Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Reading Is Islamophobic

Some people complain about Islam because of the endless terrorist attacks they read about every day. Others complain about Islam because they read the Qur'an and Hadith and find incredibly violent teachings. No matter how you look at it, reading is a source of Islamophobia. Hence, in order to combat Islamophobia, reading must be eliminated. Join my campaign against literacy.


Unknown said...

Short and sharp. Absolutely precise to the point.God has blessed you with the ability to make complex issues simple. May the good Lord bless you and yours real good.

Dacritic said...

"No greater retrograde force exists in the world..." That bulldog. I salute him once more. If only this "greatest Briton of all time" can see what his fellow p*ssies countrymen are doing to accommodate Muhammadenism in Britain today.

Mike said...


RHansen said...

Love it! The message is well delivered and I agree completely. The western world needs to ban together and eradicate Islam from the face of the earth. Sound radical? Perhaps. But the alternative is too horrific to even think about. It is them or us. I choose us.

Unknown said...

it's just you read mistranslated quran, David .

As they used to say to me ^^

TAREK said...

Dr. David!
Well done. But I do not think I will up buying books. Muslims do not want people to read and that is the main reason why many of them do not even know what is written in their books. I will keep reading till my eyes are taken away if only they (muslims) can.
To confirm this video here is a story of a friend who converted to islam and some few days later he was told not to focus too much in reading but to listen to preachers in the mosque. But the day I confronted him with the truth and facts on a point, he decided to give up his new belief.
If you ever meet a muslim reading a book; he has one reason in his mind for reading which is: "Looking for Mistake(s) that can benefit islam to progress or have a good image in the society.
If this isn't true please muslims refute my point
Thank you once more Dr. David and MAY YAHWEH BLESS you and your team as usual IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

Unknown said...

Wow..! Great..! Praise the Lord for person like you. Let is keep praying to our risen Lord to prepare more & more intelligent persons like you to unveil Islam, while preaching the Gospel of Christ..!

Unknown said...

@Dacritic - well said, bro...

Nicky said...

Is there an app or online source that includes a concordance/lexicon with the Quran? For example, when I look up surah 3:54, it says 'Allah is the best of planners.' Other translations say 'schemers.' I want to show that the word relates to deceive or to lie. I want to use Islamic sources when pointing this verse out to Muslims or non-Muslims.

David Wood said...

I'm not sure about an online source, but a good Arabic dictionary will tell you what "makr" means.

Nicky said...

An Arabic dictionary will work like a concordance, giving line by line translation? Will it give me every verse in the Quran using 'makr'?

simple_truth said...

bam bamba said...

"Short and sharp. Absolutely precise to the point.God has blessed you with the ability to make complex issues simple. May the good Lord bless you and yours real good. "

I totally agree with you. Also add that David has the acute ability to make a very serious subject humorous without jeopardizing its message. I think that helps him to lure people who may not otherwise have the attention span of a fly to remain engaged.

Very impressive work, David!!

Unknown said...

It is impossible for anyone on this earth to be islamophobic. A phobia is an irrational, unreasonable fear of something. Arachnophobia: that tiny spider is going to get me! - well, once it gets you, what is it going to do to you? Agoraphobia: OMG! I'm in an empty stadium - what's going to happen to me? ..... probably nothing. However, if that stadium has 2 feet of wet snow on it's canvas roof and the exits are blocked by black widow spiders - you have a genuine concern - not a phobia.
As a muslim girl, if I were to wear too much make-up I might suffer an honor killing. If an atheist were to publish a cartoon of Allah he may have a late night meeting with a bullet or bomb. If a buddist were to date a muslim girl they both may end up in an acid "car wash," stoning, or even crucifiction. Again - not a phobia - an honest concern.

gabriella oak said...

Succinct As Ever. :)

Unknown said...

Check this out

Dacritic said...

@Jonas: Cheers, man! God bless! @Tarek: If only the Muslims in my country can jump back out of Islam that easily as your friend did. Reports are going on now about a former Playboy model converting to Islam this week. She has not seen this website!!! @James: The Buddhist, if he is just a nominal Buddhist, or if he just a nominal Christian who does not bother about studying further, will convert to Islam just to marry the partner. It happens very much where I am. It's sad really.

PRODOS said...

Excellent video, as usual. :-)

One question, however.

David Woods says "The message of Islam is, and has always been, Come back to the 7th Century ... live ... like a 7th Century Arab."

I presume that's a reference to the time of Muhammed.

Is this sort of harping back to its beginning unique to Islam?

Are Christianity and Judaism different in this regard?

i.e. Do Christianity and Judaism NOT rely on returning to the time and lifestyle of their Founders?

