Thursday, September 19, 2013

Journal for Trinitarian Studies and Apologetics

Be sure to get the latest issue of The Journal for Trinitarian Studies and Apologetics, which contains my article "Stealing Allah's Thunder: Using the Qur'an to Block Objections to the Gospel" (along with several other articles). You can get a copy here.

Here's the intro to the article:

Muslims around the world are being trained to ask Christians, “Where did Jesus say, ‘I am God, worship me,’ in those exact words?” When confronted with this question, Christians will often turn to certain traditional proof-texts of Christ’s deity (e.g., the “I AM” declarations in the Gospels) and reply, “That’s where he said it.” These texts won’t persuade the Muslim, however, for his apologists have taught him to demand a specific statement by Jesus, knowing that Christians will never be able to produce such a statement.

The Muslim question, of course, is flawed on numerous levels. But without directly addressing these flaws (or even being aware of them), Christians may miss an excellent opportunity to refute Islam’s most common theological objection to the Gospel. In this essay, we will construct a thorough and inescapable response to the Muslim challenge. After pointing out two flaws with the “Exact Words” Criterion, we consider a more reasonable criterion, and find that, even by Qur’anic standards, Jesus made claims that only God can truly make. Since the only way to avoid this conclusion is to maintain that the New Testament has been corrupted, we will see in our final section that Muslims cannot assert the corruption of the Bible without contradicting their own scriptures.

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Come on David, post the article here, or at least give us an abstract. :)