Thursday, August 15, 2013

Afghan Muslim Kills His Wife for Going Shopping Without His Permission

The Global Post seems confused as to why women's rights continue to deteriorate in spite of the overthrow of the Taliban. But the reason women's rights aren't respected in Afghanistan isn't the Taliban; it's Muhammad's teachings.

Kabul, Aug 12 (EFE)-A man in the northern province of Kunduz shot his wife to death for going to the market without his permission, an Afghan police spokesman told Efe Monday.

The incident took place on Sunday in the Chahar Dara district, according to Sarwar Hussaini, who said that the murderer, identified only as Khodaidad, killed his 24-year-old wife in their home when she returned from going shopping.

Khodaidad fled after the killing and his whereabouts are currently unknown, the spokesman said.

Despite the social advances made with the fall of the Taliban regime 12 years ago, women's rights in Afghanistan continue to be systematically abused or ignored.

In May, the Afghan Parliament rejected approving a law against sexual violence over the opposition of the more conservative parties, which consider the existence of shelters for abuse victims, among other things, to be anti-Islamic. (Continue Reading.)


Unknown said...

Domestic violence is in the news a lot.A woman deported from Texas back to Mexico was killed by her ex boyfiend. Domestic violence is in the news a lot.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that! It's not "the Taliban," or "extremists," but just, quite simply, consistent, essential Islam!

At some point, it becomes rather obvious that this is willful, suicidal blindness.

Hey! Here's an idea! Let's import millions of people from third-world hellholes, and let them bring with them a religion that creates third world hellholes!

That way, we can all live in hellholes.

At least the'll be "diverse" hellholes.

Until the mohammedans get numeric superiority, machetes, and guns.

Anonymous said...

Sam Shamoun Debates,

Yes it is.

Curiously, it seems to consistently come most often and more dramatically from a certain specific religion.

I haven't heard of many Presbyterian honor killings lately.

Have you?

Trees are known by their fruit.

Unknown said...

Justin,I don't know of any Presbyterian honor killings either. I think its good to condemn the act and not judge the person.

Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;

Anonymous said...

Sam- Don't forget the other part of that command- judge with righteous judgment.

We are commanded to judge, contrary to the protestations of Scripture-twisters.

Anonymous said...


How can I condemn the act and not judge a person who kills his wife for shopping without permission???

What is your definition of "judge the person?"

taomeano said...

I am with you on this so called "judge not" or "don't judge me" phrases that our "modern" society now throws around. Those 2 phrases are self defeating because if some one accuses you of judging them then they themselves are judging you for judging them. They just comitted the very act they are accusing you of. It is a self defeating statement.
therefore I like what Jesus said "judge with righteous judgement". On this I am with you.

Now back to the issue at hand, Islamic doctrine is what is responsible for the barbaric behavior of moslems. One thing I have noticed is Islamic doctrine makes one suspend one's intelligence. So if your own moral compass tells you to do that which is right but Islamic doctrine teaches otherwise some moslems just obey without questioning the morality of those teachings, that is why we have so many moslems behaving badly.

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