Monday, August 4, 2014

ISIS Flag Banned in the Netherlands

ISIS members are killing and slaughtering anyone who gets in their way as they subjugate the Middle East. Meanwhile, politicians in the Netherlands have just banned the ISIS flag due to its growing popularity at Muslim rallies. Can we discuss Islam yet?
Breitbart News—In anticipation of an anti-Israel rally organized for Sunday in Amsterdam, the government of the Netherlands added the flag of the terrorist group Islamic State to its list of banned political hate paraphernalia. Flying the flag in the nation will be considered a crime.

The Irish Times reports that a police spokesman announced that individuals protesting Israel's Operation Protective Edge against the terrorist group Hamas will be prohibited from displaying the black flag of the jihadist group, which has made significant gains in conquering land in Syria and Iraq. “Nazi symbols, Hitler salutes and burning flags will not be tolerated," the spokesperson said in a statement. "The same applies to the ISIS flag. Demonstrators may not carry it.”

Supporters of the Islamic State has been particularly problematic in the Netherlands after an ostensibly "pro-Palestine" rally in The Hague prominently featured the group's distinctive black flag. The crowd displaying a number of Islamic State flags also reportedly chanted "Death to the Jews" and promoted jihad.

The Dutch residents of The Hague started a petition calling for their mayor, Jozias van Aartsen, to resign following the rally, as it was sanctioned by his government and he later insisted the group did not break any laws. The Irish Times clarifies that, upon reviewing video evidence, two individuals were indeed arrested for violating the nation's hate speech laws and inciting violence against an ethnic group.

The rise of the Islamic State's profile in the Netherlands has occurred in tandem with a rise in anti-Semitic hate speech and crimes in Western Europe generally. In the Netherlands, a woman was beaten in her home for publicly displaying an Israeli flag in her home, and incidents of public hate speech have increased in quantity. While Jewish people living throughout Europe have reported a rise in anti-Semitism, France and Germany are battling an especially violent wave of anti-Jewish sentiment. (Continue Reading.)


Mike said...

Yeah!!!!!! for the Netherlands, finally a government stands up to the lies of islam(does not deserve capitals)and their antisemitic hate speech.

anil said...

Why you don't cover Indian news. There is a report of force conversion in Indian state UP.

H said...

"Yeah!!!!!! for the Netherlands, finally a government stands up to the lies of islam(does not deserve capitals)and their antisemitic hate speech."

I am Dutch but sadly I have to disagree.. Our government is anything but brave.
Our mister of foreign affairs have made a baffling comment.
He said the christians in Syria are protected by constitution (against Isis).

Warning, explicit content

*use google translate

I am deeply ashamed this guy represents our nation abroad.

About the demonstration...
The authorities allowed almost anything the isis followers yelled. Including very anti semitic statements.

Our government does not take Islam seriously, I wonder at what point they will and if it isn't too late by then.