Wednesday, September 11, 2013

David Wood vs. Shadid Lewis Debate Tonight in California

If you can't make it to Calvary Chapel Chino Valley tonight at 7:00 PM (PST) for my debate with Shadid Lewis ("Is Islam a Threat to the West?"), you can watch it live via live-streaming here.


akairey said... should have used this as well:

akairey said...

Shadid-----isn't there something called abrogation when you use those peaceful verses?

akairey said...

Shadid.....u trying to equate violence begets violence...u must look at the history of Islam since its inception! Islam was spread with the sword!

akairey said...

Shadid....race vs ideology are two different things. Those people who come to western countries adapt/simulate themselves into the host country, whereas ideological (muslims) refuse to assimilate (UK/FRANCE/SWEDEN) and want to my their host countries like their ancestral countries (IRAN/SUDAN/IRAQ/PAKISTAN) which ARE cespools.

akairey said...

great job Mr. WOOD!

David M said...

Man I think David Wood didn't do too well, he was letting Shadid get away with some dumb easy stuff like violence is ok becuase both do it. Also on our Foreign Policy, but he didn't mention that if the West is and was so bad why do they continue to come in millions and why are they allowed refuge or entry in this Great Country. If it was the other way around they would have us killed or gone very fast. Which thats there plan from the beginning all along.

redeeminggrace said...

Tonight David the Lord working thru you did a marvelous work, you explained our point thoroughly and clearly all the while causing the ire of Shadid to rise continually during the debate. You stayed calm an was able to produce a clear concise argument while Shadid could not refute your claims in a concise or honest manner. I was waiting for you to bring on CAIR as a threat, or the many alternate organizations thy Re currently changing our Govt and the laws. Of this great land. Also you did not mention Sharia and how it destroys the western legal system and our constitution. But all in all. Awesome job. Well prepared. God won not man...blessings

Timothy said...

No go zones in many European countries. Multiple Rape rings in the UK. Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. Pakikistan's ISI involvement int the Mumbai Massacre. Mass immigration in Europe and Dearbornistan. Yes, we have dangerous threats and documented attacks against the west. And I don't care what you believe or not, mr Lewis. If the Koran is true, then why don't you pray 3 times a day like it says? The Hadith say 5. And your vehemence undermines whatever peaceful message you are attempting to pass off as the unabrogated truth. Peace.

redeeminggrace said...

You allowed the Lord to work thru ou in explaining clearly the threat to the Western World by Muslims. You differentiated well between Muslims who practice the teachings and those who don't. Shadid was poorly prepared and strayed off target many times. He repeated himself in what appeared was anger where as yu stayed calm and clear at all times. Thank you for an excellent debate...

Jama said...

exellent job David!!! shadid pls read your quran and hadis you denied the hadis and mohammad sayings,you tried to interprete on your own way the quran and hadit ,7 out of 10 shadid was out of topic wow what a looser . thanks David

Anthony Rogers said...

David is the man. That was an awesome job.

simple_truth said...

David really had his material together and formed a clear-to-understand and concise presentation. Shadid did not spend nearly enough time refuting David's points; instead, he went tangentially.

Shadid isn't in agreement with early scholarship and historical context of the Islamic literature which clearly indicates that David's points are well attested to by Mohammad's followers and by the three earliest generations afterwards.

After the debate, I did approach Shadid along with one other person and tried to explain to him that Islam does allow rape while not using the exact word "rape". I asked him how did he expect a captured woman to give consent to sex without some sort of coerciveness involved since a captor is in a position of unequal yet higher authority over the captive? Captives normally do what their captors tell them to do since they are not in any position to refuse what the captor wants without there being some kind of retaliatory response forthcoming. Captors are seeking preservation--namely of life--in those situations. Do I need to point out the obvious: the fundamental circumstance of captivity is coercion? What is the guy thinking?

Radical Moderate said...

All I heard was an Angry Black Muslim yelling at his audience in a very threatening tone that Islam is not a Threat to the West.

I think Shadid needs to work on his approach if he want's us to believe his nonsense.

Radical Moderate said...

Simple Truth

What was Shadid's response?

Haecceitas said...

Some of the earlier debates were already in Youtube - at least the one with Antony Rogers because I watched that one about halfway through. But now I can't find them on Calvary Chapel Chino Valley's Youtube channel even though I think that's where they were. I hope there's an explanation for this and Lewis or MDI isn't now disputing the right to publish the videos.

simple_truth said...

Radical Moderate said...

"Simple Truth

What was Shadid's response?"

Hi, Radical Moderate.

We were interrupted before he completed his thoughts; but before he had to leave, he did mentioned that it was not rape and that these women became Muslims. I think I understood him to say that. I was about to ask how they became Muslims without coercion, given what I had already stated to him about being under captivity.

He did appeal to Islamic scholarship contradicting David's view and stated as he did in the debate that he wouldn't be a Muslim if his view wasn't the correct one.

Radical Moderate said...

Simple Truth

Interesting. I wonder how Shadid feels about the white slave owners who had sex with their black slave girls?

Ugas said...

Islam is a solution for your problem.

If we take over western countries we will
1- forbid the Interest rate.
2- the women will cover all their body, they will become jewelery instead of product.
3- Homosexuality will not Allowed.
4- adulteries will be lashed by 100 lashes.
5- Alcoholic will be forbidden.
6- swines will be forbidden.
7- caring the Parents will be MUST.
8- if you kill some one intentionally you also will die.
9- thefts hands will be cut.
10- Rape, gangs, fornication are not allowed
11- Polygamy will be limited to FOUR.

I am asking is that threat or Solution to your problem?.

AF Girl said...

Threat, definitely.

1. Interest rates allow financial institutions to loan out more money to businesses and individuals, as well as compensate for bad loans. Get rid of interest and you'll gut the economy.
2. Over my dead body! I will show my hair, my face, my arms, and my calves as much as I damn well please! If Muslims were really concerned about modesty, they'd put men in burkas too.
3. So, how will you enforce that? By beheadings like in all those Sharia-dominated hellholes?
4. Hmmmm, will that be enforced equally? Because it always seems to be the ladies getting the whip in the aforementioned hellholes.
5. We tried that already in this country. Didn't go over very well.
6. My uncle is a pig farmer. I won't let people like you take away his livelihood. Besides, ham is the best meat.
7. Again, how would you enforce that? Most Americans do care for their parents when they are unable to care for themselves.
8. No argument here, but let's add rapists with sufficient evidence against them to the list. Of course, this change probably wouldn't be acceptable to Muslims considering how much rape goes on in their countries.
9. Can you say cruel and unusual punishment?
10. Funny you should mention rape and gangs, as those things are very common in Western countries with large Muslim minorities. In Norway, Muslim immigrants commit virtually 100% of the assault rapes in the country. And again, how can enforce a law on what people do in private? I've also yet to hear a story on a young man being lashed for fornication.
11. Sure, as long as women can marry up to four men. Course, we both know equal rights for women is Islam's kryptonite. How about we keep the number of spouses at one then, so no imams' heads explode?

Deleting said...


Name ONE muslim country in the middle east practicing Sharia that:
1. Does not have any of the following problems you posed.


2. has absolutely NO RECORD of human rights violations AT ALL....EVER.

And I mean Sharia the way your prophet gave it, none of this idealist crap you're trying to purport as the so called solutions to all the ills you listed.

By the way, all the things you listed are actively being done in the middle east with the full knowledge and in some cases endorsements of your muftis, mullahs and imams.

The same middle east that's ready to collapse on itself.

Think about that pet...

Unknown said...

When is this video going to be posted on youtube?