Monday, February 17, 2014

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner . . . at Muhammad's House

There are some hilarious verses in the Qur'an. For instance, the Qur'an claims that the sun sets in a muddy pool (18:86), that semen is formed between the backbone and ribs (86:6-7), that the earth is flat (88:20), that there are seven earths (65:12), that the sun orbits the earth (36:38-40), that human embryos are blood-clots (22:5), that the sky will fall on the earth if Allah doesn't hold it up (22:65), and that stars are missiles that Allah uses to shoot demons who try to sneak into heaven (37:6-10; 67:5).

But for some reason, the funniest verse in the Qur'an (in my opinion) is Surah 33, verse 53. The verse reads:

O Ye who believe! Enter not the dwellings of the Prophet for a meal without waiting for the proper time, unless permission be granted you. But if ye are invited, enter, and, when your meal is ended, then disperse. Linger not for conversation. Lo! that would cause annoyance to the Prophet, and he would be shy of (asking) you (to go); but Allah is not shy of the truth. And when ye ask of them (the wives of the Prophet) anything, ask it of them from behind a curtain. That is purer for your hearts and for their hearts. And it is not for you to cause annoyance to the messenger of Allah, nor that ye should ever marry his wives after him. Lo! that in Allah's sight would be an enormity.

Notice that Muhammad, who tells his followers it's okay to beat their wives (4:34) and to rape their captives (4:24), is nevertheless so incredibly shy, that he can't bear telling his followers that they're annoying him by hanging out at his house and talking his ears off. But Allah isn't shy, so Muhammad (the shy one) delivers a revelation from Allah (who's not shy) telling Muslims not to annoy Muhammad by showing up at his house early or staying late for conversation.

The Qur'an is supposedly Allah's eternal Word. Yet many verses of the Qur'an have no purpose other than satisfying Muhammad's desires. How much more obvious could it be that the Qur'an is not the Word of God?


Mike said...

Ayatollah Khamenei, he said on Monday that even if “the impossible” happened and a comprehensive deal were reached, “everyone must know that America’s enmity is with the core of the Islamic revolution and with Islam. This enmity will not end with the negotiations.”

Little Optimism as Iran Nuclear Talks Are Set to Reconvene
New York times

goethechosemercy said...

Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
I defy you, miss, to respect my belief.

Unknown said...

This reminds me of the Bill Murray film, "What about Bob?" It seems how the doctor felt about Bob is how Muhammed felt about his followers.

Sachin Kachar said...
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Unknown said...


Mohammed was probably the richest man in the world when he died

By then, his followers had conquered Arabia and started in on nearby lands and--please remember--20% of everything they 'expropriated' ( included human captives ) belonged to him ( Allah said so, that's why ! )

The fact that at times their diet may have been so simple is that dates and water was quite the usual fare in the Hejaz and Najd at that time

Rooms were typically small when lumber was scarce and 'precious' palm trees and others had to be cut or imported for ceiling beams and roof rafters. They made up for this--as did the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians and modern Yemenis--by having a LOT of small rooms

Mohammed lived by the raw exercise of power, which he routinely satisifed with warfare, murder, theft and expansion of his realms and brutal repression. He satisfied his unquenchable sexual appetite by routinely having his way with his wives, adding to his harem, having sex with 'pretty young boys' that accompanied him on his travels, by raping female war captives and slaves and by having sex with the many women who 'sought him out'. He satisfied his lust for adoration by having his every mandate enforced as the word of God and felt powerful and secure enough to have God 'change his mind and reverse course' when it suited his purposes ( such as dis-inheriting his 'adopted' son so his son's wife could divorce him and marry Mohammed.

The rich, powerful and unprincipled have always been able to 'rationalise' or 'justify' their greed and inculcate some sort of structure into their subordinates that would provide a 'pipeline' for stuff they wanted to have or things they wanted to do

No matter how many 'possessions' or 'conquests' Mohammed had, it would never fill the hole in his soul left by the death of his first life and one true love, Khadija

The Saudis, of course, tried to finish this process by bulldozing her tomb and constructing public lavatories atop it

Islam--whatever other rationalisations and pretensions attach to it by way of apology, moderation or posture, is and always shall be a cult of appetite and improprieties writ large by an illiterate, brain-damaged, emotional-cripple who would be God

Sachin Kachar said...
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Unknown said...

He was a political and spiritual leader so their had to be certain consesions to what people wanted to do. These were people who were murderous thriving drunkards when he started in the prophet part of his life. Muslims are some of the most conservative and monotheistic faithful that you could know. Nobody is perfect except Allah so ya people still have problems but the day of judgment will come. Will you be ready? Peace

tharpa said...


I appreciate how focused your mind was on this. People responded to what you said, but they couldn't keep their minds focused on your central points.

The idea that the explanation for Aisha mentioning that they lived on dates and water for months is, "The fact that at times their diet may have been so simple is that dates and water was quite the usual fare in the Hejaz and Najd at that time" is absurd. If that were the only reason, Aisha would have mentioned it. Also, one would not have expected a very wealthy person to live on dates and water for months. I wonder about that though - was it possible that this was early on in their marriage, before he became wealthy? It does seem very out of character for him. When I hear about him (peace be upon all beings), he does seem to be utterly without virtue, but is it possible that the size of his rooms and occasionally his diet were simple voluntarily? To have some voluntary asceticisms (like sleeping on a straw mat) may have been helpful in gaining confidence from his followers. Also, he had many wives, and thus, many houses. So even if Aisha's was small, well, he had at least a dozen such houses.