Sunday, July 27, 2014

Muslim Says He Wants to Choke Sam Shamoun (after Calling Me a Big-Nosed Jew)

Ali begins his comments by telling us that Muhammad showed mankind how to live:

Ali then proceeds to give us some lovely examples of what it means to live like Muhammad. For instance, he offers this beautiful racist attack:

And since no imitation of Muhammad would be complete without some mention of violence, we have this comment about Sam:

Great to see Muhammad's example put into action.


akairey said...

Mr. Wood...your patience and STRONG faith proves to us here that you are a the same time proves to those islamists you are a true Christian because you are proving the errors of their ways and faith in a false religion. Thank you for your years of hard work and research. I use this site as my education of the TRUTH in Christ and the fallacies in islam. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU!

Unknown said...

Mohammed would be proud of this great warrior, whose insulting prowess of course is up there with the greats.

Anonymous said...

Ali said:

“...Lets talk about the bible, that has the truth in it. There are some barbaric verses, but them verses were done in and environment that was hostile..." etc.

(It would have been nice if he had actually given some specific verses)

As usual, the Bible, which contains the original Scriptures, is misinterpreted and distorted in order to provide excuse’s for Muhammad’s actions.

In fact, the Quran itself
has bits and pieces of the Bible in it which were misinterpreted and distorted by Muhammad himself to provide excuses for Muhammad’s actions.

So it is no wonder that Muhammad's followers also misinterpret and distort the Bible to provide excuses for their actions.

Unknown said...

Muslims often protest that their Quran has not been quoted in context. They should remember that Allah was not telling bed-time stories or giving history lessons to his one and only prophet. Allah was commanding his prophet to do or not do something. Commands do not require context. They only require action.

Moreover, for Muslims who are more academically inclined, we tell you this:
[1] According to Islam, Quran is the word of Allah. However Allah's word in the Quran is given without context - either before or after hence it makes Allah's word timeless. If it were not so, Muslims would not be reading and quoting it today what was relevant 1400 years ago.

[2] Suppose we accept that actually there is some context to the word of Allah, where is it to be found? Some say it is found in the Hadiths. But that is foolish since the Quran was written as soon as Mohammad heard it from an angel but the earliest known Hadith were written 200 years after Mohammad died. So how can anyone believe the stories written 2 centuries after the Allah revealed his eternal words.

Sam, since the Muslim wants to 'ring' your neck, it may be useful to tell him you collar size and ask him to give you necklace-ring of gold and diamonds.

Unknown said...

Long live brother Sam Shamoun, Sam Shamoun should run for next president.

Unknown said...

Ali Baba’s comment:

“… you have to become BARBARIC in order to spread the truth”.

is sufficient to bury his "religion of peace" once and for all.

Unknown said...

//Ali then proceeds to give us some lovely examples of what it means to live like Muhammad. For instance, he offers this beautiful racist attack://

This thing has literally made my day!

1389 said...

We've been getting comments like this on our own blog too. We moderate all of our comments, so we try to bleep out any swear words before posting them.

We figure that the comments say much more about the commenters themselves than they say about our blog!

1389 said...

"You bold devil bearded dog..."

I haven't noticed you sporting a beard in any of your videos. Wonder where that came from!

Some of these people are clearly delusional. Drugs and/or mental illness may be part of the picture. There are a lot of crazy people in the world and many of them have Internet access. As we all know, Islam is catnip for angry people in general, and crazy angry people in particular.

Unknown said...

Lovely example of a human being who talks to another human being with such filthy language and we will never understand the beauty of Islam? What's to understand? Islam teaches hate, pride, and sex with children

P.A.Spayd said...

Well! So much for the 'religion of peace'! (heavy sarcasm here) I grow tired of the mohammandans always threatening to kill us Kafurs, non-believers, Jews, Christians, apostates, dog-walkers, picture hangers, church bell ringers, women without the black gag bags covering their whole bodies (and without 3 year old male 'relatives' to vouch for our chastity on the public streets, disobedient wives, raped women needing 4 male witnesses (height of true stupidity with that requirement). I mean HOW STUPID can the KORAN be? I've read it and it is pretty stupid. Thank GOD and JESUS CHRIST FOR DAIVD, Sam, Nabeel and all the other brave Christians at ACTS17Apologetics!

Unknown said...

this is twice you, david, posted an ad hominem muslim attack .

Be careful, this is vanity ;)

Radical Moderate said...

David you and Sam really know how to make friends lol

Aleph Tav said...

Muslims have to think this way, because the "clear signs" (Quran) says non-Muslims are the "worst of creation", and, that we "spend lone time biting fingertips in constant RAGE of Muslims, wishing them only ill." (I wish Muslims would look at our fingertips to see if the Quran isn't lying there as well.

Steve said...

I guess you won't be getting a Christmas card off him after all, then. :-)

Unknown said...

I am from India, Kashmir which is on Pakistan border. I have seen the hatred for none Muslims because of Muhammed and his satanic teachings. Brother David
Please make a video based on women in hijab