Sunday, March 30, 2014

Paul Bilal Williams Reverts to Islam (Again)! But Maybe Not!

Just when you thought Paul Bilal Williams would forever abandon Islam in order to avoid waking up for prayers, he decided, once again, that Islam is the religion for him. Here's the latest drama:

As usual with Paul's antics, however, things may not be what they seem. Since posting the news of his reversion, Paul has already denied that he is a Muslim!


Anthony Rogers said...

I guess he just wanted a couple of weeks vacation from Allah and Muhammad and their "hard" system of self-justification and merit-mongering. I completely understand. What I don't understand is how anyone would go back to those two after a nice vacation without them.

Unknown said...

Mr. Wood --

As a newcomer to this terrific website, I am naturally not steeped in the teapot of roiling interfaith intrigue.

But it does appear that you have been cloned to a thousand duplicates, or else recruited legions of private theological investigators.

Nearly every tree in the dark forest of Islam must have an AM minion hiding behind...

Either way, following events here achieves a rare proper balance of gravity and hilarity.

Good show !!!

Assyria_Lost said...

Perhaps he just realised apostasy is not an option afterall, that brings us to the issue of his sexuality? Islam and homosexuality aren't exactly mutually inclusive.

Radical Moderate said...

A dog returns to his vomit.

Unknown said...

Guyz we all should understand, Paul Williams just merely wants to save his life from muslim's retribution.


Here one of PW associate' Abdullah al-Andalusi commented that homosexuality is forbidden in Islam but it's not his business to bother what people do in their own home.

So that's it : In Islam anyone can 'freely practice' homosexuality and even all kind of sick twisted perversions as long as they're perfectly hidden and not noticeable by society.

Muslim = Al-Moonafiqun (Hypocrite)

Anthony Rogers said...

This all gets so much stranger:

Kudos to Mark Bennett for once again getting to the bottom of things.

Answering Judaism said...

This won't be another Ibn Anwar conversion now will it?

rivan said...

Yawn..PW leaves islam, returns to it. Looks like someone got a 'friendly' call asking about his apostasy :)

Anonymous said...

"there is no god but God"?

But there are heaps of gods.

And why is God called a god?

That's the doctrine of Islam for you; always ends up looking up its own backside because it has nowhere else to go.

It's more sensible to follow Christ and save spending your life going around in an endless circle of dodgy doctrine and the impossible task of trying to gain salvation through the Quran's/the devil's blasphemous (Christ died for nothing) works based merit system, which, given our sinful natures, is a total joke, since for every good thing we do, there are always at least two or three bad ones that outweigh it anyway.

Tom said...

AH IC..... Just viewed, the BBC free speech debate, and that Abdullah character is from MDI... looks like this "PW-gate affair", thingy surely has something to do with their position/appearance on this debate.....think his initial departure might be related to their harsh position and his supposedly returned is due to their water down "interpretation/version" as 'articulated' by Abdullah!

The muslim lady said it like it is in islam, either you are a muslim or you are gay! Tough!