Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Muslims on Twitter Defending Execution of James Wright Foley

Of course, there are plenty of Westernized Muslims who condemn the beheading of James Wright Foley. Unfortunately, Islam isn't defined by Westernized Muslims.

For a brief introduction to Muhammad's teachings about unbelievers, watch this:


kiwimac said...

Islam never fails to shock me with it's evil..but ISIS has taken it to yet another level..James Foley could be any one of us-God rest his Soul..

Unknown said...

This is the sorely needed education about Islam that is needed on a Grand scale. Thanks for your courage and G_D Bless.

Dacritic said...

Saw an article on Yahoo today titled "Losing My Religion". May I seek help on advice from anyone here who tells me that the Bible is also full of violent verses such as Numbers 31:7-18. I know this is not directly in touch with James Foley being killed, but if I were to say Islam is violent to a Muslim, he may counter by quoting this as well. How do I answer? It is a bit hard personally to justify God allowing entire villages to be killed.

Unknown said...

Dear All,
It is obvious to me that the prophecies of the antichrist is being fulfilled through islam. I find it hard that there was no protestations by the so called people of the religion of "Peace". What about the ignoramus western media and neo- liberals that parade the corridors of power. The hen has come home to roost. It is time to stay awake and alert to what the holy spirit is saying. We must pray like never before and this is the time to give generously to the work of the kingdom.
The coming days are going to be turbulent, but in Christ Jesus we shall overcome all enemies within and without. Islam is of the devil.

postur said...

what debate is this video from David?

Radical Moderate said...

David Wood, how do you find these people? I swear your friends list is enough to get you on several lists. I hope you can still fly commercial> :)

leonore said...

I think twitter should either get its house in order or be banned. It is just an opportunity for people to advertise their vileness

David Wood said...


It's from this debate:


JacktheToad said...

To Dacritic
there is a lot in the old testament which only applied at that point in time (for Christians). Muslims believe in the first 4 books of the old testament. They think the rest is garbage though.
Christians are not bound by much of the old testament however (the burnt offerings for example). Christ changed all that

DEWDDS said...

Diacritic, there is no real way to parry this issue with the Numbers passage unless you subscribe to the view that this was legendary material used as the prop for a cautionary tale. In this case the warning was to obey Moses to the letter, as he was the spokesmen for YHVH.

Christianity, although an offshoot of Judaism, I think need stick to its own canon (New Testament) to refute charges that it encourages violence. In fact the Gnostic Christians early on rejected the Hebrew Scriptures as not relevant to the faith.

Auke Feitsma said...

Yes but there is a diffrence. A muslim is ordered by allah, to kill all unbelievers, or convert them or if they want to stay Christian or a believing Jew to pay a lot of taxes. That can be done in all the countries of the world. In the Old Testament the Lord ordered to kill all the inhabitants of the Promised Land. That's it. It is history nothing else. The Lord never ordered to kill unbelievers in other countries, because they were unbelievers. Only in the Promised Land. Of course in our eyes not very nice of the Lord. Only it was only for that time period.
Why the Lord ordered to kill the midjanites: (Genesis 35,36; 37,36) ; Numbers 25 (the reason why the Lord ordered the killing); Numbers 31. Also in the Book of Judges, the midjanites are often mentioned.

ShadoWarrior said...

The actions of these dogs of Satan, ISIS and all the rest of these servants of their father Satan does not strike fear in the hearts of many of us in the West. It fills us with a resolve to exterminate this cancer that is spreading through the body of moral men and women!

They do the will of their god (allah) who is indeed, Satan, but they have been deceived by their blind leaders! There can be no doubt that Islam is the religion of death!

The followers of Islam, lest they repent, will be cast into the lake of fire which burns forever and forever, without end!

The Holy Bible declares that hundreds of thousands of these servants of Satan will be destroyed by the Lord of Hosts in the mountains of Israel! For God himself will utterly destroy them and cast them into hell! Amen

ShadoWarrior said...

