Friday, February 7, 2014

Wives of Muhammad: Aisha bint Abi Bakr

Muhammad married at least 15 different women, and he consummated marriages with at least 13 different women. Muhammad's favorite wife, however, was Aisha, the daughter of his best friend, Abu Bakr. Aisha was six years old when Muhammad married her, and she was nine years old when the marriage was consummated. When Muhammad died, Aisha was 18 years old. Since the Qur'an declares that no one can marry Muhammad's wives after him (33:53), Aisha spent the next 46 years as a widow.


Unknown said...

Having sex with a 9 year old is horrendous. This makes me sick.

Unknown said...

Sahih Bukari 5 starts at 240 you quoted 5/234 and 7/64 there is no 7
Can you please advise if I am looking at the correct hadith?

Unknown said...


Dazza said...

I dont see any muslims refuting this one. Funny that.

Unknown said...

How can anyone follow Muhammad after knowing the truth about what kind of man he was?

Wakefield Tolbert said...

What of the following:

Learner and Observer said...

I'm a Muslim.

A human being too. However, I don't believe or follow a lot of what the hadiths, Quraan etc all say. I know that there is so much scientific backing, and I approve of it. I disbelieve so much. I know that terrorists cite that 'God is Great' when it's only an excuse and way to justify their extremism. I know that they get influenced from the Qur'an. I understand so much and this is why I disbelieve so much. There is only a handful of things I do believe, these are morals and about health to be a healthy human being. I am not against this article when it has got facts and references. I'm really only Muslim because I was brought up with it. But even I know that the misconceptions the MUSLIMS are under, all the fabrication about things, it's worsening everything. That's why I am an Agnostic. I pose as a Muslim even when I know everything negative written and what is there.

I have the same feelings as you. I only hope that this article and websites be more popular, so people are aware.

It's not a religion of peace. People are blind.

Unknown said...

it is a religion of peace, the word 'Islam' means believing and submitting to something greater than oneself.. This article is false.. don't believe everything you read, this guy is a Christian and this site is a Muslim hate site. You call yourself a Muslim and then you say you wish this site gained more popularity? Have you no shame? There is a Quran that dates back over 1000 years, and not one word has been changed.. I have been to the Topkapi museum where its held and witnessed the present day Quran being compared to the 1000 year old Quran and not one word was changed.. Can you say the same about the Bible or the Tora? I am sickened today at the standard of Muslims who are on this page... one day I hope you have a better argument when you stand in front of Allah, when you stand in front of a profit WHO NEVER CONSUMMATED THE MARRIAGE so I have no idea why this crazy nut wrote that, I hope not everyone on this site is a sheep listening to the hate speaking evil Christians who write this nonsense, please.. don't judge a religion based on the words of a anonymous writer, please.. don't listen to anything from this page Don't even listen to me! Listen to you! Read the Quran and make your own opinion because you are not a sheep! You are a human, a beautiful part of this world that couldn't be here for no reason? look outside, look at the trees and the moon and the beauty in this world... Hate does not have a place in that world so don't give it one... be the self reliant and self sufficient person you can be... I can only plead to the sensible and reasonable for not all people will even bother to read this and even less will listen so those who do, Live a life of love and happiness and that will be good enough because Allah is forgiving and full of love...
"if man takes a miniscule step towards me
I will make a leap to them"

this means no matter how small of a step you make to Allah he will make twice the effort because Allah is love and Allah will not let you be swept away in the seas of life, he will be your lifeboat and Allah will take you home.

gerry said...

Everything you ever needed to know about Islam

Islam is a primitive form of Fascism that asserts that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims, and provides for Muslim’s to live like parasites off non-Muslim’s by instructing them to behead or enslave those who refuse to convert to Islam or refuse to pay a protection fee known as jizya. However, Islam has been forced by its military weakness to behave itself for the last 150 years or so, and many Muslims therefore see it as a peaceful, harmless religion.

They are shocked at how organisations like Boko Haram and ISIS are behaving, but take solace in the fact that only about 10 % of Muslim’s are thought to be radical. In doing so they fail to note that history has repeatedly shown that small groups of well-armed, ruthless individuals are capable of forcing much larger groups to do their bidding. They also forget that avoiding radicals is a lot more difficult when one is part of a tightly-knit community that warns constantly against becoming too friendly with non-Muslim’s.

It is vehemently opposed to democracy (which it seeks to replace with shariah) and is also vehemently opposed to human-rights and freedom of speech (it executes apostates, homosexuals and adulterers, as well as people who criticize or insult Islam).

In addition, it allows men to have 4 wives (plus several concubines) and also allows men to have s*x with wives who sometimes are only 9 or 10 years old .This is allowed on the grounds that Moha mm ed-who had special permission from G*d to have more than 4 wives–had se* with Aisha when she was 9, and as the perfect man -the last, and greatest of all prophets- provides an example that the rest of us should be honoured to follow. The fact that this world is hopelessly overpopulated, and could soon find itself in a war over scarce resources, is of little or no concern to Islam, which at times seems to have a lot more in common with evil than it does with good. 


Unknown said...

The fact that he married her does not mean he had sex with her it was done for her to later teach the people his hadiths after his death.And it was noted that even after marrying her she used to play with dolls as an innocent child does .One more thing is that he had no children by her so where is your proof of him having sex with her and by the way some scholars also say she was in her teens when they got married.Another thing is that it was normal then to marry younger girls and it made them avoid moral slips ,not even jis worst enemies talk about his marriage so why do you talk