Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Using the Qur'an to Explain the Incarnation of Jesus to Muslims

Many Muslims ask their Christian friends questions like, "If Jesus is God, how can he die?" or "If Jesus is God, how can he be born?" Some Muslims even suggest that the Christian doctrine of the Incarnation is absurd or illogical. But if the Christian view is illogical, so is Islam, because Islam teaches something similar about the Qur'an. According to Islamic theology, the Qur'an has two natures: an eternal nature and a physical nature. Allah's eternal Word (which has no beginning and no end) enters creation as a physical book (which has a beginning and an end). The physical nature can be destroyed, while the eternal nature can't. Hence, if Muslims want us to take their objections to the Incarnation seriously, they have to reject Islam!


Baron Eddie said...

Muslims not only repeat misinformation about Christianity but some don't even want to listen to what we believe!

A dear Muslim friend at work was repeating things that we don't believe, and I tried to tell him about Trinity and our faith but he did not even want to hear me!

Plus, he never read the bible!

Please, pray for all Muslims

Unknown said...

I think muslims can't accept Jesus as God in human nature is becoz they didn't accept Quran, which they consider the word of God, as God Himself. Can you get what I mean? They claimned that Quran is preserved in heaven, but in some way in a form of 'tablets', right? So that means it is separated from God. By concluded that God is unitarian, that means the Quran tablets is not God, that means the word of God is not God Himself...

Differ from us, we consider words of God is from God, therefore God himself ( acc to John 1:1 ). Agree? So, the root that makes us differ from the muslims here, in theological essence of God, is simply becoz they didn't acknowledge Words of God as God Himself. If they did, then they should consider Quran ( or the tablet in heaven ) as God... Right?

How's your respon?

Baron Eddie said...

@Jonas ola

That has nothing to do with what you believe.

We have our belief but we read books of other religions and think etc ...

The sad thing is in Islamic countries they scare them not to read Bible

and they put that fear of like a lightening will strike them if they just

touch it!

That is the work of the devil.

the Muslim friend when I offered to him a Bible, He literally jumped back uncontrollably!

Please, pray for them

Unknown said...

@Baron Eddie

I think in some ways it has something to do with what they believe. What do I mean? I think for muslims, if they accept that the word of God is God himself ( i.e the tablet of quran in heaven ), they'll commited syrik, bcoz now they have 2 conditions of God, although we may consider it as 1 being ( that is how our trinitarian concept go, right? ). The problem for them is becoz God is unitarian, so they must reject this concept in the 1st place... I think that's why they still can't accept multi-nature of God. If they do, than the tablets of quran must be God ( as we considered Jesus as )... Now, can u imagine what a muslim will react if we say that the tablet of quran in heaven is also God becoz it's His word? They surely think that couldn't be, becoz now u're suggesting 2 nature of God, which they'd been rejected for many centuries now...

Yeah, I know how it is to ask a muslim to read a bible. I've got so many muslim friends here. 1st of all, they sure don't wanna read it coz it's been 'corrupted' ( abviously they didn't read chapters in quran that confirm the bible )... & if they agree to read it, the intention is to find contradictions, mistakes, whatsoever... I think they are lacking in honesty to find the truth, added to fear that's been fed to them that all other religion is false ( esp Christianity ), & they can lose everything including their life if they abandoned Islam. Well I agree, this kind of teaching is from a devil...

God bless..

Tommy said...

The koranic Isa and the Christian Jesus are two separate people.
One (Isa) was born to Miriam the sister of Moses and Aaron
and the Christian Jesus was born to Mary around 1400 years later
So when you hear islam claiming Jesus for a prophet remember that nowhere in the koran is "Jesus" ever mentioned

Poor old Mo got the story wrong.
besides alla had two daughters