Friday, July 5, 2013

Rape Epidemic Continues in Great Britain

Muhammad called non-Muslims "the worst of creatures" (Qur'an 98:6) and allowed his followers to rape their female captives (Qur'an 4:24). Yet everyone is surprised when some of Muhammad's followers treat non-Muslim girls like subhuman sex toys.

BBC—Two men and a teenage boy have been charged in connection with the alleged rape and false imprisonment of a 16-year-old girl in Ipswich.

The victim was attacked at a property in Foxhall Road on Sunday afternoon, with police alerted the same day.

Jama Abdullahi, 22, of no fixed address, and Badrdyen Saeed, 19, from Camel Road, Newham, east London, are accused of rape and false imprisonment.

A boy, 16, from London, has been charged with false imprisonment.

All three are due to appear at Ipswich Magistrates' Court later. (Source)


anil said...

One video I saw today

anil said...

what is the solution? how to educate all political class of world?

hugh watt said...

The Muslim Council of Britain are
supporting Channel 4 in it's move to air the Islamic call to prayer throughout Ramadan. A lot of Brits are upset about this.

"Channel 4 to air Islamic calls to prayer."

Unknown said...

"Conclusion: Your Thinking Enriches Or Impoverishes Others, RIGHT NOW.

Thus we've seen in outline, how a believer who is growing in Christ is immediately used by both God and Satan, every moment he breathes. For blessing, or cursing, to his periphery. In short, they are all constantly communicating to us: thoughts occurring to us aren't merely our own. But how we respond to those thoughts -- causes history.

So: our every thought, word, breath, impacts those around us. So, at any moment, we are being caused to make history: either for better, as the Bride-upgrade on "salt of the earth", or worse: royally-saltless.

Thus, if enough Christians are growing in Christ, they will have a terrific positive and material impact on their nation. If, by contrast, enough Christians are becoming apostate, they will have a terrific negative and material impact on their nation. This same principle applies to secular truths, but absent the Christian's growth, secular truths are likewise rejected. Such is the story of the US today. See how you are so much more influential, "just by learning" Bible Doctrine, than if you were out crusading the streets, in the name of some benevolent cause?

So, in which of the two directions, positive or negative, do we want our home nation to go? For, as goes the Christian, so goes his nation -- and, in the aggregate of nations -- the world. Right Now. Not in some distant, prophetic future. Now.

As before in post-Cross history, Christians today are apostate, like the Exodus generation. We are Royal and becoming en masse, more bane than boon to mankind. At some point, no one will want the Royal Spiritual Life; to keep mankind going, God will have to remove the Royal Family. Prosperity will eventually kill our desire for God even among believers, as Paul tearingly predicts in Philippians 3:16-19. So we end with a removal from the world. 'More like a mass execution, than a blessing. Satan will be very pleased indeed, to have succeeded in our mass judgement. It's his life's ambition.

Which ambition, is met by him touting 'Christianity' as a peasant activity, rather than the Royal Thinking Training That God Authored Via His Son, Isa53:11. So we never grow up in our Royal Role, hence humanity doesn't learn Royal Thinking, hence humanity stays childish. And Satan&Co., delay their Matt25:41 sentence. But we become cannonfodder, en route.

Kinda daunting, isn't it, to have soo much riding on whether you "just study"? Kinda interesting, isn't it, how obeying the 1st Commandment has been denigrated as "just study"? In favor of that stupid cup of water in the Lord's Name? Are you beginning to see how cleverly Satan has brainwashed mainstream Christianity? "

from this site ->

God Bless you all!

Unknown said...

--> anil

The solution is: keep studying the Bible! It does not matter if you understand biblical issues at that time - just KEEP FEEDING ON THE WORD OF GOD! Holy Spirit will open it for you.

If Church stop learning God the Rupture will come (Flood - no one was interested in KNOWING God except Noah)- that's why our Lord Jesus Christ said no one knows the time or the hour except Father in Heaven - because rupture depends from how mature IN THE WORD (NOT in deeds, not in works!) Christians are.

Just KEEP reading/studying the Bible.