Friday, January 3, 2014

1nemind: Why I'm a Christian and No Longer a Muslim

This is a video from a Christian whose Youtube page is 1nemind:


Adamski Bosh said...

Shame for Islam, he was probably a nice Muslim.

bam bamba said...

The simplicity of the Word. We are saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus. Though trouble times may come my way, but as long as I have King Jesus, I am fine.
Thank you for a wonderful video. God bless you all.

Rayna Grace said...

You had simple, but great points. Religion complicates God, if people were not so blinded by sin, they could see how simple God's loves really is. I was brought up Muslim Shia but feared to ask God about the questions I had. Muslims are told to submit to God blindly, do not ask or you will go to hell. I ask you all, please ask those questions, I finally did, and the second I asked God where He was, I remembered my dreams about Jesus when I was younger. God came to me that same second! The next day to prove it to me, still not knowing it was God, God put someone on my path who started answering my questions. And ONLY JESUS was born without sin, not ahlul bayt, not Mohammad, no one! That, and every other question I had, were answered by God that night. I used to be against Jesus because I wanted Islam for fear of hell, a man-made religion that did nothing for me but preached sorrow and hate- that's the truth. I am not trying to offend anyone- I was Muslim 2 months ago. But Jesus saved me, and because He died for me and you, I gave Him my life. It's an extraordinary feeling, one u will never feel without His true love. I am so happy Jesus lead me to your site. I hope everyone sees it and comes to Jesus! Rana