Thanks for any clarification.

David Wood said...

Do you really see no difference between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam?

According to Islam, God speaks Arabic. Muslims must pray in Arabic, even if they don't speak Arabic. They have to memorize Arabic prayers.

Any serious Muslim woman will wear a burka, or at least a hijab. Why? Because that's what women in the seven century wore.

Devout Muslim men will wear a thaub. Why? What does that have to do with submitting to God? Well, that's what men wore in the seventh century, so that's what Muslims are supposed to wear.

The list of rules continues, right down to how Muslims should enter the bathroom and how they should wipe themselves.

And you're suggesting that Christianity is the same because we follow Jesus teachings?

Unknown said...

I was looking at a book the other day it was sayings for when you wake up, saying for when you use the bathroom, saying when you shower, saying for if you are mad at someone, saying for when you enter a home, saying before you go to sleep. I am not kidding it was a good 150 pages of this, seriously, really? It's more like mind control, lol.

PRODOS said...

David Wood: "Do you really see no difference between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam?"

Oh, I see many differences.

For instance, the Christian God (and His relationship to Man) is vastly different from the Islamic Allah's -- as I learned from reading Rev Dr Mark Durie's book on this subject.

And the Judaic God (and His relationship to Man) seems to also be vastly different from Islam's Allah -- as I've been learning from reading Yoram Hazony's recent book (although it's not specifically on that subject).

David Wood: "And you're suggesting that Christianity is the same because we follow Jesus teachings?"

On the contrary.

What I see is that Christianity does NOT have this "harping back" effect on its followers.

i.e. That one can be a Christian and yet still enjoy progress, invent new things, wear clothes that look nothing like the era of Christianity's founding, etc.

What I see is that Christians -- even devout Christians -- do NOT seek to Xerox the past -- and all its ways -- the way devout Muslim's seem to do.

Why Islam looks backward and MOVES backward, yet Christianity and Judaism do not, is something I'd like to understand better.

David Wood: "The list of rules continues, right down to how Muslims should enter the bathroom and how they should wipe themselves."


So are you saying that it's the highly prescriptive, instructional nature of Islam that leads to "Come back to the 7th Century ... live ... like a 7th Century Arab" ?

If so, would you agree with the following ...

To be a devout Muslim one must follow the "instructions".

1. Since the instructions were written in the 7th Century (or a long time ago) following the instructions means doing things the way they were done back then.

2. But since things have changed, it's not possible to follow ALL the instructions. So ... if we were to replicate the conditions that existed at the time the instructions were written (same clothes, same customs, same toilets (!)) we could then follow more instructions.

More following of instructions = following more instructions = more devoutness.

Hence, 7th Century Arabia, here we come!

How's that?

Thanks for any further clarification, as trying to understand this has bugged me for a while.

Best Wishes,

Melbourne, Australia

Unknown said...


I'm sure David will give a more comprehensive intelligible response; however, I see the primary difference as a separation of church and state. Jesus taught to give the state (Caesar) his share (tax), that had nothing to do with faith. The political, socioeconomic, AND religious aspects of Islam are all wrapped in one bow called Islam. Societal laws and religious beliefs have been separated by almost all Western societies, most acutely in the United States.


Can you please explain the ban in many Muslim countries of women driving cars? Are women in these countries allowed to drive if accompanied by a male? Or, is it pure discrimination? Obviously, cars were not covered by any 7th Century teaching.

Thank you.

Tallulah said...

Prodos, I think the difference is that Christianity and Judaism offer ethical principles to be applied by intelligent, thinking people to their choices.

While "Thou shalt not murder" "Thou shalt not steal" "Thou shalt not commit adultry" are in command form - a type of instruction - they add up to something more than mere instruction. An intelligent person can abstract the principle: Be honest, deal honestly, respect other people's right to live, respect their right to their property. Be honest with and respect your spouse. The Ten Commandments tell people how to be decent to each other.

These are *ethical* principles.

Not so with rules for every niggly little thing you do from how you enter a room to which hand you wipe yourself with. Those are just commands for the sake of instilling obedience. Whims. They make a person reject his common sense in order to obey. I see no reason to do it this way and not some other. Why should I? Because Allah says so. Because Mohammad did it this way.

All those unnecessary rules make you the *slave* of Allah. Not an independent thinker who can hear or read commands and see, with your own common sense, whether they are good advice for a decent life or not.

Dacritic said...

I just wanna add one more thing. Muslims like to boast that the first word of the Quran is "iqra", meaning read. They use this to say that Islam is a knowledge-centric religion. Can we see the irony? So, for God's sake Muslims, really I mean, for His sake, read your bloody Quran. Read it in its entirety.

