Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nicole Lynn Mansfield, American Convert to Islam, Dies Waging Jihad in Syria

It seems like we've been hearing a lot from converts to Islam lately.

FoxNews—The family of a 33-year-old Michigan woman says the FBI had confirmed that she was killed in fighting in Syria.

She's identified as Nicole Lynn Mansfield of Flint.

David Speelman of Flint says he is Mansfield's cousin. He told The Associated Press that FBI agents visited family members Thursday and informed them of her death.

FBI Detroit spokesman Simon Shaykhet told the AP he can't comment on the matter.

Speelman's mother Monica Mansfield Speelman tells the Detroit Free Press that her niece was a convert to Islam who married an Arab immigrant several years ago but later divorced him.

Syrian news reports say that Mansfield and two other westerners killed with her were fighters for the opposition to Syria's government. (Source)


Radical Moderate said...

Well at least she had the decency to die in Syria instead of in the streets of American either blowing her self up or hacking to death a US Soldier.

akairey said...

anytime I hear or read a radical islamists goes, i always thinkg of this beautiful song by Queen:

Anonymous said...

Once I said, Islam is the only "religion" where this occurs. You never hear of any other religion where this happens, only Islam.

Islam can transform peace fulling normal people into MURDEROUS MONSTERS.

Matlin said...

Lucky her she is having fun with 72 virgins!!

rowland said...

You know, I'm kinda rooting for Bashr al Asad. Ever since I saw that that hideous man eat a pro syrian govt soldier's heart and liver.
Don't get me wrong I know they're all the same ( sunni, shiite allawite etc etc ) but I'd prefer Bashr al asad and I hope the christians in syria prefer him too

Anonymous said...

Muslims need tyrants who exercise power in secular capacity, it's the only solution which has worked reasonably well in the past to suppress extremism and persecution of non Muslims in general. I would like to see Assad win the war, but I'm doubtful he will.

betwixt said...

My support is with Al-Assad as well.

If you are on Facebook, you can follow pro-Assad news from the following pages:

Unknown said...

My cousin was not a terrorist she went to help the woman and children. She was an amazing woman. Her daughter deserves to have a memorial for her mother as well as the rest of the family.