Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pat Condell: "It's Good to Be Anti-Islam, But Not Anti-Muslim"

I guess Pat Condell has finally stopped mincing his words.

Here in the West, many people abhor the thought of saying, "I am anti-[insert some religion or ideology]," because such a statement sounds like bigotry.

But what happens when the religion or ideology explicitly promotes spousal abuse, child marriage, and terrorism? We're all against those things, so how can we be against them but not be against the religion or ideology that promotes them?


Faith in jesus said...

Just love the say it how it is Pat Condell.
If he teamed up with Nigel Farage/UKIP Britian would soon be free of the injustice that is happening in our country.

Dacritic said...

This is wonderful :)

nacanacazo said...

Pat Condell says:

"Of course Islamic culture is not inferior. It is vastly inferior"

Unknown said...

pat condell is a zionist he also want to destroy christianity

and you christians support him


TAREK said...

Hello Brethren!
To Syed Sye
Sorry you are getting his points. Make sure you listen to the video again please. Defend the islamic points he brought up do not pass the case to Christians. Let us know what do you think of the issues? Did he invent or got them from your sources?
MAY GOD BLESS you all brethren

Unknown said...

I was just wondering how often Pat darkens the door of his local C.of E. He is good at condemning Islam, but how about some positive support for Christianity.

Rosedala said...

TO Sayed Sye, TRAREK (and his brethren hmmm), and Allan Foster:

You stupid ignoramus! Go read all the news from ALL SIDES not only from the savage islamists and the liberal western zombies!

Your little insignificant brains don't allow you to understand the meaning of Pat Condell's incredibly intelligent video speeches. He's not against Christianity you poltroon! Do listen to ALL his videos, think about their meanings and then come back with some intelligent comment. Rosedala

Ming said...

Rosedala. Of course he is against Christianity just less than Islam. I have watched every single one of condells videos. Some videos are clearly anti christianity.