Wednesday, April 9, 2014

White House "Champion of Change" Linda Sarsour Attacks Critics of Female Genital Mutilation, Child Marriage, Forced Marriage, and Domestic Abuse

Linda Sarsour is one of Barack Obama's "Champions of Change."

But in this case, "Champion of Change" should actually be titled "Person Who Pretends to Be Interested in Change in Order to Deceive Gullible Americans about Sharia and Jihad."

Sarsour had this warning for "white women" who might be interested in helping victims of female genital mutilation, forced marriage, child marriage, or domestic abuse:

Not surprisingly, Sarsour is vigorously opposed to the film Honor Diaries, which draws attention to the abuse of women in Muslim countries.


Tom said...

@Linda "SourSORE"

When you start your argument by addressing a group according to their skin colour, "You are a pure racist, just like Hilter"!
Well, your ideology reeks of racism!!

gabriella oak said...

Just because Linda Sarsour is a vile racist misogynist who is quite clearly beyond saving, there is no need for her to project her abject anti-human wretchedness on other women.

The attitude of people like her is breathtaking.

Unknown said...

ANOTHER SHREDDING OF CAIR by wonderful Megyn Kelly, with Andrew McCarthy to add facts and background...

Those adherents of the sociopathic "prophet" must be vomiting all over themselves....

By the way, Linda Sarsour has a LONG trail of remarks which expose her real attitude about non-Muslims, and regarding her commitment to Islam's core principles embodied in Sharia.

Go to Robert Spencer's superb website and enter her last name in the search box.

NOTE: In this video, Kelly mentions a path to her for comments:

Howzabout all AM readers here taking five minutes to express how much we value FOX's expose of CAIR?

Also, think about adding a suggestion to Ms. Kelly for other aspects of Islam to report on.

If she cannot personally take those topics, mention giving them to other FOX News associates.

Please do not pass by this rare overdue opportunity to awaken the 95% of our fellow Americans who are still naïve...

Unknown said...

Linda Sarsour is a multi-talented person, including appearing in front of an audience, giving them an obscene "Hijabi Monologues" riff.

It appears she is VERY comfortable uttering the "F bomb" -- at 3:40 into the video. Great performance, Linda!

Anonymous said...

Sarsour probably needs to be at the receiving end of some of these abuses before reality will sink in. Its alright getting around the Whitehouse with a cloth on her head and thinking that she is special. But throw her out where all the abuse is happening, and where she is sure to cop a good dose of it herself, and I'm pretty sure that it won't be very long before she changes her tune.

tomebaden said...

No code language needed for this lady. She just needs to speak for herself and leave it at that. All women in the muslim world need to be saved from the evil mohammad and his child molesting, rape promoting, female genital mutilating, flat earth teaching, murderous collection of toilet paper they call the Koran.

pizzarebbe said...

Did anybody miss that sarsour in Hebrew and Arabic means "pimp"? Is it a pseudonym or an art/trade name?

Unknown said...

All the evidence shows that Islamic female circumcision is as beneficial as male circumcision. This obligatory duty for Muslim women involves removing the skin (prepuce) covering the clitoris (hoodectomy) and is not genital mutilation as the Zionist media claims. It facilitates genital hygiene of women and contributes to a better sex life. It prevents Urinary tract Infections, AIDS and transmission of cancer-causing HPV to husbands through oral sex. Even modern American women are doing it under the name hoodectomy. So what’s wrong with Muslim women doing it?


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