Thursday, March 13, 2014

Muhammad's Deadly Teachings about Personal Hygiene

Muhammad's followers often went to him for advice on various topics. His advice, however, wasn't always sound. According to Muhammad, it's perfectly safe to use water that has human waste or dead animals floating in it. Muhammad promoted dunking flies in one's food, in order to get the cure for the diseases that flies carry. Needless to say, these teachings are quite dangerous. Fortunately, most modern Muslims don't take them seriously.


Here are the sources I quoted in this video:

Sunan Abu Dawud 67—I heard that the people asked the Prophet of Allah: Water is brought for you from the well of Buda’ah. It is a well in which dead dogs, menstrual cloths and excrement of people are thrown. The Messenger of Allah replied: Verily water is pure and is not defiled by anything.

Sunan Ibn Majah 520—It was narrated that Jabir bin Abdullah said: “We came to a pond in which there was the carcass of a donkey, so we refrained from using the water until the Messenger of Allah came to us and said: ‘Water is not made impure by anything.’ Then we drank from it and gave it to our animals to drink, and we carried some with us.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 5782—Allah’s Messenger said, “If a fly falls in the vessel of any of you, let him dip all of it (into the vessel) and then throw it [i.e. the fly] away, for in one of its wings there is a disease and in the other there is healing (antidote for it) i.e. the treatment for that disease.”

Musnad Ahmad 16245—[Mua’wiya said]: I saw the prophet sucking on the tongue or the lips of Al-Hassan son of Ali, may the prayers of Allah be upon him. For no tongue or lips that the prophet sucked on will be tormented (by hell fire).

On a side note, since Muslims want to argue that there's something miraculous about Islam, perhaps they can make an argument based on Muhammad's teachings about personal hygiene. A Muslim could always argue that it's a miracle that Muhammad and his followers survived his teachings about personal hygiene, and that Allah must have been miraculously preserving Muhammad and the early Muslim community!


Truth Seeker said...

If Islam was false and Quran was corrupted, then why are you wasting all this time criticizing it? And why only Islam? Why not Atheism or Hinduism? And why are you making your points with so much hatred and rudeness? Is it because you feel threatened about your faith?

There is a statement we used to say about Athiests, who always struggle to prove that there is no God, etc etc.
If there was no God, and yo were confident about that, then you would not be discussing it day and night and make your purpose in life to prove His absence.

I would tell you the same thing, if Islam was not true and you did not feel that Islam is a threat to your faith, then you would not be criticizing it all the time. You would simply ignore it and focus on practicing your religion.

BTW, all the silly points you are trying to make have a clarification that you do not understand, because of your lack of knowledge of the culture, the language and the conditions of life there and then.

for example, you mentioned Hadeeth no. 67 from Sunan Abu Dawoud about the well of Buda'a. You did not know what the words of the Hadeeth mean! This well was in a lower spot than the rest of the surrounding lands. As a result, when there is a dead animal or rotten waste in the area and heavy rain fall, the rain would carry it to the well. That is what the question was about. The Hadeeth did not mean that people where getting rid of dead animals or rotten waste in the well. In addition, Buda'a well was abundant in its water, so that also makes a difference because the volume of water is a factor. If you disagree, then you should make a good effort to filter all the piss in the oceans, lakes and seas, also the waste that come from the fish in all these water bodies, before you drink any water that come from it.

However, out of your ignorance and because of your hatred, you read the Hadeeth and did not make effort to find explanation, rather you said to yourself; "Aha, I nailed it"!!

Finally, I would like to add that there are strict rule about water that we can use to drink, wash or even clean after using the toilet. The water has to be abundant and has to keep its original criteria, no color, no smell, no taste. If any of those standards change, then the water is no good to use. For Buda'a well, all those standards were met, the color, taste and smell were not changed and the water in the well was abundant. That is why Prophet Mohammad Salla Allah alaih wa sallam approved the use of this water.
This code applies not only to the water for drinking or washing, but also to the water Muslim could use to clean after using the toilet. And I am not talking about now, but 1,400 years ago. By that time your ancestors would have not yet discovered using dry hay to wipe their asses.

I am not writing this to get into a debate with you. I was referred to your blog by a Christian friend. And I can see what are your motives. I don't need to prove to you or to myself that I am right and that you are wrong, faith wise. I know it is a fact and it will be proven on the day of the judgment, when God asks Jesus and He would deny you. As Quran says "And behold God will say: O Jesus the son of Mary didst thou say unto men, worship me and my mother as gods in derogation of God? he will say: glory to thee never could I say what I had no right (to say). had I said such a thing, thou wouldst indeed have known it. thou knowest what is in my heart, though I know not what is in thine. for thou knowest in full all that is hidden."

Have a nice hereafter.

David Wood said...

LOL. The Qur'an calls Christians and Jews "the worst of creatures" (98:6) and commands you to violently subjugate us (9:29). Christians are being mercilessly persecuted in Muslim lands by your brothers and sisters. And you ask why we bother to respond? It's all out of hatred, right?

