidis onto Mt. Sinjar.
Western powers are not responsible for what Muslims do.
We do not owe them our submission.
We do not owe the Ummah anything except the truth.

eric said...

Sadam had tried to get nuclear weapons until the Israelis blew up his reactor. Sadam was a horrible barbaric dictator. The west removed this evil man and handed the Iraqi people a functioning democracy and tried to rebuild their society. Islamists killed the people trying to bring schools, medical treatment, jobs, education, and human rights. Once we left, they continued their natural decay in barbaric dark ages. A percentage of the arab world is just too sick and demented for us to save. Sad for non-muslim groups to be horribly persecuted by the islamists who destroy the hope for the future. Israel is the only country in the middle east with true opportunity, free speech, women's rights, technological advancement, etc.

Pagano said...

What the hell!!! The first victims are muslims of all confessions and religion is just an excuse for these felons to commit the cruelest crimes, but... who funded the ISIS? Who supported their commitment in Syria, providing them the weapons by which they slaughtered unarmed people in Northern Iraq? Why the f*** don'y you use the neurons you do have in your skulls and begin to meditate on these events? The coalition which is going (?) to fight against IS is composed of islamic peoples, got it? And, remember, responsible of this mess are, again as always, those who actually led to the splitting of Iraq into three regions, without Iraq having a real government and the sense of social cohesion... let's thank US and UK for this mess!!!

Tara Root said...

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