Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Muslim Convert Shannon Maureen Conley Arrested on Terrorism Charges

I'm called a racist and a bigot when I say that the Qur'an commands Muslims to violently subjugate unbelievers. But have you ever noticed that a disproportionately large number of Muslim converts conclude that Islam commands them to violently subjugate unbelievers? Are these Muslims racists and bigots for saying exactly what I say about Islam?

DENVER (AP) - FBI agents tried more than once to discourage a 19-year-old suburban Denver woman who said she was intent on waging jihad in the Middle East before arresting her in April as she boarded a flight she hoped would ultimately get her to Syria, court documents unsealed Wednesday show.

Shannon Maureen Conley had told agents that she wanted to use her American military training from the U.S. Army Explorers to start a holy war overseas, even though she knew that it was illegal, according to the newly released federal court records. Her "legitimate targets of attack" included military facilities, government employees and public officials, the documents say.

Conley, a Muslim convert, was arrested April 8 at Denver International Airport, telling agents she planned to live with a suitor she met online, apparently a Tunisian man who claimed to be fighting for an al-Qaida splinter group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The militant group also known as ISIL or ISIS has recently overrun parts of Iraq and Syria.

Conley has been charged with conspiring to help a foreign terrorist organization. Her federal public defender did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

A nurse's aide, Conley told investigators she planned to fly to Turkey and then travel to Syria to become a housewife and a nurse at the man's camp, providing medical services and training.

FBI agents became aware of Conley's growing interest in extremism in November after she started talking about terrorism with employees of a suburban Denver church who found her wandering around and taking notes on the layout of the campus, according to the court documents. The church, Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, was the scene of a 2007 shooting in which a man killed two missionary workers.

She spoke with agents several times after that, telling them of her desire for jihad, the records state. The agents tried openly to dissuade her, urging her instead to support Muslims through humanitarian efforts, which she told them was not an option.

"Conley felt that Jihad is the only answer to correct the wrongs against the Muslim world," the documents say. (Continue Reading.)
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Unknown said...

slam is spreading like wild fire

indeed islam will inter every home

Unknown said...

Thank you Mr. Wood! Your video was a very clear, concise explanation, pointing directly to the Muslim source texts.

Malcolm said...

Conley was so sure of the rightness of terrorism that she did not hide it from the FBI!

Anonymous said...

"Are these Muslims racists and bigots for saying exactly what I say about Islam?"

No, because they say it like it's a good thing.

Fuzzfinger said...

Interesting BBC interview with a young man who has left Britain to fight in Syria

Cavetroll said...

Her family should be converted to angels. If young cut throats of America wish to join satan, they should be the first to feel what they wish to impose on the rest of us.

Health and Wellness said...

it's obvious how everyone tries to argue religion; one person rightly said that all of us irrespective of denomination is answerable to God. Why not pay close attention to that instead and see how profitable whatever u bliv in will be on that judgement day?
It's good that Muslims bliv Jesus as Messenger of God, he was even hunged on the cross. Quoran says mohammed is a messenger of God also. If truly both are from God then neither would dare teach confusion or contrary to the will of God.

Take heed therefore how you interprete the gospels. All God's messengers came to fulfil a purpose, which of those can earn you salvation and save you from end time wrath?
Why is Jesus coming back? What does the scriptures say about it?what does the quoran say about anyone doesn't believe Jesus?
I know the bible says he will come back to recompense everyone according to his/her deeds, raise those who believe in him up on the last day giving the eternal life and also take those who believe and wait for him to the place he went to prepare after he left (taken up to heaven) during his first visit, to his father's mansion.
The truth is available to everyone, it's just a matter of what you have decided to believe. You can't really understand when fail to humbly meditate. God gives understanding to those who are humble enough to diligently seek. But now I know assuredly that only those whom God has drawn can really get to come to him.