Friday, May 31, 2013

Florida School Tells Students That Terrorists Suffer from Low Self-Esteem

Poor terrorists. If only they felt better about themselves, they wouldn't turn to terrorism.

Wait a minute! Don't certain people from all religious backgrounds suffer from low self-esteem? If so, why is it Muslims who so frequently turn to terrorism?

Could there be something internal to Islam that leads to violence?

FoxNews—It's low self-esteem and the need for a “sense of belonging” that drives terrorists to join groups that kill in the name of religion, according to an online lesson plan for Florida high school students.

The world history course on “Invisible Warfare” — offered by the Florida Virtual School, the nation’s first statewide Internet-based public high school — begins by asking students “what comes to mind” when considering the concept of fundamentalism and then prompts them to think of the term in a religious context. It later defines terrorism as the act of using fear or violence to accomplish certain political or religious goals.

“Common traits that psychologists have found in terrorists are that they are often risk-takers and many suffer from low self-esteem,” according to the lesson plan, which was obtained by “Sometimes joining a terrorist group provides these individuals with a sense of belonging.”

Earlier in the lesson plan, students are asked to consider how “this type of fundamentalism” has affected Islam and notes that some Islamic fundamentalist groups have reinterpreted the word jihad, which means “struggle” in Arabic, to mean a “holy war” against non-Muslims. Some critics including the Global Dispatch claimed that the transition from Christianity to Islam within the lesson plan “softly could imply Christianity may be affecting (therefore causing) Muslim extremism.”

“For example, some passages in the Bible could be used to justify the slaughter of men, women and children in ways we have difficulty understanding today,” the plan reads. “Would anyone condone this now? How would you react to someone who insisted that holding these beliefs was fundamental to Christianity?” (Continue Reading.)


Jaison Daniel said...

Hi David,

Do you believe the antichrist will rise from the religion of Islam? It seems to make sense to me since the religion's objective is to dominate the world and subjugate unbelievers to its ideologies. Anjem Choudary has said that one day the White House will have the Islamic flag on top of it. What are your thoughts?


BlackbootJack said...


Chief Mac said...

Since there is but one religion in the entire world that is killing people for either leaving the religion or belonging to another and no other reason - I would say that the point is moot.

Chief Mac said...

Let's consider a few facts.

One there is only a single religion that kills people for leaving it.

Two there is only a single religion that kills people solely because they are of a different religion.

Teaching children that all fundamentalists are violate is moot, they are not.

nacanacazo said...

2 This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3 but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist

Tom said...

@ nacanacazo:


The Bible foretold what the perversions will look like, when Our Saviour Jesus Christ came.

600yrs later the anti-Christ system was introduced!

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Bwooooo hooo, hooo, hooo! Sniff! Snuffle! Sniff! At LAST! [Bwoo hoo, hoo, hoo...] SOMEONE understands! Sniff, Sniff!

All these long YEARS the poor jihadis have suffered - lonely - outcast - forlorn! [aHOO, bwoo, hoo hooo] and now at last, the truth can be told.

A MILLION thanks to Tania the Cow at the Florida Virtual School for being willing to expose herself - uhhh - expose the TRUTH so that the "oppressed" jihadis can find help.

Poor self-esteem? That's the very LEAST of it! Why can't anyone understand that the poor lost tribes of Uthmaan (jihadis & their compatriots) suffer also from being 'out of place' and 'out of time'?

How would YOU feel if you were born into a location and time-frame 1400 years out of sync with your personal reality?!!

How would YOU feel if the world around you was insisting on leaving behind the 7th century 'good old days'? STOP THE WORLD! "Jihadis just wanna have bah-ombs" [Cyndhi al-Laup-off].

But Yea, Verily! There is HOPE for jihadis who feel out of place; suffering from FoMo & episodes of not being able to make the world into the place they want it to be! There IS a refuge where they can have their Mohammadan reality and all of the camels they can stand - and they'll never again have to suffer from L.S.E. (Low Self-Esteem).

The remedy for the situation is difficult but NOT impossible.

1) We must 'encourage' the Saudi Royal Family (degrade their military sufficiently) that they will be 'delighted' to welcome home the 'lost tribes' we 'promise' to send them.

2) We must provide a thoroughly Muslim labor-force (round up BUNCHES of Chechen Rebels & Taliban) to the Saudis in order that they may complete and upgrade the walls around Saudi Arabia.

3) We must provide sufficient drone power to ensure that members of the 'lost tribes' don't "wander away" from the Jihadi Haven in the Saudi Desert.

4) We must do everything possible to ensure that NO MEMBER OF THE LOST TRIBES (every last whining Muslim we can drag up) misses the chance to be repatriated to the 'Islamic refuge' (burning sands of the Saudi desert).

5) When they gather in mecca, they save us the trouble of calling out to them (tracking them down). Once there, we can help them to be comfortable (let's ensure they STAY there) with their co-religionists: Sunnis, Shias, Sufis, Ahmadiyas, Alawites, Baathists and MORE! ALL under the loving care of the Saudi Royal Family!!

Yes, members of the lost tribes who suffer from L.S.E and N.M.T.L.T.S.C. (No Motivation to Leave The Seventh Century) can be well accommodated in the "Islamic Refuge" of Saudi Arabia (let's keep piling them in there until the rest of the world is FREE of them).

And of course, we'll want to do all we can to ensure that Prince Al-Walid Bin Taubin has the 'opportunity' (we'll make sure he has no other choice if he wants to live) to always be present as an on-site overseer of the 'refuge' - along with all other Saudi Muslims and members of the Royal Family PLUS the Egyptian Muslims AND the Iranian Muslims! PERMANENTLY!! Won't they be proud?!!

Yes, L.S.E. is a terrible life-trauma but there is hope! Let's do all we can to ensure that Tania Cow and her colleagues in the Florida Virtual School have the 'opportunity' (we'll send them, also - in chains) to spend the remainder of their lives "in service" to those who would have no one else to understand their plight.

Thank you, Tania!

Allahu Ohyynkksmoor!! Allahu Ohyynkksmoor!!