Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CAIR Tells Family of Dead Jihadist Not to Talk to the FBI

Nicole Mansfield was raised as a Christian, but eventually converted to Islam. On May 29th, Nicole died waging jihad against the Assad regime in Syria. After learning of her death, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) contacted Nicole's family and told them not to talk to the FBI. Is CAIR worried that the FBI will uncover Nicole's jihadist connections? Why would a self-proclaimed "civil rights and advocacy group" oppose investigations that may help prevent future terrorist attacks?

Nicole Mansfield
Michigan—In April 2010, Gregory Mansfield walked into the FBI office in downtown Flint to warn the government that his daughter might be getting into trouble.

Nicole Mansfield — who was raised Baptist as a child and grew up watching NASCAR races — had embraced Islam a couple of years before that and her political rhetoric was starting to worry her father.

He had heard about the case of Colleen LaRose, known as Jihad Jane, a white woman born in Michigan who converted to Islam (like Nicole) and had been arraigned the previous month on terrorism charges. And now Nicole — or Nikki as the family called her — was talking about going to the Middle East, possibly Dubai.

On May 29, Gregory Mansfield’s worst fears were realized when his 33-year-old daughter was killed in Syria, reportedly by government military forces. Photos of her bloodied body and Michigan driver’s license were broadcast around the world. . . .

After Nicole went missing this spring, family members contacted CAIR, seeking help. CAIR told them to file a missing person’s report with authorities, Masri said.

Now, CAIR has again gotten involved in the case, Gregory Mansfield said. Since Nicole’s death, CAIR has contacted family members, telling them not to speak with the FBI, which is investigating the case.

But Mansfield said he told the FBI agents “I’m going to work with you guys because I believe you guys are trying to do the right thing.”

“We need some answers.”

A FBI official told the Free Press: “We are investigating the circumstances surrounding her death and have spoken to family.” (Continue Reading.)


hugh watt said...

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Bright Light said...

Hey David, could you please do a video on Ramadan etc And where Muslims get the idea to fast as they do?

leonore said...

No big secret, it is to show they knmow the feelingsof the poor people. They are not even allowed to drink water which is ridiculous and dangerous in hot climates. They have their religiuos police going around to catch anyone eating during the fasting hours.
It is ironic that they often gain weight during Ramadan as they gorge themselves outside the fasting hours!

ignatius said...

It makes me so sad to see girls get involved in such a dangerous cult. She apparently read the Bible. How could she choose the Qur'an over that? What was missing in her life to make her do such a thing?

TAREK said...

pr. Ossama BUFFOON Abdullah, you accused me of being an Christian angry from Iraq. Well let us get the record straight here even though I have the name of your uncle. I am a Christian that means CHRIST LIKE, I must admit I am not yet CHRIST LIKE with my deeds. I am by HIS GRACE. I 'd like you to know one thing my anger does\ not go beyond a whole night because my heart is full of love that it does not have space for Anger for more than 12 hours. One thing for sure is that I am not a muslim and I will not become a muslim; I am clean and I'd like to come forward clean as well by explaining to us why Hamas-linked CAIR doesn't want this family to talk to FBI?
Why are muslims so reluctant to talk to say the truth about any topic that may damage islam image or quran 3 verse 28 is already part of red and white cells in such a way taqquyya is the way forward for them?
Please mislims answer us on behalf of Osama BUFFOON Abdullah.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My compliments to the Syrian army underneath Assad for superb marksmanship.

La Ilahah Bashir Al Assad! Obama al Rasul Assad!

Bright Light said...


That is all pretty much a given, I'm talking about the links of Pagan practices with Ramadan.

As it is that time of the year (when Muslims suddenly decide to be 'peaceful', yet simply go back to their old ways after), I think it would be really good to have some knowledge shared on it.

Hope David does a video on it.

God Bless.

Deleting said...

The article says she went to fight Assad's regime (Shitte) because the Sunnis were being oppressed.

I thought most of Michigan's population is Shitte, or am I getting it confused with Dearborn?

Unknown said...


Baron Eddie said...

Does anybody know how many virgin men she will get?

Deleting said...

Baron Eddie said, 'Does anybody know how many virgin men she will get?'

Zero. As one of my favorite anti Islam videos of Aisha and Mohammed says in the intro song 'Muslim woman,,, what's in it for you???'

Granted the video is subtitled and the speakers are German but it made good points (all from the hadiths too just like 'innocence of Muslims')

Baron Eddie said...

That is not anti Islam video that is an eye opener for Muslims to see, hear and think

Anyway, I thought 2 women = 1 man in Islam will get them ... hold on, let me get

my calculator .... crunch - crunch - crunch.... oh yes

According to one tradition one man gets 72 big eyes girls, which will give

woman 36 big eyes virgin men! is that how it works!?