Saturday, November 9, 2013

Conan O'Brien Called "Racist" After Tweet About Muslim Superhero

Last night, comedian and late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien made a huge mistake. He assumed that he's free to poke fun at Islam the way he's free to poke fun at Christianity, Mormonism, etc. And now he's being called a "racist," because, as everyone knows, Islam is a race.

After hearing about the new Muslim superhero "Ms. Marvel," Conan tweeted:

His tweet, of course, makes joking reference to Surah 4:3 of the Qur'an, which allows Muslim men to marry up to four women. (Muhammad is the exception; he was allowed to marry far more than four women.) Not surprisingly, fans were not amused:

Some fans obviously don't know much about Islam, since they think that Islam forbids sex with minors (Islam actually allows sex with prepubescent girls):

As usual, there were endless cries of "racist":

Conan has since removed the Tweet, and I doubt he'll ever joke about Islam again. Islam and its defenders have sent yet another message to the West: Islam is not here to be treated equally, so learn to respect it. If you're at all offended that the Qur'an promotes polygamy (4:3), and the rape of female captives (4:24), and spousal abuse (4:34), and sex with prepubescent girls (65:4), and the violent subjugation of unbelievers (9:29), then you will be called a "racist," a "bigot," a "hate-monger," and an "Islamophobe."


innag said...

It's really nauseating. The real bigotry is to be super sensitive about this archaic savage misogynistic anti-semetic homophobic and so on, set of beliefs called Islam.

Anonymous said...

Considering the rather ‘racist’ and stereotypical view that Islam has of anyone outside of its faith (kafirs, pigs, dogs etc.) and its blasphemy towards Christ, it seems rather hypocritical and strange that Muslims should suddenly get precious about someone poking a little fun at, or demonstrating some righteous contempt towards the Islamic ideology.

In reality of course this reaction exposes the Islamic tactic of taking advantage of almost any opportunity to play the victim in order to have an excuse to instigate and/or maintain the ‘second’ stage of Jihad.

Ugo Strange said...

They're messing with my capes...NOT COOL MARVEL, NOT COOL ISLAM! NOT COOL AT ALL!

Tom ta tum Tom said...


What's most disturbing about Mr. Conan's tweet is his DISCRIMINATORY attitude towards "other wives" who happen to be Muslim. Does he not understand that ALL MUSLIM women share similar powers? Such as

The power to be beaten by even mildly displeased husbands
The power to be subject to FGM a the whim of their ummah
The power to be murdered for the honor of their family or their ummah
The power to be divorced and left destitute by a husband on a whim
The power to walk around all day in the hot sun, dressed in a car-seat cover
The power to have their ummah (far worse than the NSA) constantly looking over their shoulders and deciding for them whether they are "muslim enough"
The power to be forced into marriage
The power to be forced to have sex with the smelliest, most disgusting male persons who choose to force themselves onto them
The power to be stoned to death for being raped
The power to be forced into child-sex
The power to have their personal witness discounted
The power to be disinherited on a whim
The power to be a baby-factory [for ALLAHU OHYNKSMORR]
The power to be required to be in the presence of a male family member if not in the house
The power to be trapped in the house all day - every day
The power to think, say and do just EXACTLY as she is told until her DEATH and entry into the hell-fire [which is, of course, populated mainly by women]

And certainly, my list could go on and on but it's OBVIOUS than Mr. Conan does *NOT* understand the POWAH of the "Burqa Side" that's released in ALL Muslim women, even if they are "other wives". Plez Mr. Conan. Plead the shahadah and marry some (at least four) 'other' Muslim wives before you start disparaging their powers.



Unknown said...

These liberals are so ignorant of what they are defending.They should be ashamed of themselves. Where were they when innocent men women and children were being slaughtered in the name of mohammed and his allah. Did you ever hear them say anything? They are more concerned about somebody making fun of a useless and silly cartoon. I am totally appalled by this warped ideology.

Locrian said...

What's Ms.Marvels kryptonite?

The only thing that can beat her is her husband


Stan....may as well get your back ground info right since your playing the game......

Joe Bradley said...

While proudly touting the accomplishment of Islam to incorporate a variety of races into the ranks of Muslims, Muslims STILL decry the RACISM of any who are critical of Islam.

It doesn’t seem like they got the memo that Islam is a religion, NOT a race.

Aludra said...

