Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Obama's Amerika (American Freedom Law Center)

A message from our lawyers at the American Freedom Law Center:


Unknown said...

Pastor Saeed has been in jail for almost a year now in Iran for his beliefs. Hardly did the mainstream media mention this unjust incarceration. Imagine this, as part of the Iran-US negotiation-an Iranian nuclear scientist was freed without ensuring a precondition that includes the release of pastor saeed and other prisoners of conscience. How csn this be? Where is the Old America that was once great.
Contrast, the American tourist that was detained in North Korea, the story was always in the news. It is good that he's been released but why is there no uproar about the detention and unjust treatment of Pastor Saeed, who was in Iran to help the underprivilledged.

I hasten to say that the government, the liberals and their mouthpiece media have turned their back on the faith of our fathers.
Woe to a nation that calls evil, good and good, evil.

Sisgp said...