Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ramadan 2014 Violence and Terrorism Statistics

Ramadan is typically the most violent month of the year in Muslim countries, and the data collected on Ramadan violence and terrorism refute the popular notion that Islam is no different from other religions. The numbers don't lie, especially when we see the same pattern month after month, year after year. Killing in the name of Allah is simply much, much more common than killing in the name of any other religion or deity.

Here are the statistics (details available at the Religion of Peace website):


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I would love to hear from anyone at all here. I have not been bothered enough with the Israeli-Gaza conflict, but since coming to this blog and knowing about Muslim atrocities, it leaves me thinking deeply about what Israel is doing in Gaza. I have searched on the web about this and there are many conflicting answers. Please help me get this right because as Sam Shamoun always prays about, we want to represent things correctly when we discuss these issues especially with Muslims. This is one I got from the BBC, probably one of the simplest ones I can read in less than 10 minutes.

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^^^ 2 years old tape, but same is happening again, and worse as we speak.

And here is the view from an Israeli:


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Hey Rita, thanks for the videos. I particularly like the one from Dana. Cheers!