How can I contact you?

Anonymous said...

And people wonder why Conan only cracks jokes at the expenses of jews and christians... Jews have a thick skin (because of all the hardships they went through) and what are christians going to do, forgive him or turn the other cheek? No, any jew or christian who expressed offence at being the butt of Conan's jokes would very likely be viciously attacked by the same people who are now viciously attacking Conan.

Deleting said...

Okay seriously, you need to see this youtube video. A muslim guy faking a middle eastern accent says to these two girls (one is 14 and one is 16)
'Is okay you are both my wives in my country'.

Yes people, he said it.

if that doesn't work go to QiasOmar on youtube and click on worlds worst newcast!!

Samatar Mohamed said...


Well David, what did you expect the reply to be? Unlike most christians we actually care about our religion enough to defend it.

David Wood said...

And you defend it by calling people "racist"? So you immediately turn to the most emotionally-charged word you can think of?

Hmmm. Since that's your method, should non-Muslims criticize Islam in the same way? What emotionally-charged word could I call a man who has sex with a nine-year-old girl?

Unknown said...

@David Wood
Hey Brother David, I'll be doing a youtube vid about Muhammad's marriage to Aisha. It'll be similar to your recent article. I'll probably be done in a week and upload it by then. Of course, I'll be giving you the credit for it.
Much love, brother in Christ.

Unknown said...

Dear David unless you stop your nonsense criticize of Islam you will remain local debater with Muslim junior debaters.
If you want to be a public speaker the way you are behaving is wrong,
Samuel Green and Anthony Rogers they are very polite debaters,that is way they become respected scholars.

Unknown said...

There will be no peace on earth as long as Islam exists. Islam is a crime against humanity.

I love Tom ta tum Tom's comments above. Pretty well says it all...

simple_truth said...

Samatar Mohamed said...

"Well David, what did you expect the reply to be? Unlike most christians we actually care about our religion enough to defend it."

How do you defend a religion when someone states a comment that has a factual basis within Islamic history?

Can one not defend their position without threats, anger, irrationality, stupidity, etc.?

Foolster41 said...

Poor Osama, he can't help but show he is a hateful fascist, just like his prophet was.

And yes, false accusations of racism (hint, Islam is not a race, thus it is a lie, is lying alright after all in Islam then outside of cases of self-defense?) in order to silence someone who points out something true is fascist.

Foolster41 said...

Oh, I thought that was Osama above, I apologize.

While I was wrong about the speaker (and it is a little more surprising, Osama has frequently spread hate here, Samatar is much much more reserved), I stand by what I said above, calling someone a false name because they say something true is a fascist means of silencing criticism.

Like prophet, like follower.

John said...

"Well David, what did you expect the reply to be? Unlike most christians we actually care about our religion enough to defend it."

The manner in which you choose to defend your religion only undermines it even further.

Unknown said...

u whites r d worst racist to yrselves nowadays. soon all of u will b killed by the unracis people u so much honor. I thought u western & european r smart enuf to protect yr identity. FOOLS of the lowest level...

Nakdimon said...

And I'm really curious how Samatar Mohamed will answer David.

Samatar Mohamed, how are the charges of racist at O'Brian justified, since Islam is not a race? Doesn't that mean that the people making the accusation of racism are the real ignorant ones?

Eugene said...

Actually, it was a rather humerous tweet, but not nearly as funny as the tweets from idiots who know nothing about Islam and wish to simply to atribute our values to it.

I particularly liked the comment that the character was only 16. Maybe the person knows about the tradition of marrying off 10 year olds and was implying that at 16 Super Muslim Girl is an old maid and well past marrying age.

Anonymous said...

Samatar Mohamed said...
"we actually care about our religion enough to defend it."

Defend it from what? A casual remark based on facts? What was the "attack" you claim you're defending against? The explicit mention of polygamy? The quran states that muslim men are allowed to marry up to four wives (ten, in some interpretations), so that can't be it. Was it the mention of a 16-year-old girl being married? Many muslim girls in sharia-ruled countries are married before reaching the age of 16. Muhammad is supposed to be "the best example of conduct" that muslims are encouraged to emulate and he married a 6-year-old girl, so it can't be that either.

Anonymous said...

