Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Is Boko Haram Violating the Quran?

Politicians, the media, and Muslim organizations have condemned the kidnapping of hundreds of schoolgirls by Boko Haram. But they also say that these kidnappings are contrary to the teachings of Islam.

In the following episode of The Glazov Gang, Jamie Glazov and Mark Durie discuss what Islam actually teaches about taking female captives.


Unknown said...

Peace and bless of our LORD JESUS CHRISTon all,
I like it when people say that their neighbor is a good Muslim. I have many neighbors and friends who are good muslims. They love me dearly and i love them too but the fact is that Islam condemns them too. Islam leaves no choice for a Muslim to be loving. Its their curse. There IS no moderate Muslim cuz there IS no moderate Islam.

Quran 9:73 " O Prophet, fight against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh upon them. And their refuge is Hell, and wretched is the destination."

There you have it. Mohammad is COMMANDED not only fight me but my moderate (hypocrite) Muslim friend or neighbor who is not actively fighting me.

I pray that muslims one day will wake up and leave this satanic cult and its satan god allah. Ameen

Unknown said...

Yes, Christians often don't live up to the ideals of Christianity, and Muslims often don't live DOWN to the principles of Islam and Mohammad's example...

Dacritic said...

Extremism is a very convenient scapegoat these days. Many people think it is best to walk the "moderate" way. They say don't incite hate by questioning another person's belief. This video mentioned Christians committing atrocities and the Crusades. Frankly, I don't know why people who call themselves Christians did those things. I'm sure it wasn't commanded by Jesus. If he wanted fight a war he would have commanded angels. Then they tell you there will always be extremism everywhere. Then when you point out the violent passages of the Quran, the "blindfold" comes out. Without really studying the Quran, everything is swept under the carpet in the name of "extremism". I can understand why some people like Jesus but dislike Christians. But after studying with this blog and some others, I cannot understand why anyone would be or stay a Muslim.

Unknown said...

Peace and blessing of LORD JESUS be upon you.
My friends, muslims always turn to crusaders when they have to justify violence of their prophet and allah. But what they always forget to mention is why the crusaders came into being. The crusaders were formed to protect Christian pilgrims FROM muslim caravan robbers. Frankly I'm very much in debt to the crusaders because if it wasn't for them even the west would be a Muslim nation. Don't believe me?. Look at all the Muslim countries outside Saudia, all were at one point Christian nations. Like Syria, turkey, Egypt, lebonan, even in Asia , like Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan were at one point polythiest. They became muslims by sword. IslamIc empire spread all the way down to Spain. So thanks God for crusaders.
And another thing that muslims or west fails to mention is that when crusaders did sstart to abuse their power and fell away from the Bible andwent outta line it was the Church who put an end to them.
These are facts not emotions.

Jukti said...

Logically the rule belongs to the religion. Boko Haram might not be violating the religion in this case since they have merely taken the girls as captives. But you should bear in mind that they have done attacks before which are not in accordnace with islam. You know that for example attacking churches is not allowed in islam. So the question is would you then say that Boko Haram goes against the religion or would just always say Boko Haram is in accordance with it when they do something bad?
Also the attacks on the bus station was not allowed according to islamic law. Killing male disbelievers is commanded if they do not submit to the rule of the religion. But it is not allowed to just kill any disbeliever.

Dacritic said...

"Killing disbelievers is commanded if they do not submit to the rule of the religion."

Care to elaborate on that? What do you mean by "submit to the rule of the religion"? What rule? What religion? What constitutes "submitting"?

Rondo said...

Have you read Mark Durie's book?

"The Third Choice"