Saturday, February 8, 2014

Is Muhammad an Antichrist?

The Qur'an affirms the inspiration, preservation, and authority of the Jewish and Christian scriptures (3:3-4; 5:43-47; 5:68; 6:114-115; 7:157; 10:94; 18:27; etc.). Yet our scriptures plainly declare that Muhammad is a false prophet and an antichrist. Problem?


andy bell said...


I've been on a marathon run of ABN vids ever since I discovered that they moved their full length programs over to the trinity channel.

I'd like to take issue with something you and Sam keep repeating. You guys both say that if you converted to islam, you would both be salafi muslims. And I'm not sure I agree with that.

After all, you are both currently intellectually curious, intelligent, reasonable, sane christians right now. You are not young earth creationist, amish lifestyle living, fundamentalist christians.

I don't see why you would automatically assume that you would naturally become ultra fundamentalist if you converted to islam. After all, the salafis are a small % of the general muslim population. And the movement was resurrected only a century or so ago by ibn wahab.

RMuhammad said...

@ Andy Bell - I also have gobbled up all of the Spencer / Shamoun/ Wood shows. These guys are excellent.

Regarding your comment about them being Salafi Muslims if, God forbid, they converted to Islam, they say that because Salafis follow Muhammad's teaching that his generation and the next two were the best generations. Salafi's only follow teachings in those generations, which are the closest to Islam's foundations.

Sam and David would be ultra-fundamentalists because that's what they are now for Christianity. It is like a mirror image. Just like the more a person holds to the teachings of Christianity the better they become, the more a person holds to pure Islam the lower a human being they become. Fundamentalism is the same, but the natures are opposite.

Lastly, look beyond Ibn Wahab. You actually hit on the key word in order to do so: resurrected. That means you understand that all Ibn Wahab did was go back to pure Islam, and that he didn't invent it. In fact, I'd say the "Ibn Wahab" who preceded him was Ibn Taymiyyah. Study this Islamic scholar and see his "extremist" teachings, like a child slave girl being forced to masturbate a Muslim man during Ramadan would not break his fast (AS IF THAT IS THE PRIMARY CONCERN!). All Ibn Taymiyyah wanted was to go back to pure Islam. In other words, Salafi Islam IS pure Islam.

That doesn't mean the other forms of Islam, like Shi'a Islam, are any better. But it does mean that Salafi Muslims adhere solely to the times closest to Muhammad so they can live pure Islam.

Unknown said...

It does not matter whether you become a salafist or not. As long as you follow mohammed as a prophet, you are in the camp of the enemies of God. The Koran is not of God. It is of the devil. That is why even though you eat halal meat, you do not think twice about beheading your fellow human being. All can be traced to the Koran, hadiths and mohammmed.

Unknown said...

David and Sam, You guys are 100 percent right about mohammed. By their fruits you shall know them. mohammed contradicts everything that is Godly. He fits the nature of the antichrist perfectly.

David Wood said...

Hi Andy,

According to the Qur'an (4:65; 33:36), one can only truly submit to Allah by submitting FULLY to Muhammad's decisions in EVERYTHING, to the point where he finds NO RESISTANCE WHATSOEVER to Muhammad's teachings.

Hence, Sam and I realize that the only way we could ever become Muslims is by blindly and mindlessly obeying ALL of Muhammad's decisions in EVERYTHING.

Hence, we would be Salafis. That is, we are smart enough to know that true submission to Allah requires that we turn off our intellects and become Salafis.

Hope that helps.

Blogguy said...

I believe that the Islamic tradition gives an indication that they were very aware that Islam is an anti-Christ religion. The Mahdi is hiding in a 'well' (pit) for a thousand years until he returns to lead the world in war against the people who follow the God of the Christians and Jews. And Look how islam's "last days" mirror the Christian last days: except that they are on opposite sides.

TAREK said...

Yes he is without any shadow of doubt

andy bell said...

Alright David, So long as you know that, "we turn off our intellects and become Salafis."

Because you can't have both. Full submission to muhammad/Islam AND be an intellectually curious person.

It just doesn't mix.


andy bell said...

@ RMuhammad

My biggest quandary was whether or not fundamentalism can be mirrored to the other side.

For example, I'm not a christian in the core definition of a christian, and I'm not an atheist. I'm a deist in the jeffersonian tradition.

I would assume that if I converted to Islam, I would retain some semblance of my moderate approach to God's nature and reality.

Unknown said...

mohammad is an anti-christ regarding whom jesus warned to be taken care of. see now already 23% of the world follows him

Unknown said...

mohammad is an anti-christ regarding whom jesus warned to be taken care of. see now already 23% of the world follows him

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