You know, this whole situation reminds me of some jokes by Jimmy Carr. Once he was going through some jokes at the expenses of christians, then he mentioned he had a muslim friend. The entire auditorium fell silent, which he noted. The joke was "he knows the quran backwards, which is handy because that's how you read it". See? A perfectly casual remark about the way arabic is read. It was, in his words, “a surprisingly well informed and inoffensive joke about the Islamic faith, and that’s because I am not a f***ing idiot".

There was this other one about "hate cleric" Abu Qatada being released from prison and the conditions for his bail: he was only allowed out for two hours a day, his every move was monitored, and close tabs were kept on people he spoke with. Carr remarked that "he's not being treated like a muslim criminal, he's being treated as a muslim woman".

Leydeen said...

Islam is the worst lie ever made by one man. They are the racist people that exist today and yet they blame everyone else for that. Everything they teach is a lie and there still some stupid people who believe them or are too blind to see them for what they really are, cowards, murderers, rapist who hide behind their koran.

Unknown said...

You can NOT be RACIST towards a religion people. It is called prejudice but NOT racist. With that said I will not watch another Marvel movie and we like them. I say YEA!!!! for Conan. It was a joke deal with it.

asriella7 said...

I'm just wondering why its ok to make fun of jews and christians but not islam...especially since he's an equal opportunity insulter?

simple_truth said...

I hate to say it, but the responses Conan received are typical modern liberal/leftist responses because they provide either little or no substance to rebut the statement being opposed and attempt to squash conversation to avoid having to give any meaningful reply.

Substantiation of one's point with veritable information is somewhat foreign to them. Negatively defining one's person or character is the order of the day. At the end of each conversation, the liberal/leftist is left with the idea that they defended their position by proving the other side as wanting in some way without realizing that a lack of some quality of the other person does not necessarily disqualify the content of their speech.

Samatar Mohamed said...


"And you defend it by calling people "racist"? So you immediately turn to the most emotionally-charged word you can think of?"

Well first off, There isn't a word that is commonly known for when someone insults your faith. They could have used Religious discrimination or something of that sort but I think we understood their point. When Conan discriminates or insults Islam, I'm happy to see that there are people (muslim and non muslim) who are condemning him for it. And when someone insults my faith, I would consider it much worse than when someone insults my race, or skin color.

Samatar Mohamed said...


"Samatar Mohamed, how are the charges of racist at O'Brian justified, since Islam is not a race? Doesn't that mean that the people making the accusation of racism are the real ignorant ones?"

As I explained to David, there isn't a very common word for hate or discrimination against ones religion. I'm not saying there isn't one, just not one that is well known. Hence, why they used the word racism. I'm just happy to see he is receiving backlash (Again, I don't support any extremely hateful comments such as swearing made against Conan)for what he said. He knows now that we don't consider our religion a joke, but rather, as a way of life.

Unknown said...

For years Muslims have rioted if anyone says anything they don't like and jihad is often declared against individuals. Why do we put up with it? I used to enjoy watching Dave Allen, an Irish comedian who poked fun at all religions. If you are secure in yourself then you can accept it. However, Islam is not a religion, it is a hate filled ideology and this is supported by 109 statements in the Koran to kill the kafir/dhimmi which are names for non-Muslims. We see this on a daily basis in countries such as Egypt, Syria and Uganda. Yet if someone speaks the truth or makes a joke then they are physically or verbally attacked for doing so. I want to hear that these people will do so the next time an anti-Semitic joke is made or an anti-Christian one but I expect that it will be long time before they do.

Joe Bradley said...

@Samatar Mohamed:

There ARE more accurate words for the concept your fellow Muslims are trying to describe. The fact that these words are not selected have nothing to do with accuracy but everything to do with demagoguery.

Will there be a fatwa on this one instructing the masses?

noun: bigotry; plural noun: bigotries

1. bigoted attitudes; intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.



misotheism (rare, obsolete)

Hatred of God or gods


@Mohamoud Hassan Mohamed:

Self anointed debate policeman are you?

Foolster41 said...

@Samatar Mohammad

How is it "insulting" (or even bigoted) against Islam to say something true? There is far more bigotry against Christianity (since it involves actually untrue things, such as the vile things bill Mahr says) than Islam by comedians!

Are you saying that negative things, even if true shouldn't be said about other religions such as Christianity? If not, why not?

Are you saying you'd like to see more simular backlash against comedians who insult Christianity? Again, if not, why not?

