Saturday, September 28, 2013

We Shall Overcome!


Radical Moderate said...

Not from Radical Moderate studios but I approve this message lol

Unknown said...

All I can say is thank you for posting this video. We shall overcome. God bless you all.

simple_truth said...

Radical Moderate said...

"Not from Radical Moderate studios but I approve this message lol"

Hey, can you top that? AR Productions. LOL

Muslims do have a dream--that they can sufficiently explain away the historical Jesus in light of what history shows. Perhaps some mind bending, mental and emotional gymnastics can keep their hope alive.

Dk said...

But clearly Anthony the followers of Jesus in 3:55;61:14 are referring to seventh century Arab Muslims =P

History contradicts the Qur'an, nothing new there.

In fact issues like these are the very driving force that caused one certain notorious Muslim Apologist to apostatize twice from Islam. The irreconcilable differences between history and Qur'an aren't at all flattering to our dear disciple of the Church.

But hey obviously since the Quran can't have an error (begging the question), this verse MUST mean something else. It obviously means the true followers of Jesus prevail over the disbelievers in the sense that they POSSESS THE TRUTH and adhere to the original message of Jesus, this is why they are dominant, supreme and successful!

I am a mufasir listen to me. I can make the Quran say whatever I want it to mean. Listen to me o Muslimeen.

But even if the above explanation were true, the Muslims did not possess any truth since they confess the Injeel was lost and there were no Muslims between the death of the apostles and the coming of Mohammed, in fact that is said to be the very reason for the coming of Mohammed is to "restore" the original message, that apparently no one was faithful to (except all of Mohammed's companions and their companions, they magically were entirely faithful).

Hopefully we see more vids Anthony and Radical.

The Reader said...

You can't even pronounce Allah properly, so I am not listening further.

Anonymous said...

This is the death knell to any dawagandist trying to impose Islamic dogma on the first century followers of Jesus... and the best part is that it comes from the unholy quran itself..

Another humiliation for Islamic doctrines

Samuel Green said...

Thanks Anthony for this post. 3:55, 61:14 are a good balance for verses that I have had quoted at me to show that Christians lost the message:

But the sects differ among themselves: and woe to the unbelievers because of the (coming) Judgment of a Momentous Day! 19:37 & 2:253.

Baron Eddie said...

And hear ye this from the one part
of the world to the uttermost part
thereof that God is with us.

And ye that have become powerful
shall be subdued, for God is with us.

For though you may again be strong,
yet will you be vanquished,
for God is with us

And the council which you take the Lord will bring to naught,
for God is with us.

+ + +

And the word which you speak
shall not stand, for God is with us,

And neither do we fear your alarm,
nor are we in dread thereof,
for God is with us

And our Lord God we shall glorify
and He will be our fear,
for God is with us.

and we shall trust in Him and He
will become our sanctification,
for God is with us.

+ + +

And we shall put our trust in Him
and He will be our salvation,
for God is with us.

And behold I and my children
which God gave me
shall trust in Him
for God is with us.