Saturday, July 6, 2013

Muslims Kill 30 in School Attack in Nigeria

Meanwhile, Great Britain's Channel 4 will be broadcasting the Islamic call to prayer throughout Ramadan.

POTISKUM, Nigeria – Islamic extremists have killed 29 students and one teacher in an attack on a boarding school in northeast Nigeria.

Survivors being treated for burn and gunshots wounds say some students were burned alive in the attack before dawn Saturday on Government Secondary School in Mamudo town in Yobe state.

As he wept over the bodies of his two boys, farmer Malam Abdullahi swore he would withdraw three remaining sons from a nearby school.

He complained there was no protection for students despite the deployment of thousands of troops since the government declared a state of emergency mid-May in three northeastern states.

Dozens of schools have been torched and unknown scores of students killed among more than 1,600 victims slain by extremists since 2010. (Source)

For more on Jihad, watch this video:


Sisgp said...

GreekAsianPanda said...

Boko Haram logic: claims to avenge injustices against Muslims, proceeds to kill other Muslims.

rowland said...

Boko Haram.


Western Education(Boko) is Forbidden (Haram).

So by extension anything and everything that is western is HARAM.

But notice.

Killing secondary school "students" is HALAL and pleasing to AllAh (saw).

How sick can one be??

kiwimac said...

Please excuse my Language- Bastards!