Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pat Condell: Hypocrisy Over Gaza

Pat Condell points out the obvious in his latest video, "Hypocrisy Over Gaza."


raheel majeed said...

God bless you brother David we do daily pray for you

parisclaims said...

Cannot figure out why Pat hasn't been arrested yet. Or will he suffer the same fate as Dr Kelly?

Richard said...

Very well said.

The western media expresses selective "outrage" over killing of humans, men women and children.

If its the killing of Christians or other minorities in Muslim or even non-Muslim countries, then it is either not reported at all or under-reported, with the mandatory accompaniment that the atrocities have nothing to do with Islam and the majority of Muslims are peaceful.

This besides being patently false, (that Islam has nothing to do with the killings), somehow justifies the atrocities in their minds and the minds of their readers.

If its the killing of Palestinian women and children then Israel is to blame, never mind that they issued warnings days ahead, never mind that Hamas issued death threats to the civilians not to leave, never mind that they deliberately fire their rockets near places inhabited by women and children.

The orchestrated and engineered civilian casualties are faithfully reported with outrage against Israel but none against Hamas - the true killers of those women and children.

Our media are supposed to be the guardians and defenders of truth and our democratic values, instead they have become mouthpieces for the propaganda machine of Islam and barbaric Islamic values and totalitarianism.

They are thus complicit in their crimes.