PRODOS said...

Meadow Flint wrote:

"... I see the primary difference as a separation of church and state."

Sure. I agree with you. That's a fundamental point.

But that would only explain why Islam is and must be oppressive, whereas Christianity is not.

It would explain that when Muslims use coercion (in religion) they act IN ACCORDANCE to Islam's principles, but when Christians use coercion (in religion) they have DEPARTED from their principles.

The aspect I'm focused on, however, is why devout Muslims tend to want to replicate the founding days of Islam.

Not just in following Islamic principles, but also in replicating very specific actions -- to the point of dressing like a 7th Century Arab Muslim.

The best I can come up -- bouncing off what David Woods replied to me earlier -- is that, since Islam is very instructional, and following Islam's instructions is proof of devoutness, then more devoutness can be achieved by following more instructions.

First up, one can apply as many of the instructions as possible to current modern conditions.

But by replicating the conditions that existed at the time the instructions were written would allow one to follow even MORE instructions.

And thereby demonstrate even greater devoutness.


gabriella oak said...


I've seen several Muslims (and one iman in particular)here in the UK harp on about this "read" command in the Quran.

They load the word with a weight which simply isn't there, imo, especially given that the people who received the "revelations" originally were mostly illiterte. And I don't think Mohammed was recorded as ever spearheading a literary drive so that Muslims (including himself)could fulfill Allah's instructions.

Dacritic said...

Gabriella, it reminds me of Isaiah 29:11-13. Especially verse 13, LOL. I'm reading all these things and again I realise how much effort and time David and Sam and the whole gang had put into this. I must admit I am reading all this for enlightenment and entertainment.

PRODOS said...

Tallulah wrote, of Islam's focus on detailed instructions:

"Those are just commands for the sake of instilling obedience. Whims."

I get your point, but I don't know if I'd call them 'whims'.

As for "instilling obedience" ... If a Muslim can't even obey and follow the detailed instructions of Islam's texts, how can he demonstrate he has the capacity to obey Allah? (Should he ever be called upon to do so.)

On top of that, following the instructions BECAUSE they're Islam's instructions converts every action into a ritual in praise of Allah.

"All those unnecessary rules make you the *slave* of Allah."

Which is a virtue in Islam.

Slavery is the proper and only kind of relationship available between a Muslim and his god, isn't it? And, therefore, by extension, between a Muslim and his government.

One of the biggest problems I see with following instructions as a way of life -- even if it's supposedly for a "higher purpose" -- is that thinking and questioning and problem solving are skills that get better with practice and don't improve -- can't improve --- if not exercised.

So the more areas of life that are subject to obeying instructions, the fewer opportunities to improve thinking and test thinking ability and apply it to other areas of life.

I just unlocked the back door of the house and as I was doing it I thought of a slightly better of way of doing it. But what if there was a set, Sharia way of unlocking the door? Another opportunity for improving thinking and improving how a task is carried out would be lost. One less thinking skills penny in the thinking skills piggy bank.

Regarding the attempt to replicate the 7th Century, it can't be done.

I can go back to using a horse-and-buggy. But I can't go "back" to the AGE of the horse-and-buggy. Back then the horse-and-buggy was an improvement on what preceded it. The spirit of the horse-and-buggy "Age" was a forward-looking spirit with the horse-and-buggy at the pinnacle of transport technology.

Going BACK to it means appearing like that era but not having the spirit of that era. A body without a soul. A zombie.

betwixt said...


The Quranic Arabic Corpus website is probably what you're looking for.

Here's the word by word translation of Q3:54: http://corpus.quran.com/wordbyword.jsp?chapter=3&verse=54

And to see where the word is used elsewhere in the Qur'an, just click on the target word. (Click on the Romanized Arabic word on the left, not on the Arabic script. The Arabic script links to Qur'anic grammar.)

ellie said...

The fact is our political leaders can read. At least I'm pretty sure of that fact. They know what fundamentalist Islam is and much of what is written in the Qur'an.....at least a majority do.
The people who formally taught tactics against extremists Muslims in our military schools have been fired and replaced with those who have been instructed by the Muslim Brotherhood on how our military should deal with Muslims.
Now don't you think people should start asking themselves why our government and the European government have decided to side in with extremist Muslims around the world? The MB was considered a terrorist organization in the US and Egypt until Obama became president. Now we have them training our military.
If you think our political leaders are just misled you are living in a dream world.

Unknown said...

David you are so on point here, I love it. It is sickening to see the term Islamaphobe thrown around as a scapegoat when asking the tough questions within Islam. The media and the politicians who do not even have an elementary level of education on Islam have been a big part of this term being thrown around and misused to try and stop people from asking critical questions and they are the fuel to muslims who cry victim every time you call them out on the disturbing statements within the Quran, Hadith etc...

