Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Better Islamic Interpretation of John 14-16 (The Qur'an & the Fulfillment of John 14-16)

Muslim leaders tell us that Jesus’ description of the coming Spirit/Comforter in John 14-16 is a description of Muhammad and not the Biblical Holy Spirit, and therefore Jesus predicted the coming of Muhammad in John 14-16. As a result Christians and Muslims may think that this is the only possible Islamic interpretation of John 14-16, however this is not the case, there is a better Islamic interpretation of John 14-16.

The Qur’an speaks about Muhammad but it also speaks about the Spirit of God and the Qur’an’s description of the Spirit is far more similar to John 14-16 than Muhammad is. The following table is a simple comparison between the Spirit/Comforter in John 14-16, the Spirit in the Qur’an, and Muhammad.

  John 14-16 The Spirit in the Qur'an Muhammad.
Is called the Holy Spirit. Yes: 14:26 Yes: 2:87, 2:253, 5:110, 16:102 No
Is the Spirit of Truth. Yes: 14:17, 16:13 Yes: 16:102, 26:193 No
Brings revelation from God to the apostles. Yes: 16:13 Yes: 16:102, 26:193, 97:4 No
Can be in you. Yes: 14:17 Yes: 15:29, 58:22 No
He opens people's hearts to God. Yes: 16:8-11 Yes: 58:22 No
Is sent by God and Jesus. Yes: 14:26, 15:26, 16:7 Yes: 16:102, 15:29, 5:110 No

The Qur’an’s description of God's Spirit is very close to that found in John 14-16, however, Muhammad is not close at all. This means there is stronger evidence from the Qur’an that John 14-16 is about the Holy Spirit rather than Muhammad. To say that Muhammad is the fulfilment of John 14-16 is a weak Qur’anic argument. The much stronger Qur’anic argument is to say that John 14-16 is fulfilled by the Holy Spirit.

The Qur’an never quotes any part of John 14-16 and claims that it is refers to Muhammad. This means that Muslims are not compelled to say that John 14-16 is about Muhammad. It is a perfectly legitimate Qur’anic argument to say that John 14-16 is referring to the Holy Spirit, in fact it is a stronger Qur’anic argument to do so.


When Muslims say to Christians that John 14-16 is about Muhammad the Christian can answer that this is not the only Islamic option for how to understand this scripture; Islam has at least two options. Then, the Christian can ask the Muslim why they believe the weaker Islamic argument, that it refers to Muhammad, over the stronger Islamic argument, that it refers to the Holy Spirit, when there is no necessity for them to do so? According to the Qur'an John 14-16 is about the Holy Spirit.

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Unknown said...

Just as it is the stronger Quranic argument that the Bible existing in the seventh century was authentic scripture. The only argument acceptable to Muslims is the one that helps sustain faith in Muhammad.

Unknown said...

In addition Muslims must find Muhammad in the Gospels and they see John 14:16 as their strongest “find”. They are forced therefore to adopt this weaker interpretation in order to maintain the credibility of the Quran.

Unknown said...

Shalom mr Green,

May I ask, since we never consider Quran is the Word of God, but might be 'composed' by Muhammad, then why does Muhammad bother saying that his coming was prophecised in the Bible..? In regards of theory that he's ignorant about the content of the scripture, doesn't it seems like a suicide for him if his claiming is not true?

Was he so desperate to get fixed into prophethood, @ he's just gambling with his assumption..? @ you might have other answer to shed me the light..?

Thanx... God Bless

Anthony Rogers said...

Samuel, thanks for this post. Good stuff.

Ex N1hilo said...


Muhammad got the Quran from an angel. The angel told him that he was prophesied in the Jewish and Christian Scriptures. Apparently he believed whatever the angel told him.

TPaul said...

"Angel or Demon?", that is the question.... And that would be an excellent title of a Dan Brown book.... But like other coward celebrities he won't even touch Islam with a 90 ft. pole.