Monday, March 17, 2014

Satan: Islam's Hidden Hero

As we have seen, Islam teaches that Allah wants people to sin, and he threatens humanity with annihilation if we refuse to sin. This means, of course, that we're only still here because we've sinned. If we hadn't sinned, Allah would have obliterated us. But why did we sin? According to Islam, we sinned because Satan tempted us to sin. Oddly enough, we're all alive right now because of Satan! So Satan turns out to be Islam's hidden hero, who saves us from destruction by tempting us to sin.

It takes an amazing religion to so blatantly declare that Satan is our savior!


Anonymous said...

Remember your video about Dhul-Qarnayn was Alexander the Great? Many WESTERN Muslim apologists today are saying that Dhul-Qarnayn was NOT Alexander te Great.

But that is not the case in many Muslim countries. Here is a video segment from the BBC documentary showing Arab Muslim Palestinian HISTORIANS agreeing and telling BBC that Dhul-Qarnayn WAS indeed Alexander the Great;

These are not just ordinary men, but Muslim HISTORIANS who study history of the area.

Unknown said...

Here's a funny video from Shia Imam concerning Sunni belief about Satan.

this Shia imam quoting Sunni scholar Ibn Hajjr al-Asqalani who himself quoting from the great Sunni scholar Algazel / Imam Al-Ghazali that encouraged muslim to learn monotheism from Satan because Satan is the best person ever in practicing tawheed/islamic monotheism

Unknown said...

Addition to my previous post above:

Ibn Hajjr al-Asqalani and one of the greatest sunni scholar Imam al-Ghazali said : WHOEVER WON'T LEARN FAITH ( OF MONOTHEISM) FROM SATAN THEN THOSE PERSON IS AN INFIDEL