But you don't see anything hateful in what the Qur'an says about non-Muslims (for instance, when Allah says that he has no love for non-Muslims in 3:32)? And you have no objections to 4:34, 4:24, 5:51, etc.?

David Wood said...

Your defense of the well is quite weak. No matter how the waste was getting into the well, it wouldn't be safe. But apart from that, we know that the well was used as a dumping place. Why would used menstrual cloths be washed there by the rain? No, they were thrown there. And your prophet said it's fine to use the water, because he believed that water isn't made impure by anything. That's why he thought it was perfectly safe to drink water even if there's a dead animal floating in it.

Fortunately, you're smart enough to reject his teachings.

Unknown said...

Islam is no threat to my faith. It is a threat to my life

Steve41oo said...

"Truth Seeker" (some irony surely) and the theists are abnormal and delusional. A normal adult does not believe in fairies or ghosts, not because we want to antagonize believers or lay ourselves open to the charge of a-fairyism or ag-hosticism, but because fairies ghosts (holy or otherwise) jinns angels offsprings or prophets of god obviously do not exist, except perhaps in the deluded mind of the beholder. I am humble and honest enough to say "I don't know". You on the other hand insist that your version of the absolute truth (in contradiction to other versions of the absolute truth- another irony) is correct, without the slightest evidence. Its not for me to attempt the impossible and prove a negative, its for you who make these extra-ordinary claims to back up your assertions with supporting evidence, something that you miserably fail to do. And although I say I dont know the absolute truth (which of course you dont either, but wont admit it), I am far from ignorant especially compared with an illiterate camel trader 1400 yrs ago. Before you lecture me on Islamic germ theory, perhaps you could give a brief overview of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Unknown said...


"except perhaps in the deluded mind of the beholder."

Interesting comment coming from an agnostic, especially when you realize the implications of this statement and other things you've said and take it to their logical conclusions.

Unknown said...

Truth seeker. Is a fool. Islam threatens the very existence of Jew. And Christian. Its the very doctrine. Its also horrible that people believe in false prophets like Joseph Smith and Muhammad that lead to death of body and spirit.

Unknown said...

Since we are speaking of personal hygiene,I would like to question the Middle East custom of wiping yourself with your right hand and washing with plain water- no soap as it applies to the U.S. food service and food processing industry. How do I know there is no fecal contamination in my McDonald's hamburger or in a package of Tyson's chicken? Are Muslim employees forced to comply with health standards, or does political correctness and civil liberties prohibit saying anything or doing anything about this?

Umar Kozey said...

I am a muslim no more. .

Umar Kozey said...

I used to be a Muslim. I was so ashamed of being one on knowing the truths about the religion that I had been brainwashed with since birth. Thanks God, whatever that means, I can now laugh out loud watching a Muslim making a fool of himself engaging in such debate as this. I used to get very embarassed and agitated and annoyed that my fellow Muslim hadn't readied himself with the perfect islamic knowledge to counter such attacks as these but then realised that it was just a non-starter to defend lies and losers.

Unknown said...

Umar, it is amazing to hear what you have to say about Islam. Thank you for sharing with us!

Wadhwani said...

It is the deeply-rooted fear of repercussion of apostasy that make most of Muslims - like it appears in your case - dare not speak against or even question Mohammed, Quran, Hadith or anything/anyone else.

My questions to you are:

1) If Muslims say God is one, Allah is just a name attributed by your sect as are the names by other religions. Therefore, millions of attributed names does not change the God in anyway. It does not matter to me if you called the Creator as Allah but isn't it foolish to treat as 'Non-believers' all those who call God by other names out of the love for God?

2) If Islam is true religion, as Muslims like you preach, do you mean the God did not exist before Islam? Who then created and controlled the entire Universe before your Allah came into 'existence'?

3) If God is One, Omnipresent and Omnipotent, does He need your help to spread His name? Do Muslims have monopolistic control over the preaching of God? Does God depend on Muslims to promote Him?

4) If the God is One, you would agree that we are all His Children. Who then gave the Muslims the right to hurt and kill others who love God in their own ways and by the names they attributed out of love? Will you kill your mother if she calls your Father as Darling merely because you call him Baba?

5) Why do Muslims think God is incapable of calling shots? Can you really please God and go to heaven by insulting, hurting and killing His children who have different language, belief, color or caste? In reality, with this hatred, you can never feel anywhere close to God.

Being a Hindu, I think God is my Father and I have right to remember Him wherever, whenever and in whichever words I can, because ... He listens. In my humble opinion, the best-ever definition of God is by Guru Nanak, saying,

Ik Onkar (God is One)
Sat Nam (His name is True)
Kartaa Purakh (He is the Creator)
Nirbhau (He is without fear)
Nirvair (He has enmity towards none)
Akal-murat (He never dies)
Ajooni (He is beyond births and deaths)
Saibhang (He is self illuminated)
Gurprasaad (He is realized by the kindness of the True Guru)
Jap (Repeat His Name)
Aad sach (He is True since the beginning, before the universe existed)
Jugaad sach (He was True when the ages commenced and has ever been True)
Hai bhi sach (He is also True now)
Nanak hosi bhi sach. (Guru Nanak (says that) he will be True in the future.)