Reply to Dacritic: (Posted Aug 20, 2014 @ 12:09)

Mortal man, in his arrogance feels he must judge the Creator of All creation, the Almighty God, when he brings judgement against the wicked and rebellious elements of His creation! The events in Numbers 31:17-18 merely shows Gods attitude for those who seek to destroy his plans for the redemption of man!

The males were killed to prevent acts of revenge from the male children that would grow up in time and seek revenge! The virtuous females who had not known a man were kept alive for procreation and as wives to the Hebrew men!

In this present age, we all live in the period of time called the "Dispensation of Grace". The "Dispensation of the Law" existed during the days of Moses, and the Book of Numbers occurs during this dispensation!

Consider the events in the days of Noah! Did not God completely wipe out all man kind, save for 8 souls, whom God preserved, because of the evil and wickedness that had consumed the entire generations of mankind?

Do you not know that as we speak, all those who die without Jesus Christ as their redeemer and Lord, are cast into Hell? Hell is Gods' Prison for the wicked and rebellious, those who have not accepted the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ for the remission of their sin!

The Holy Bible tells us much about God's judgement against the wicked! Many foolish men seek to make deals with God, but God declares in His Holy Word "THIS IS THE DEAL...it's my way or nothing at all! Obey and enter into my rest or disobey me, rebel against me, and the flames of hell await you! At the Great White Throne judgement, Hell will be cast into the Lake of Fire for all eternity! Does this make it clear for you?

Unknown said...


My understanding is that the inhabitants of Canaan were under judgement because of the many atrocities they committed. God notes previously that they were committing sin, but they had not yet done enough to warrant punishment.

At that time, we lived under the Law. But, today, we live under Grace through Christ's sacrifice, enabling Mercy as He died in payment for all sin once and for all.

Furthermore, all violence in the Old Testament is descriptive, not prescriptive. We are told this happened. And God never told the Jews to attack other nations simply for their unbelief. Islam proscribes Jihad if their neighbors do not convert to Islam or pay the tax.

Tom said...


After debating muslims for about 5 yrs through various YB postings I have learnt, these muslims who use Old Testament to challenge us, are there mostly not to understand or learn, why these things happen in the Bible, they are there as the accusers, they are the instruments of the "father of evil".

David Wood & company have addressed these "difficult questions of the Old Testament, Sam has a video on YT called:
"Old Testament Violence":


Personally, I have learnt, when they ask me about the Old Testament violence, I would respond with :
"In your koran, dont you have the Flood of Noah, did that not Kill women & children? OR "in your koran dont you have the incident of sodom and gomorrah, did your god not wipe out an entire city"?

If they respond, then you can address accordingly, the crisp respond from @ shadoWarrior is clear.

Along the way I learnt more about How Great, Loving and Merciful the God of Abraham is!

Chuck said...

Islam's power can be measured by the need of Jihadists to kill, rape, subjugate, steal, kidnap, etc., indicating the profound spiritual weaknesses of this political philosophy disguised as religion. There is little hope to persuade any decent human being to subscribe to Islam, but you can threaten him, beat him, rape his wife, murder or sell his children and then you may find a convert (and then of course cut his head off).

Why in the world would anybody believe that a "religion" spewed forth from a child molester, a brutal robber and a murderer would be an actual religion, rather than a method of gaining compliance from EVERYONE.

smalltallest88 said...

The muslim not only use the OT. Has a means of debate. They even go as far as using the NT that the name of Muhamed was mentioned several times. I just laugh whenever I come across any muslism that claimed the Bible recognised Muhamed. They love to bring up a verse of the Bible but failed to read the story from the beginning so as to get the message. They think the Bible is like their Quran where you can't find a complete story on a chapter. I wonder how they are able to understand a book that is full of contradictions. As for ISIS and their supporters, the good Lord is watching them in their evil ways and will not pardon them because even their prophet said he is not sure what Allah will do to him on the day of judgement. What a pathetic prophet. Can Islam allow secularism among the people? Can Muslims do without day not criticing Christianity in their mosque? Can Muslims ever use their reasoning? I think most of them do but shy away from the truth because they simple do not want their family members or religion members coming for their head.