Do we see Christians screaming "Christianphobe" anytime someone wants to point out a controversial passage in the Old Testament? No, we see educated Christians respond articulately explaining the context of that particular passage which was relative to that particular time in that particular book. That's the difference between Muslims and Christians, you can say anything about our God, our books, our theology and we are willing to respond with love, patience and education. Try pushing the envelope on Islam, you will be labeled a bigot islamaphobe and you may even get your head chopped off if you pose the tough questions in the wrong part of the world.

Coming from a Muslim background and a devout muslim family I am the first to admit all of this. So good work David, keep up the great work and may the Lords strength and comfort be with you as things get rough. We know for certain thing will only get more rough with our transparency and aggressive push for truth.

Lastly to David, if only Muslims could understand how much we love them....how much we care about them. This is not easy for us, going through hell in this world to try and save people...but it's what we are commanded to do...the suffering will all be worth it soon David...

In Jesus name...God bless bro

PRODOS said...

Omar Ahmad writes (my emphasis):

"Do we see Christians screaming "Christianphobe" anytime someone wants to point out a controversial passage in the Old Testament? No, we see educated Christians respond articulately explaining the context of that particular passage which was relative to that particular time in that particular book. That's the difference between Muslims and Christians, you can say anything about our God, our books, our theology and we are willing to respond with love, patience and education."

In my humble studies of Islam, Christianity, and now, Judaism, I've found that studying and understanding the context -- and actual, intended meaning -- of troubling passages of the New Testament and the Old Testament results in a greater respect and appreciation of The Good and man's struggle to grasp The Good and live The Good.

However, every time I've checked "the context" in Islam ... things ... look ... even ... worse.

Ironically, I started studying Islam years ago to PROVE that it wasn't as bad as some were suggesting. I was horrified to find it was WORSE. As in: Freakin' awful.

I then started studying Christianity to PROVE that it was both stupid and violent and no better than any other stupid and violent religion. I was astounded to discover that it was a genuine Religion of Peace.

That's "context" for you.

It favours some religions over others. :-)

Nicky said...

Thank you Betwixt!

Tom D said...

Why should we - Christians believe that Muhammad is the true prophet of God?

Jesus the Messiah already saved us from the sins of our original parents Adam and Eve. God is only One - here we agree - but because we people are creatures with limited capabilities to understand God's Salvation Plan for us - we were presented by God with Jesus in both human and divine nature because this is how we could understand the teaching of God in more direct way that it was earlier when Abraham, Moses lived on Earth and people continued to be ungrateful to God, and led sinful lives.

Jesus when walking on Earth never taught to kill or to hate anybody. Jesus warned us that the false prophets will follow, and here it comes, 600 years later, Muhammad, who received his revelations supposedly from Archangel Gabriel who gave him words from God. In this teaching Muhammad said that God tells to kill Christians and Jews who do not convert to him. Bus ask yourself why? They are already believing in the one God.

Jesus teaching is about Love and Peace, Muhammad teaches about Hate and War to unbelievers Jesus taught us to break away from slavery of sin, and not to be slaves of Evil. Muhammad taught us to get into submission to God, because we are his slaves.

Jesus taught us that if we fulfill God's will we enter heaven as His children, and he is our Heavenly Father. Muhammad taught us that God is our Master, and he can do with us what he wants.

Jesus told us to love our enemies, Muhammad told you to kill your enemies or get them into submission. Jesus taught us you get to heaven if you get killed and lose your life for faith. Muhammad teaches that if you get killed while killing others in the name of God you enter heaven.

Remember, there is only one truth, we do not have much time on earth to find out. Satan wants our souls really bad. Are you worshiping the right God?

Moses, and other prophets talked directly to God, why was not Muhammad? He admitted he was misled for some time by Satan instead of Archangel Gabriel. Maybe he was misled by Satan all the time? When he received his first revelation he was scared to death and ran out of the cave believing he saw Devil. When Mary, Mother of Jesus, and Zachariah, father of John the Baptist met Archangel Gabriel they were scared but quickly reassured by Archangel Gabriel not to be afraid. Why Muhammad was basically running for his life? Maybe his wife was led by Satan to get Muhammad to accept that he was a prophet and it was God who wanted to talk to him?

We believe that all men received FREE WILL as a gift from God to chose good or evil. If somebody chooses evil, he will be judged by God and probably condemned by him during the Judgement Day. Why would God want them dead earlier? Maybe it is not him but Devil who wants your souls for killing innocent people.