May God bless everyone.

Unknown said...

@Truth Seeker ~ As a doctor let me assure you your explanation stating water which has no odor, no taste & no change in coloration is safe for human consumption is naive to the point of ignorance. The number of bacteria & toxins which could be hidden in water which could KILL YOU are too many to list here. Also, the verse CLEARLY STATES MUHAMMAD IGNORANTLY CLAIMS WATER CAN NOT BE CONTAMINATED as if there were some quality posed by water which would not allow it to be sullied which is foolish in the extreme.
I realize Muslims believe Allah to be an almighty & all powerful god, however, it is clear he is CERTAINLY NOT ALL KNOWLEDGABLE.
Actually, there is an even better explanation which is that Muhammad was NOT visited by Gabriel at all but by Satan. If he had actually had a visit from the Angel Gabriel he would not have been so frightened he tried to hurl himself from a cliff. Later on, in another of his revelations from Allah Muhammad tells us when you have a dream which frightens you then that dream is from the devil and you should run to Allah for protection. Therefore, it was not the Angel Gabriel who visited Muhammad in a dream in that care, no IT WAS SATAN.
*****Our God is Awesome and His name is NOT ALLAH but YAHWEH.*****
I do not worry about the hereafter. I will be going home to God, the Father of our Living Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Oh, one last thing, if I were to say 'Aha, I nailed it!' every time I found an inconsistency in the Quran I would be writing it over and over and over every day of my life and my hand would get sore. I have nothing to fear from Islam, I only want to educate people of the dangers of Islam.

Unknown said...

I do not believe in any religion that tells it's followers to kill another human Let It Be A Believer or a non-believer.

In my opinion Islam is a false religion, it's just an ideology of Muhammad. Read Quran

It is clearly mentioned in chapter number 9:29, it is clearly said that fight anyone who do not believe in Allah or Islam. This is one of the many verses in quran that teach to kill infidels for accepting their false religion Islam.

I would like any Muslim to prove I'm wrong and to prove quran doesn't teach killing of Jews and Christians.

Unknown said...

If Muhammud is to be believed about the miraculous properties of water, I challenge you to a taste test to prove the infallibility of Muhammad. Put a gallon of cyanide in your village well and later that day drink deeply from the well. If you don't die, I will proclaim "Allah Akbar"..but if you DO die, I will proclaim "Praise GOD!"
(Did Moe copy the Quran from tablets in his turban?)

Unknown said...

I sure wish some of the people making comments here were people who read and commented on what I write about Islam and Muhammad, and Allah. I post articles (Is Allah and Satan the same, Who is the Anti Christ and Harlot?) on Linked in. I have studied Islam for a long time. The description of Satan in the Bible matches EXACTLY with Allah in the Quran. So many so called Christian leaders still believe that the anti Christ comes from Rome/the Catholic Church, even though every description matches Mecca / Islam. The Quran even acknowledges that 666 is good and the beast will come from them, yet people say I am stupid. And don't know what I am talking about. Of course they don't check out the Surah's I mention to prove me right or wrong.
Fortunately, there are a few defenders of my articles and I kind of ramble on in my comments. :-(

Unknown said...

Hi David,

Thanks for the 4 points above, are those 4 points mentioned in the Quran? I tried to check it in the online '' cannot find it, please could you point out the chapter or other material if I have to refer to

Unknown said...

Hi David Wood,

further to my earlier blog, affirmative, I have checked on the online Quran and here is the link which is online in the noble Quran '' and the link is here


(35)Chapter: What Has Been Narrated Concering The Well Of Buda'ah

Narrated AbuSa'id al-Khudri:
The people asked the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ): Can we perform ablution out of the well of Buda'ah, which is a well into which menstrual clothes, dead dogs and stinking things were thrown? He replied: Water is pure and is not defiled by anything.

Kara Moore said...

@Aylagh MacAnnadh

As a doctor, I am sure you should also comment to the Muslim about the dangers of drinking camel urine.

Christian Prince said...

Regarding hygiene. Take something that's pure eg. Sterile solution and add even a drop of something that's contaminated in it and what happens the entire thing is contaminated no matter how much more sterile solution u add into it. Likewise we r full of sin we r contaminated with sin and no matter how much good we can do it will never cleanse us of our sins and such a holy place like heaven would not want to be contaminated with sinful people. That's why we have a savior Jesus christ who died for our sins his blood purifies us his blood makes us holy to enter heaven. Our good deeds are like filthy rags. Unfortunately no one can work their way into heaven. Muslims sacrifice sheep yearly for their sins. Just like that Jesus sacrificed his life ONCE AND FOR ALL FOR OUR SINS. It's a free gift won't you accept it.