Unknown said...

When I originally heard the news, I was indeed grieved for the loss of a fellow American.

But when I finally watched the video -- I noticed some inconsistencies that just does not align with the narrative that the mainstream media is telling the American people.

I talk about it in my Blog Post: James Foley, a Martyr for The cause of Allah?

Dacritic said...

Thank you for all the responses. Especially Tom and Dan K. I have bookmarked the Youtube page you recommended. I just wanted to be able to talk to anyone who is interested in Christianity but is not a Christian yet.

Dacritic said...

That video answered everything, thanks Tom. Jesus said, ask and it will be given you, seek, and you shall find. Praise the Lord, I found the answers there.

Unknown said...

well one could tell the muslims that "numbers" is one of the book allah gave to MOSES. if they dislike what is in it, they should take it up with ALLAH :-)

BTW Muhammad is actually a title and not name:
Youtube wideo with this title:
"Muhammad real name Qathem, not Muhammad or Ahmad? "

gadgetcoder said...

Jehovah (Yahweh) God IS the God of Creation. "Allah" is a false god of death. God loves LIFE, by their own admission, Muslims love death as we Christians and Jews love life. Who is more God-like. Allah is Lucifer, who was jealous of Man and God. Lucifer seeks to destroy what God has created, therefore Lucifer IS Allah. Worshippers of Allah (Lucifer), are witting or unwitting liars and murderers, since they seek to destroy Man. They know nothing but death, and they will reap what they sow. God, Jesus and His Holy Spirit as the ONE TRUE GOD will be victorious over evil killers and rapists of children and animals. Al those you kill will reign over your corpses and your souls, evil lovers of Lucifer.

gadgetcoder said...

Dacritic - I understand where your confusion comes from. The 6th Commandment says "Thou shalt not kill" yet God orders entire cities destroyed and all inhabitants killed. The answer is this - The TRUE Hebrew says "Thou shalt not commit murder". The King James Version of the Bible started this mistranslation. At that time, PRINTED bibles were new and much more affordable - up to then, all bibles had been hand written. Only rich people and monks/ priests could afford them. Gutenberg's printing press changed all that. The common folk began to realize the Church and Gentry had been misleading them on God's Law in order to subjugate and control them. So a new "translation" was commissioned by King James in order to regain control over the general populace - it was illegal to own any other version in England. It is, in fact, our DUTY to fight back against immoral leaders, which is why the GOVERNMENT attempts to control EDUCATION. I hope this helps...

Dacritic said...

Gadgetcoder, I appreciate your comments. Sometimes we might not be arguing with Muslims. We could be debating with atheists. Maybe my knowledge isn't very good yet, so I was seeking counsel on how to talk to these groups of people. And I will continue to ask questions. But being on this site certainly helps a lot. Like David, Sam, Nabeel, Ravi Z, I feel it is a must for us to learn how to defend Christianity.

Tom said...

@ Dacritic

Thank You Jesus for His warriors, David Wood, Sam, Pastor Joseph, Nabeel, Ravi Z,& many more who has done the work for us "amatuer" apologist.

Ravi Z says there are different callings, some are called to directly preach the Gospels, others are called to address the "hostile" crowds as apologist etc.

1st Peter 3:15
"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,"

15 yrs ago, a muslim friend, told me, "hey, your Bible has 52000 errors!" I was shocked, I had no response, But today I know better & am much better prepared, still learning, so much about our Gracious Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, that is being revealed in the Bible.

I think our Churches dont do enough to prepare us to be "amateur apologist".
(Thank the Lord for Technology to find the work of other renowned apologist)


Anonymous said...

Worshippers of Allah (Lucifer), are witting or unwitting liars and murderers, since they seek to destroy Man. They know nothing but death, and they will reap what they sow. God, Jesus and His Holy Spirit as the ONE TRUE GOD will be victorious over evil killers and rapists of children and animals. Al those you kill will reign over your corpses and your souls, evil lovers of Lucifer
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