Thursday, June 26, 2014

Saudi Arabia Tries to Block Criticisms of Human Rights Record at UN Meeting

NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) are allowed to make comments and ask questions at certain times during UN meetings. Recently, the Center for Inquiry criticized Saudi Arabia for sentencing Raif Badawi to ten years in prison and 1000 lashes for promoting free speech. The Saudi representative interrupted three times. The real shocker, however, came when the United States, France, Ireland, and Canada defended the Center for Inquiry's right to raise the human rights issue against Saudi Arabia. (Note: the translator is overly generous. The Saudi representative actually demanded that the Council President "shut her up.")


ChrisLA said...

It appears that KSA believed it could redefine human rights by being on the human rights commission. They may discover how shameful their practices are to nations that truly embrace human rights.

nacanacazo said...

I wasn't aware of Raif Badawi's predicament. I contacted the white house, representative and senators immediately. Please do whatever you can and contact your relatives/friends to contact their representatives.

Baron Eddie said...

The translator did not translate what Saudi Arabia representative said correctly!

What he actually said at the end that "Saudi Arabia does not get evaluated by an organization"

Good job UN for hiring translators ... very strange!

I really don't think it is Saudi Arabia's fault but to whom put them there ...

Of course they will not enforce human rights because it against the teaching of Islam ... daaaaaaaaaaaaaa

They don't know how to turn ON the switch ... ha ha ha

He could not bring his Harem to turn it for him ... Ma shaa allah

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Actually, the Saudi representative was confused and tried to stop the Center for Inquiry from accusing the house of Saud of SUPPORTING human rights.

Everyone knows that support for human rights (such as freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and freedom for women to be anything but breeding furniture) is, like, TOTALLY un-Islamic (for sure, for sure). NO good Wahhabi-st or Salafi-st wants to appear to be merciful - or anything LIKE merciful - to anyone who is not a misogynist male pedophile worshiper of the pseudo-prophet of Islam (and his sock-puppet pagan swine-deity, "Allahu Ohynksmorr").

I mean, REALLY! The Saudi rep just misunderstood and thought the lady was impugning his credentials as a savage fascist pervert - that's all. The guy calmed right down after he understood that the house of Saud was being credited with financing terrorism, denying the human worth of women and non-Muslims, undermining human civilization, initiating a pandemic of Ebola and destroying the environmental health of Planet Earth.

Hey, the guy was just protecting his company's brand, right? Who can blame him?



Rita said...

The UN is Human Rights Abusers Central. It should be indicted for harbouring and legitimising the worst violators of Human Rights, or it should be disbanded or it should move its HQs to Teheran. And TOUT DE SUITE !

Unknown said...

Thank you David for posting this incredible video.

Watching Saudi Arabia oppose any criticism was fascinating. Watching these often spineless and corrupt NGO's take a stand against the Kingdom gives me some degree of hope for the future.

Thank you