Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Al Qaeda Conquers Mosul, Iraq

Not long ago, the Obama Administration assured us that the War on Terror was coming to an end. Today, Al Qaeda conquered Iraq's second largest city. Feeling safe yet?
WASHINGTON – A major outbreak of violence and unrest in northern Iraq – where Al Qaeda-aligned insurgents effectively toppled the country's second-largest city – is fueling concerns in Washington that security is rapidly deteriorating, a little more than two years after U.S. troops left the country.

The city of Mosul fell to Al Qaeda-affiliated militants on Tuesday. The White House and State Department condemned the five-day escalation of violence in the oil-rich region “in the strongest possible terms.”

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the bloodshed “has led to a serious deterioration of the security situation in that city.”

“The situation is extremely serious, and U.S. officials in both Washington and Baghdad are tracking events closely in coordination with the government of Iraq,” Earnest said.

The tone at the State Department shifted considerably from a day earlier, when spokeswoman Marie Harf downplayed the situation. “I don’t get the sense that they’re gaining a lot of territory,” Harf said Monday at a press briefing.

On Tuesday, spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the violence showed how fragile the security in Iraq had become. She said the U.S. is "deeply concerned" about the unrest in Mosul, blaming the situation in part on the Al Qaeda-tied Islamic State of Iraq gaining strength from the civil war in Syria.

The deterioration in Mosul sent up red flags about the lack of sustained stability in a country where the U.S. has spent more than $1.7 trillion over eight years.

Republican Sen. John McCain said the takeover of Mosul was a reflection of President Obama’s failure to leave a U.S. force in Iraq to help assure stability. He said the latest surge in sectarian violence, along with the stunning collapse of security forces in Mosul, may be a warning sign of what’s to come when American troops pull out of Afghanistan later this year.

“There’s no doubt that we could have left troops behind, as we have in Korea and Germany and Bosnia, and didn’t, and so it is now chaos, and so you will see greater and greater attacks and ... chaos in Iraq,” McCain told reporters, according to Reuters. (Continue Reading.)


Unknown said...

the only solution Mr D is for iraq to leave islam....

Radical Moderate said...

as long as there doing it there and not here. I say All-do-to-allah

Radical Moderate said...

This is a bigger much bigger then ISIS. It is actually looking like this is a well coordinated insurrection led by Sunni members of the current and former regimes.

Anonymous said...

Saudi University student in Japan vandalizes and destroys several ancient Buddhas that were designated as important Japanese cultural symbols


Muslims are taught that other religions, especially those like Buddhism and Hinduism are 'dirty' and must be destroyed. Muslims are taught not to respect other religions but to destroy them, even when they are 'guests' to that country.

Unknown said...

This is USA mistake.
If you would'nt have been Irak for fake mass destruction weapons, it would'nt be a such threat.

I didnt like Saddam

Timothy said...

500,000 refugees
$500,000,000 stolen from banks
How many dead?
Sounds like an Isis paradise

Unknown said...

Thank you, Mr. Obama, for all you've done in your presidency to subversively strengthen the hand of militant Islam and those who hate Israel and America. Not that American troops would stop Muslims who take Muhammad's command for Jihad seriously. Only the end of Islam would do that.

@ jasper mat:

Well said. If only...

Devotee of Christ said...

To be very honest, the global prognosis looks very bleak and disappointing. The only optimism I draw is the hope that when the terror expansion reaches its inflexion point, we have the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven....

Dacritic said...

Devotee of Christ, I share your sentiment. It could be the Son of Man coming, or if he still doesn't, then this thing has to come to a head. I suppose if there is going to be a next world war, it won't be fought simply between one country on another but on pro- and anti-Islam. Then again, where would the US stand if such is the case, now that they have a Muslim (who claims to be a Christian) as president? That is why I feel the next POTUS has to be strong enough to stand up to Islam and expose it for what it really is. I am not saying it is easy to do, because Islam is the cult with the biggest following of one and a half billion people. He/she would be offending this group on a global scale, and will be seen as opening up a can of dragons. But then again, if the truth is exposed on a big scale, who is to say we would not be turning over some Muslims too to Christ? The truth will set them free, to those who listen to His voice. To the Muslims then, it is an issue of, "Do I want to follow the true God and abandon 'la ilaha i Allah' or do I love this demon Allah and his slave Muhammad too much to leave them?"

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The tone at the State Department shifted considerably from a day earlier, when spokeswoman Marie Harf downplayed the situation.www.1depositcasinocanada.com “I don’t get the sense that they’re gaining a lot of territory,” Harf said Monday at a press briefing.