Thursday, February 6, 2014

20,000+ Subscribers on YouTube!


simple_truth said...

Great! Let's keep this train rolling. Next stop: 15,000.

rivan said...

Awesome!..Congrats David and the Acts 17 team. The truth about Islam is getting out there one subscriber at a time.

simple_truth said...

I meant the next stop is 25,000 instead of 15,000. God forbid that we go backwards. That would be awful.

More power to Acts 17 Apologetics!

Unknown said...

Mr. Wood --

I thought you might like to know what IOC chief Thomas Bach said about former president Bush's remarks when he opened the Games in 2002, not long after the attack on America ...

Here is an MSN link --

Maybe this comfy smug jerk ought to see what such callousness about lives of our fellow citizens can do --

How about organizing a boycott (via YouTube or Facebook) of BOTH further watching on NBC, and refusing to buy sponsors' products UNTIL BACK APLOOGIZED IN FRONT OF A CAMERA... not by a "written statement" ?

Tom ta tum Tom said...

David, I realize that translators cost money, so I'll interject that I'll send money when I get work.

That said, do you see any worth in adding captions to your vids in Arabic, Turkish, Uyghur, Farsi, Urdu and other languages of places where the people are oppressed by Islam? Does YouTube have any reliable technology that could help w/this?

It seems obvious to me that The Lord God is using your work to educate and liberate - in SPITE of...

- Censorship by YouTube
- Financial struggles
- Threats to your life
- The heartbreak of psoriasis [just kidding]

Until I can add financial "feet" to my prayers, prayers for you and all of the ABN ministries will continue. PLEASE don't be discouraged. The subscriber number should be more like 20,000,000.

All in God's time.


David Wood said...

No idea how to get translations done. But some people have already done their own. I've even seen some videos dubbed into another language!