(Or you could just contenue to ignore me like you've been doing over many threads.)

Anonymous said...

Samatar Mohamed said...

"Well first off, There isn't a word that is commonly known for when someone insults your faith."

Maybe i can help. In the sira, what did the polytheists called Mahomet when he insulted their gods and religions?

fleen said...

Islam is a satanic cult. The Islamist's agenda is towards World Domination. They have not progressed in the past 2,000 years - have done nothing to advance their 'culture' by helping human kind. What have Muslims produced that could be considered to benefit the human race. What compassion or love do they show to their brethren? They are fanatical in the extreme and envious to the point of insanity that the Jews - in spite of continued bias - have done so much to benefit mankind.

Nakdimon said...


Discrimination based on religion is in no way shape or form racist, because of the simple fact that it has nothing to do with someone's race. To even try to justify the use of the word racist is simply misleading and dishonest. You may wel call someone a murderer for discrimination of a religion, since it has as much to do with religious discrimination as does racism. These people simply are clueless! There is a name for discrimination based on religion and it is called religious discrimination. Whatever other word or phrase you want to use, however, it certainly is not racism.

These people simply use the word discrimination in order to silence others or to shut down debate or dialogue, because there is no better way to do just that. Why on earth do you think no one is ever accused of racism for anti-Christian expressions in any way shape or form? Like I said, you must either be clueless or misleading. Pick your poison.

Foolster41 said...

Well, to even say it's religious discrimination is dishonest, since what has been said is true.

John 8:24 said...

@Samatar Mohamed

WOW,Samatar, you are toast! But I am not sure if you are smart enough to see that.

Maybe to help you a bit here I am rephrasing and elaborating some of the points put forward by others:

1. Nobody has a problem with defending one's religion. You are free to do it. The point is not if you defend it or not but HOW YOU GO ABOUT DOING IT. You seem to suggest that Christian's don't care about their religion because in your eyes they don't seem to "defend" attacks on their religion. Hmmm... lets see you are writing this on a blog which is defending Christian faith from the attacks of Islam and Muslims. That's not very smart thinking from you. Maybe according to you defending peacefully by engaging in debates, discussions, providing counter arguments is not "defending" enough. Maybe in your eyes to defend one's religion one should issue death threats to the offenders and their family members, use physical violence, resort to name calling or hateful language. But Christians have enough morality and culture not to do such things - unlike some of the Muslims out there.

2) Which part of Conan O'Brien's tweet about Islam/Muslims that you are so offended that you find the need to defend your religion? Are you ashamed of the fact that Muslim men are allowed to marry up to 4 wives or are you ashamed of the fact that it is a common practice that Muslims in many countries marry girls who are minors?

Samatar Mohamed said...


I wonder sometimes if you ever really read my posts. I said race was the wrong word to use, and why they used it but you just ignore my statement. Even Conan understood what they meant as he later deleted his tweet. when they said racist, They obviously were referring to Conan insult against Islam. Unlike you, I have no interest in playing word games, especially if I can see the context in which the word was said and used.

rivan said...

Its upsetting to see so many ppl ready to transform into dhimmies over a joke! Ever so willing to run to the rescue of the super xtra sensitive muslims.
@john 8:24 nicely put!

Anonymous said...

Samatar Mohamed said...

"They obviously were referring to Conan insult against Islam."

I have uet to see a proper explanation to how Conan insulted islam. Which is weird, given the large amount of people claiming it.

Hey, did you heard how Ahmad Akkari on the Danish cartoons who apparently "insulted" islam? He renounced his former stance and apologized for the affects his protests had.

Nakdimon said...


I have read your post and understood it. You were trying to justify their inappropriate use of the word racist with the lame excuse that there wasn't a commonly known word steady to describe what Conan did. I pointed out that there was one and I also pointed out that if there was an inappropriate word to use what Conan did it was the word racist AND I said that they might as well call Conan a murderer, since what he did had as much to do with murder as it did with racism! Instead of dealing with that sound, logical argument you choose to side step and accuse me of not reading your post.

Conan deleting that tweet had nothing to do with him "getting the message" as if he had a "come to Jesus" moment. He deleted it because of the backlash. For some reason, liberals have no qualms with insulting Christianity. Had Conan said something about Christians he wouldn't have had this hurricane of criticism from his Lefty friends and he certainly wouldn't have been charged with racism!